Top 5 Bathroom heater vent fan Review

A bathroom heater vent fan is a very important part of the bathroom, as it removes the moisture and clears the air. Since the bathroom is naturally a humid place, where a lot of water resides in the air, the extraction of this water makes sure that damp problems don’t occur. The result of excessive moisture in the bathroom can encourage the growth of mold, damage the structure and peel off the wallpaper and paint and it could cause marks to appear the ceiling. Fortunately, so many bathroom exhaust are available to pick from, and our review will surely help you select the right one for your home.

Top 5 Electric Bathroom Heater Ventilator

  1. Panasonic FV-11VQ5Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling

Do you crave a calm and soothing environment during your shower time? Well, you can have it.

The WhisperCeiling has unique features which allow you to prevent the formation of mold effectively while maintaining a serene environment.

The device was built with to function quietly, and this feature is highly recommended. With the FV-11VQ5, you will discover a patented WhisperCeiling which has a dolphin-shaped double-tapered blower wheel. It also has a fully enclosed condenser motor that quietly moves the air.

The WhisperCeiling is also durable and doesn’t require extra maintenance. The ventilation fan’s components have been lubricated, and it runs internally at a low temperature, thus prolonging the lifespan of the various parts. In addition, the covering is made from galvanized steel, zinc, and heavy gauge and is painted to safeguard it from rust. The ventilator also has energy saving characteristics and a high CFM rating and these make it the most efficient device on the market. This model has an inbuilt damper to remove any drafts from the air.

Other devices in the market like the Air King are the easiest to install but do not have the same CFM capacity like the WhisperCeiling. So if you’re searching for a quiet and highly rate vent, the FV-11VQ5 is a much better solution.

A lot of the reviews on the WhisperCeiling are positive, and the most rated feature is the silence of the device during use. The energy saving features also contribute to its high ratings.

You can get the FV-11VQ5 right here.

  1. Panasonic FV-11VH2Panasonic FV-11VH2 Whisper Warm

Searching for a good vent? The FV-11VH2 Whisper Warm is an excellent product which will keep you warm all through the year.

The easy-to-install combo feature a solid design and an optimal heat transfer design which keeps your room dry and warm. Air is drawn into both sides of the device to remove the moisture effectively. The installation process is also easier because of the small size of the device. It also features a closed condenser motor with a big double suction blower which is responsible for the quiet function.

Other products of the same function on the market such as the Panasonic WhisperWall fit properly into rented apartments with strict rules on affixing such devices, but the CFM rating is only 70. For a high CFM rating with a low-temperature operation, the Panasonic FV-11VH2 WhisperWarm is the way to go.

A lot of users of the Whisper Warm love its solid and stylish design as well as the heat transfer feature which warms up the bathroom and dries it.

You can get the FV-11VH2 WhisperWarm here.

  1. Panasonic FV-11VHL2Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm

Do you remember how many times you’ve been in the bathroom, put on the ceiling fan, only to find a loud and irritating sound as it turns on? The Panasonic Whisper FV-11VHL2 is barely noticeable when it is put on, especially when you have got the shower running. When you plug it into the GFCI branch, its rated for a shower or tub enclosure so you can vent the moisture rather than having to keep it outside the bathroom. This allows you to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew and extends the lifespan of the drywall.

It is the design of the FV-11VHL2‘s heating element that makes it stand out. It uses a tubular design which sheaths the heating element in stainless steel. This element has a Nichrome wire and magnesium oxide so that heat transfer is always optimal. The blower wheel draws air from both sides as well.

An alternative device to this is the Air King BFQ 90 which is perfect for saltwater regions or high moisture bathrooms. However, the Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm distributes warm air evenly across the bathroom due to its higher capacity.

The Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm stands out from the rest because of its unique features and portable size.

Get the WhisperWarm here.

  1. Panasonic FV-08WQ1Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall

Where it isn’t practical to fix a ceiling vent in the bathroom, the Panasonic FV-08WQ1 is a great alternative. It is produced from high-quality components and as a result regularly provides a high-quality performance as the year’s pass. The motors are also lubricated permanently as well, keeping it quiet. It is designed to operate at lower temperatures to enable it to be as cool as possible so that it can last a lot longer.

At 70 CFM, it is suitable for average sized bathrooms, and cannot be suitable for a larger bathroom. The device’s blower wheel also has a quiet design, which takes in the air from both sides, to make it efficient. With this, you are assured that you will get a high-quality device that is sure to endure the test of time.

Alternatively, homeowners can opt for Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling, although this one is more suitable for larger bathrooms. The FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall is fitted for a smaller bathroom.

Panasonic is a renowned brand which has been making appliances for years, and their FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall is highly recommended for the above-stated purposes.

  1. Air King BFQ 90Air King BFQ 90

Do you want an easy-to-install blower for your bathroom? The Air King BFQ 90 is excellent for this purpose as it has amazing features that support this purpose.

Using a snap-in mounting feature, this is unarguably one of the easiest vent to install found on the market today. It is also a budget-friendly airconditioner, but don’t allow that to fool you. It is a hard worker! Its plastic housing enables it to be quiet, and it is rust proof. It’s ideal for saltwater areas or high moisture bathrooms, and it works with right or left ducting as well. However, is rated at 90 CFM.

An alternative device is FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall which is best suited to small bathroom spaces, but the Air King BFQ 90 has a higher capacity and can be suitable for both small and large spaces.

The Air King BFQ 90 is unarguably the most budget-friendly vent on the market and is recommended for all bathroom sizes.

What capacity (CFM) do I need?

Your ventilator requires enough CFM to cover the entire cubic feet of the bathroom at every 7.5 minutes so it can be most effective.

To know the requirement of your bathroom, follow this step; the cubic feet of the bathroom = width x length x height of the bathroom.

Ceilings are typically 8ft high in a regular home. Also, a lot of bathrooms are 9 feet wide and 11feet high. So the cubic feet should be 8 x 9 x 11 = 792 cubic feet.

To cover 792 cubic feet at 7.5 minutes’ interval, we have to get a flow rate of 792 which will be divided by 106 CFM or 7.5.

If you have a smaller sized bathroom, for instance, 5 feet wide and 8-foot-high, you would only need a CFM of 43. Even though most building codes need a minimum 50 CFM.

Why is a vent even needed?

  • Prevent mold and damp

During a shower session, a lot of moisture enters into the air as steam. The steam cools down and condenses, and this causes the walls and ceilings to become damp. As time passes, this causes mold to gather on these wet parts of the bathroom, and clearing it off can be challenging. Mold is also dangerous to the health as well.

  • Unfog Your Mirrors

The bathroom mirror is often covered with steam after a shower, and this makes it unusable. It will get rid of the moisture in the air, and prevent the mirror from being steamed up.

Things to examine when choosing:

  • CFM

The CFM rating of the exhaust stipulates how much air it can handle. It is a feature that allows the homeowner to pick the adequate ventilation system for their bathroom. The bigger the CFM number, the larger the size of the bathroom that it can accommodate.

The acronym, CFM represents cubic feet per minute. It refers to the amount of air that can be exchanged during operation per minute. Most bathrooms can do well with just a single exhaust, but if your bathroom is large, you should consider using at least two ventilation fans which will effectively remove the moisture in the air.

  • Noise

Before picking, think about the noise it could produce. Most are comprised of moving parts and motors, and as such, can be very noisy. Today, many modern function with quieter mechanisms, and users can expect a silent hum or complete silence. The silent restroom vent fans are now available, though most fans still offer whisper like sounds.

To ensure that the it stays as quiet as possible, ensure that you buy a model that was built using quality components and that offers some durability as noise from the fans can worsen over time because of inferior parts.

  • Size

The bathroom size determines the exhaust you can pick. The CFM rating dependent on the motor’s power rather than the size. Some housing can be larger than it should be because it contains lights and controls inbuilt in it, while the basic have standard ventilation grills. Look at different models to pick the size that suits all your needs best. Also, consider whether the ventilation blower is a wall mounted or ceiling when you are searching for the size.

  • Extra Features

Extra features of the ceiling blower include heating features, multiple speed settings or a light combo.

Also, a timer can make sure that you save energy and permit you leave it running, knowing that it will automatically switch itself off after it has sufficiently removed the moisture from the bathroom.

The HVI certification label found on an exhaust is another feature which users look out for when searching for a model. This is a guarantee that it was prudently tested for performance by testers and assures the user of the functionality of the device.

  • Ventilation Method

Users have a choice of ventilation methods when picking. When you have a loft or attic above your bathroom, it’s common to ventilate through the attic to an exhaust in the property’s roof. If this isn’t practicable, however, it is common to drill the external structure and ventilate horizontally to the external part of the building. For people who live in a house, using it might be a better choice, as you will need to add horizontal exhaust points to the outer wall. Other who live in rented apartments or when you have a bathroom that’s not in the top region of your home, then horizontal ventilation is the only option.

  • Installation

When you’ve selected the model you plan to install; you need to choose a good location for it inside your bathroom. Most times, between the toilet and the shower, is the perfect location to extract moisture in the air. People with a very large bathroom could consider installing at least two.

To install, a user will require some basic tools such as a screwdriver, jigsaw, pliers, and a power drill. Other materials you should have handy are duct pipe, the cap for the vent, some caulk or some suitable nuts and fillers.

You can also install it on your if you are handy, but when there is drilling involved, you should consider employing someone to fix it on your behalf.

  • Color and finish

The finish and color of the blower are probably an important factor to be considered. For present-day bathrooms, there are models with chrome or glass finishes. These look very sophisticated and can help beautify your existing décor. For cheaper options, you can probably find fewer choices in color. The fans are often made from plastic with a basic gray or white color. Polymeric finishes are relatively common as they are tough and can help decrease coldness triggered by a backdraft.

How are the best blower installed?

Fixing it may sometimes be tricky. A lot of vent can be installed using a home’s current HVAC system. In case there isn’t a port for the van, then you have to install one outside the home. Otherwise, you fit the ceiling blower in the bathroom, and if it is placed above the tub or shower enclosure, it must then be attached to the GFCI home circuits.

To ensure that you’re buying the best ceiling airconditioner which will meet your needs, you have to get 1 CFM per square foot of bathroom space. This means that a 100 square foot bathroom needs to have a ceiling fan that has a 100 CFM rating. However, if you require an adjustable speeds, then its maximum speed has to double what the least rating should be for your room. If the maximum adjustable speed only meets up with your minimum requirements, you’re buying the wrong fan!

A lot can be installed using a simple spring mechanism which holds them together. Some attach to a stud or joint like a fixture box. Then you will have the grating, grill, or cover over which will usually clip into place also. Some are made with plastic, but all need to have anti-moisture features. The metal grills will corrode when not protected, while plastic ones may crack and break as well.

What are the prices of the blowers today?

The cost is around $100 on average presently. At this price point, a user can get the basic model which will be built to run continuously where necessary. It will be fitted with motors that are built to function slowly to prevent untimely bearing damage, enabling you to use the exhaust system to the full.

If you start to add features such as a night light or a heating element, you will double that price. The hi-tech bathroom fans usually go for around $250-$300 on common sites like Amazon. For a simple, entry-level, they can be gotten for about $50 if you make the purchase before the colder seasons.

Smart Features

Despite the fact that old vent fans did not offer a lot of features, today, you can find that offer more benefits than just removing the damp air from the bathroom.

  • Silent operation

At times, noises can be infuriating, and when you are trying to rest your mind in the shower, or sleep after your bath, the last thing anyone wants is to hear the screeching sound. Older versions were noisy that even after leaving the bathroom, you could hear them from the bedrooms or other areas in the house.

New models offer you super silent function. Some are so silent that they will not be noticed when they’re on, even when you’re showering right beneath it. To let you know that these are working, they usually display an indicator light that remains on for the duration of the it’s work.

  • Lights

When you are inside a shower enclosure, it is common for the light in this area to be limited. Sometimes come with a special display light can offer the user additional light while you are bathing or showering. This is purely for your convenience, and it solves the issue of poorly lit bathroom areas.

  • Speakers

For the artistic people who love to listen to cool music as they shower, they don’t need to take the risk of placing their laptop or phones in the bathroom. It’s possible to can buy which have a Bluetooth speaker built in. These  even allow the user to answer any incoming phone calls and reads out messages.

What Capacity do I need for my bathroom?

Most models which are made specifically for bathrooms are made in one of two sizes. The homeowner can select the 4-inch or the 6-inch. The small 4 inch are ideal for bathrooms that are small in size to medium size. But when you have a large bathroom, then you will need the bigger 6-inch version. Some bathrooms do not have additional ventilation like windows, or they may be cold requiring more ventilation. Such bathrooms may need the larger size although they are a bit smaller in size.

The removal rate of the extractor is measured in L/s. This is usually liters per second and refers to the quantity of air that can exchange at a set time. It could also be measured in meters cubed per hour or m3/hr. This is a significant thing to understand during the selection process of the best product. The 4-inch  extract a little bit more than the least requirement of 15L/s. If you prefer a strong bathroom fan, you should pick one that runs at 90m3/hr. or more since this is considered powerful enough to cover a larger bathroom.

Review conclusion

The Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling is the best among the reviewed as it works silently and has a higher CFM rating to fit a larger bathroom.

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