24″ All Mirror Petite Bathroom Sink Vanity Review

24" All Mirror Petite Bathroom Sink Vanity

If you currently have a white themed bathroom or a modern inspired bathroom design and are looking for a bathroom sink, then look no further. This 24 inch All Mirror Vanity Bathroom Single Sink is the perfect one for you. This beautiful all mirror vanity sink is 2 feet wide and about 3 feet high. Its small enough to fit in a small bathroom space like studio apartments, a flat or your 5’ x 6’ powder room. Unlike the pedestal sink, this vanity sink is the perfect match for your clean and sleek bathroom which also allows you to have storage for your bathroom supplies with its two drawers. The white marble countertop can still provide space for a soap dish, shampoo, or perfume.

Product Description for the 24 Inch All Mirror Single Bathroom Vanity Sink:

The all mirror vanity bathroom sink has a modern flair. It looks cool and stylish at the same time. Its size is small which can be placed in a small apartment, a flat or 5 x 6 feet powder room. The countertop is made of genuine marble which makes this vanity sink durable enough to withstand objects you mount and won’t easily break. That is what makes this vanity sink so special. It looks stylish yet sturdy, perfect for any bathroom design, big or small. The faucet measures 8” spread, 3 holes faucet and is sold separately. The drawer size is 6 ½” deep and measures 13”L x 15 ½”W. This bathroom vanity sink has a drain extension and a P-trap.


  • The basin of this bathroom vanity sink is made of porcelain which adds a touch of flair to any bathroom design, making the countertop smooth and easy to wipe off when cleaning.
  • This small white all mirror vanity sink fits very well in any small powder and or bathroom, giving you ample storage space for decorating.
  • This all mirror vanity sink has a marble top which makes this bathroom sink sturdy and durable. You can place a small object you desire as décor. Or you can mount the top with a soap dish perhaps, a tissue box or scented candles! The design of this bathroom vanity sink looks very universal and can match with any design of your bathroom.
  • There are two large drawer spaces for you to store items such as tissue, makeups and hand towels.
  • Pre-cut in a U-shape for of the top drawer for the basin is specially designed for easy plumbing access in case if there are any leaks for repairs.


  • The top drawer cannot be used as it is for easy plumbing purposes.
  • Faucets are sold separately for only $ 125.00. However, you can choose any style you want as the size is widely available in several hardware stores.
  • It weighs around 180 pounds which is heavier compared to the 136 pounds of the solid hardwood bathroom vanity sink with backsplash and framed vanity mirror, but this is because it is made of durable steel and all mirror siding.

Why Choose The 24” All Mirror Vanity Bathroom Sink?

Chans Furniture has received several positive feedback and reviews from customers who have purchased and installed the 24” All Mirror Small Bathroom Vanity Sink. Several reviews from customers have claimed that they have received praises and compliments from family and friends about their newly installed vanity sink. One very positive feedback was the price of the bathroom sink. It’s very affordable and yet very stylish! Shipping is hassle free and their customer support specialists can entertain your questions regarding the product. I’m sure you will love this 24 inch all mirror vanity sink that fits in any bathroom type.

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