American Standard Toilet History, Brands and Models

Everyone’s heard of American Standard, seeing this name on the sinks and toilets they use at home, and in the office. It’s one of the most well known manufacturers of toilets, and that name is respected in the industry.

American Standard is a North American manufacturer of plumbing supplies and toilets, and is owned by the Lixil Group. American Standard earned the title of “Brand Familiarity in Bathroom accessories” by Builder Magazine. Not only is American Standard one of the most well-known makers of toilet brands and models, but they offer fair prices for their toilets.
History of American Standard Toilets

The Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was founded in 1875(1.). Many improvements were made in the early part of the 20th century by American Standard, including the design of the one part flush toilet. The American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation was formed from a merger between two companies in 1929. In 2007, one half of the company went on to become Trane, while in 2008, the plumbing division became American Standard Brands.

In 2013, the Japanese company Lixil, with their own line of toilets in Japan, purchased American Standard brands.

Prices of American Standard Toilets

American Standard toilets can vary between $115 for a basic two piece Colony 12 inch model, to $450 for a Town Square concealed trapway and elongated toilet. Their Siphonic Dual Flush Elongated falls around $300. Prices of American Standard toilets for a one piece are slightly higher for the basic model. The Boulevard Siphonic Dual Flush Elongated with included seat is around $600. The more features you have, the greater the price. Special colors such as bone, or linen may command a higher price.
Why American Standard is the Most Popular Brand

American Standard offers moderately priced toilets for the consumer market. They take the design of their toilets seriously. Each toilet design must improve on the performance of a toilet, according to Gray Uhl, director of design for American Standard(2.). This is important, because most people use their toilets five or six times a day. The life of a toilet is expected to last thirty or forty years, and within that time frame, a person has the expectation that their toilet will work each time they use it.

This is why American Standard is not only a popular choice for the individual consumer, but for plumbers and contractors as well. American Standard has some great toilet features such as metal flush handles, fully glazed trapway, antibacterial surfaces, and large flush valves that make their prices great value for money. In contrast, cheaply made toilets may not flush correctly, be prone to chipping and cracking, or be difficult to clean.
Other toilet manufacturers are going to have to keep up with American Standard, as new toilet features are added to the list with each year’s new model releases. American Standard offers a well-known brand name with durable toilets that are built to last.