Bio Bidet BB-50 Toilet Attachment Review

By far, water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean your body. Bio Bidet has been making bidets just to provide a cleaner, fresher and comfortable bathroom experience for its customers.

Experience optimum cleansing technology at your fingers through bio Bidet BB-50.

The BB-50 Bidet is non-electric so it doesn’t require electricity or battery power. It operates simply by water pressure that is provided by your household’s water line. Since it operates through your water line, it also provides continuous water stream.

It provides gentle posterior and feminine wash while providing continuous natural water stream. Its nozzle is removable that also comes with an ingenious splash guard. When the bidet is activated, usually the splash guard is independently in front of the nozzle.

The control panel is easy to access. It is equipped with Bio Bidet’s exclusive Positive Stepping Pressure Control knob, providing outstanding user-friendliness. The user may actually feel and hear the settings as they change control.

Here are some reviews from customers of Bio bidet BB 50 Simplet:

Minakshi said “No more wipes. No more tons of toilet paper. And no more icky feeling. My family just thank me every day since I bought this bidet for my whole family. It is a really good alternative for those expensive toilets that serves the same purpose.”

Drew reviewed “ My wife and I love this Bio Bidet! It was easy to install but the instructions need to be a bit more clearer since they seem a bit confusing when you read them. Using BB-50 has been a great experience. My wife and I are cleaner than we have ever been! Lastly, we are using less toilet paper and saved more money because of it. All in all, we think it is a great product!”

BF is an ex-Marine and has been using the Bio Bidet BB-50 for 5 years. “Bio Bidet is the simplest and least expensive of the add-on types. Quality is top shelf and we have never encountered a problem with our unit. Not having an auto wash, air drying, vibrating seats, popcorn dispensers and all those other fancy “luxury features they’re pushing now to increase profits up. The simpler, the better.”

Bio Bidet BB-50 features the following:
Non-electric bidet for 2 piece toilets
Easy to install and to operate
Works with cold water
Adjustable water pressure
Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
Splash guarded nozzle
Stainless flexible supply line
Fiberglass universal T-Valve
Polyurethane water supply tubing

The Bio Bidet BB-500 Simplet is easy to attach on your toilet. It provides a refreshing clean feeling after each and every use using no electricity or battery. Enjoy a simple yet new bathroom experience as you leave the lifestyle where you use toilet papers to clean yourself after using. Water is the most effective whenever we talk about cleanliness, so why settle for using toilet paper when you can just use a simple bidet and change your lifestyle in a whole different way. Experience cleanliness in the bathroom in a whole different level.

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