Bio Bidet BBC-250 Dual Nozzle Hot & Cold Bidet Toilet Attachment

Bio Bidet presents its new non-electric bidet, Bio Bidet BBC-250. It is the newer model of Bio Bidet Elite 3.

The Bio Bidet BBC-250 is a non-electronic bidet that would provide convenience, comfort and cleanliness you never expect.

Fresh water is by far the most effective and most refreshing way in cleaning every part of your body. Bio Bidet BB 250 works exceptionally well by providing continuous water stream. It gives satisfying posterior and feminine hygiene.

It is non-electric and operates simply by water pressure from your house’s water line. It provides continuous water stream. The materials used are chosen well in order to guarantee sturdiness. It is designed to protect your pipeline as well.

It features dual nozzle, providing posterior wash and feminine wash. The nozzle is removable which also comes with an ingenious splash guard. Splash guard only extends when the bidet activates.

It has a unified ABS valve system. This helps regulate water stream better. It also provides a durable bidet, making you enjoy your bidet longer than most bidet products. It has a Positive stepping pressure control with variable stepping knob. with this control knob, controlling water pressure is easier. BBC-250 has a double sided body panel. The bottom body panel is added in order to protect tubing from wear and tear better and easy cleaning.

Reviews from customers of Bio bidet BBC-250:

Daniel who used to use toilet paper and baby wipes before having a bidet reviewed on this product. He decided to buy a bidet since baby wipes and very expensive. “This bidet causes the toilet seat to sit one a certain angle, so I had to do some things to keep the seat balanced. I figured this things isn’t cheap so a little work to make the product right wouldn’t hurt. After everything, the whole effort was REALLY WORTH IT! Wow! Is this thing nice! No more toilet paper and baby wipes!!! All and all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.”

Ellen liked the idea of having a bidet, most especially after she got her back rotation problems. “How did I get along so long without this? I definitely feel cleaner. The quality of this unit is superb. It has easy to use dials. I think my toilet stays even cleaner with this bidet. Overall, on all aspects, I give this product a 5 out of 5.”

DW had the BBC-250 as her fourth bidet and found it as probably her personal favorite and said “The price is not heavy. Water pressure is plenty strong. Always find luxury in heated water, especially during those winter cold mornings.”

Bio Bidet BBC-250 Features:
Nozzle cleaning
Hot water by-pass
Temperature control
Water pressure control
Double sided body panel
Positive Stepping Pressure Control
Splash Guarded Nozzle
Removable Nozzle
Unified ABS valve

When it comes to cleanliness, BBC-250 does not just mean your bottom, it also has a self cleaning action where the nozzle cleans itself every after wash. This makes this bidet easy to clean during regular clean up.

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