Top Rated Bidet Seats – Use only the Best

Bidet has become a must have sanitary fixture in European and Asian bathrooms with multiple health and convenience factors

What are the best brands in bidets?

Best Bidet Toilet Combo

If you are looking for the best bidet-toilet combo, the Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500, Cotton is the best brand you could use. This model has an elongated, sleek, low profile skirted one-piece front bowl with ‘Dual-Max’ flushing system including the 1.28 Gallon Flush or 0.9 Gallon Flush. This model offers front and rear warm water washing with adjustable controls including;

  • Illuminated touch pad
  • 2 user memory
  • Auto Open/Close lid
  • Auto Flush
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Warm air dryer

The item weighs 112 pounds and it is a floor mounted design. If you are looking for a great bidet experience, then this model offers a completely automated, effortless and effective bidet use for you.

Best Electric Bidet Seat for the Money

If you have been inspired to buy a bidet but you’re short on money and space, then you could buy a Toto SW584#01 Washlet S350e Toilet Seat-Elongated with ewater+. This model is easy to use and takes minimum installation space. This model has elongated front washlet heated toilet seat with cover and temperature control. The seat also has front and rear warm water washing with adjustable temperature and pressure controls. The seat has remote controlled operation with an illuminated touch pad and 2 user memory. Some more of its features include;

  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Warm air dryer
  • ewater+ on wands and bowl
  • Pre-mist of bowl before each use
  • Night-light

It is light, easy to install and certified frustration free. It will take minimum space in your bathroom and maximize on your bidet experience with latest features.

Best Bidet Seat Attachment

If you do not want to install a proper bidet, you can always go for a bidet attachment with your toilet like the Luxe Bidet Neo 120. This is a non-electric mechanical bidet attachment with an innovative self-cleaning nozzle single nozzle which operates on fresh water. The Neo 120 attaches and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet easily. It features a chrome-plated water pressure control knob, high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal/ceramic core, and moveable protective nozzle guard gate. The users have rated the product with five stars calling it one of the best products in the line and call it innovative and efficient in use.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 versus Astor Bidet CB-1000 comparison

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 has rave reviews but it has been challenged by the Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000. So what does the Astor CB-1000 has that makes it great compared to the Luxe Neo 120?

The Astor CB-1000 is an attachment that turns your toilet into a bidet without the installation hassle. It is an accessory that you just clip-on to your toilet seat and it turns into a complete bidet. It is a plastic attachment that uses the water supply of the toilet and does not corrode or rust. The Neo 120 has to be installed and attached to the water supply and is has a whole mechanism that includes a metal/ceramic core which is easily susceptible to corrosion or rust. Although the Astor CB-1000 is not as popular as the Luxe Neo 120 but it is definitely offering a great price and convenience.

Hand Held Bidet Sprayer

If you are not into installing a seat or an attachment to your toilet seat, you can install a Brondell PureSpa Bidet Sprayer otherwise known as the Diaper Sprayer Shattaf.  Brondell PureSpa Bidet Spray is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your existing toilet into a hygienic bidet without lengthy installation. It is essentially a hand held bidet shattaf and diaper sprayer made of durable high quality components. It has a slide button sprayer plus a reinforced PVC braided hose and a metal T-Valve with shutoff for safety. The Bidet Spray has been awarded top marks by users for its convenient use and toilet hangar. It is compatible with a lot of toilet designs and uses the toilet tank supply. The extensible hose allows easy mobility of the spray.

What is a Bidet ?

A bidet, which is pronounced as “be-day” is a plumbing fixture usually installed in a bathroom alongside a toilet seat. The purpose of a bidet is to wash the genitalia, perineum, buttocks and anus after a person has used a toilet. Its structure is similar to a toilet seat and it dates back to the 19th century where the French developed it. The word ‘bidet’ is from the French language, which essentially means ‘straddle’. So one has to straddle a bidet, like a horse, to use it.

Benefit of Bidet

After using the toilet, most Americans use toilet paper and while it may be dry and hygienic to some extent, the toilet paper is not effective in cleaning the areas properly. The genitalia and the anus are usually left unclean and unhygienic with the use of toilet paper and that leads to many sanitation related diseases.

Proper Cleaning

The purpose of a bidet was first and foremost the cleaning of the anus and genitalia after using the toilet. This cleaning was effective with the use of water. The water ensured that the parts were thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. With a water jet, the water pressure helped get rid of any residual excrement and rinsed the parts thoroughly. This ensured that there was no unsanitary residue left which can later on, cause viral or bacterial infection or sepsis. It is very effective for people that are suffering from medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, difficult bowel movements, or other ailments that involve the rectal or genital areas.

Convenience in Use

The latest electronic design of bidet requires minimum effort and it is mostly automated. This means that all the person has to do is sit on the bidet and let it do its job. The sensors and the automated jets will direct the water to the parts and rinse and wash them properly. The latest bidets also have dryers that will dry your parts and you can leave the bathroom, washed and dried. This is not only convenient for daily use but it has great benefits for people that have recently undergone surgery. It is also convenient to use for people with physical disabilities, dexterity problems that limit the range of motion, developmental disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, autism, or cerebral palsy.

Sanitary Convenience

The bidet is the perfect device for men and women who prefer better hygiene before or after sexual activities. Women also find it effective for their genital hygiene during monthly menstrual periods.

How to use a bidet ?

The Americans have actually criticized the use of a bidet. According to the men, the bidet is actually like a sink that you stick your butt in, hence the term ‘buttsink’. The use of bidet remains elusive to most people and they often mistake it for a toilet. The following tips will help you understand what a bidet is used for and how to use it properly.

After Not Before the Toilet

A bidet is actually used for washing your anus and genitalia once you have urinated and pooped. That is, you do not use a bidet before you use the toilet. These days, the latest designs have integrated the toilet seat and the bidet. Even then you cannot start to operate the bidet functions before you have used the toilet. So make sure that you have urinated and you have pooped properly before engaging the bidet’s washing systems. If your bidet is separate from your toilet, you can straddle the bidet once you have used the toilet. You will have to change the seats and that is why the bidet is usually fitted very close to the toilet.

Understanding Controls

These days, the electronic bidets have controls to adjust the temperature and water pressure of the bidet. Make sure that you know which button operates what, how hard do you have to press the button to get a certain amount of pressure of water, at what setting is the water temperature warm or cold. This is important because too much water pressure or hot or cold water could do damage to your genitalia rather than benefit it. These areas are very delicate and they have to be treated very considerately. So you should know what temperature and pressure is suitable for you.

How a bidet functions ?

There are various types of bidets:

Water-basin bidets- These bidets operate like wash basins. The water collects inside them while you immerse your butt in the basin and it rinses inside. Then you can drain the unclean water like a toilet flush.

Tap-based bidets- Some old style bidets have taps that throw water directly onto your parts for rinsing and cleansing them. These taps are operated by knobs present on the bidet’s site of the fixture. This mechanism is similar to the hand pump style that was used in the 19th century.

Automated bidets- These type of bidets usually have various motion sensor and retractable jets that are preset by controls and buttons on the bidet’s site of the fixture. These bidets usually do not require any major effort and are easy to use.

Toilet-integrated bidets- The Japanese have developed a version of a bidet that is integrated with the toilet seat. The toilet seat contains the bidet’s mechanism and control and you can start the bidet system once you have used the toilet.

By identifying the type of bidet you own, using it becomes more convenient.

Drying Off

Towels and Toilet Paper- If you have a wash basin based, tap based or even an automated bidet, they do not have drying mechanisms. So you have to have a toilet paper roll or a towel handy to dry your parts after you have used the bidet.

Drying Mechanism- The modern designs also contain a drying jet that can be used after the water jets have been used. You just have to sit down for a minute longer while the dryer does its work and you will be clean and dry afterward.

Cleaning a Bidet

A bidet is essentially like your toilet, except much cleaner because it is taking the minimum amount of excrement. So you can use the following tips to keep your bidet clean;

  • Use mild lotion cleansers and cloth to remove tough stains from your bidet’s sink and seat.
  • Keep the bidet wiped down regularly.
  • Use a mild household detergent squirted onto a damp cleaning cloth.
  • Pass water through your nozzles at high pressure to clear them of any debris or use the ‘Clean Nozzle’ feature if your bidet has it.

Now that you know what bidet is, its history, its benefits, its uses and how to use it, the next question is what kind of bidet you should buy.

History of Bidet

The inventor of a bidet is still unknown as well as its origin. The French and the Italians are both accredited with the invention of this sanitary device. The French however, made its use common for the upper class. Back in those days, the bidets were elegantly decorated porcelain bowls which were set into wooden or marble seats. The shape of these bidets were similar to violin cases and they were usually covered by lids. Napoleon is said to have left his son his silver-gilt bidet in his will. Another bidet preserved at Versailles is a rosewood-veneered seat fixed with a porcelain bidet bowl. It once belonged to a Madame de Pompadour.

Documented Evidence

The first recorded information about bidet is dated back to 1710. Later on, the business information of Rémy Peverie from 1739 and contained documents that offered designs and hinged lids for bidets. Peverie also suggested developing a two-person bidet for his aristocratic clients. By 1750, a ‘bidet à seringue’ had been developed. This design offered an upward spray of water via a reservoir which was operated by a hand pump.

By 1900s the bidet was confined to the bedrooms where it was used alongside a chamber pot. Modern plumbing allowed the bidet to be moved to the bathroom, next to the toilet seat. The shape of these bidets resembled a toilet seat except it had faucets and taps and a person needed to straddle it in order to use it. Most European countries had bidets installed in their bathrooms.

Evolution of Bidet

After the World War II, the Japanese started to import toilets and bidets from America. The Japanese used Asian styled toilets where one had to squat over the toilet to use it. The American toilets were comparatively easier and more comfortable to use. But the bidet on its own used too much bathroom space so the Japanese invented a device that the user could attach to their toilet seat. This device would shoot water through a jet valve which would make for effective cleaning of the genitalia and anus. The Japanese developed the design to include hot and cold water. The electronic versions of the bidet were also developed an included a heated seat, retractable cleaning jets, sensors and automatic controls, dryer and a deodorizer. These bidets are now present in most European and Asian homes. The American market is still oblivious to the use of this device and the bidet has grown to be known more as a Japanese device that is installed in high-end hotels.

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