Bio Bidet Elite 3 below $40

Bio Bidet presents its non-electric water bidet — Bio Bidet Elite 3. Keep being simple and practice while having a spa-like experience in the very privacy and comfort of your own bathroom.

Bio Bidet Elite 3 is newly designed with comfort in mind. It is made for convenience, easy installation and attachable bidet which exceeds all industry standards and expectations. It is the highest quality bidet attachment Bio Bidet carries.

Having a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this product surely won’t let you down. It has a breakdown of 63 counts for 5 stars, nine counts for 4 stars, seven counts for 3 stars, five counts for 2 stars and 1 count for 1 star.

The following are helpful reviews from customers of Bio Bidet Elite 3:

Archos gave out his detailed review and said “Anyone who uses water/M showers/ Lota to clean, this product is the most comfortable and hassle free at a good price. It does as it is advertised and even more. Awesome product.”

Omar, who saw this product in his cousin’s house became hooked with this product, reviewed “I can’t imagine doing my business any other way. It answered my fears of the water splashing from the bowl back up to bottom and the water stream would be too weak to clean effectively. It is cleverly designed for it not to splash water back. As for the power, even setting the water pressure half way, it feels like a power washer. I’m sold. I’m a believer. I even bought 3 units. This is mostly useful if you have hard water.”

Andrew, who bought the bidet just to try it out because of his workmate’s adventure with a bidet, said “I love it. I don’t even use the master bath toilet anymore (the bidet is in the guest bath) It does exactly what it says with a few minor nozzle adjustments.”

The Elite 3 is an ambient temperature, non-electric bidet which runs of of your house’s current water connection. It is built with a dual sided ABS housing which protects the water lines within. It is specifically designed to fit standard 2-piece toilets and most 1 piece toilets that doesn’t have a French curve.
This bidet provides an invigorating posterior wash and a soft mist for the feminine wash. You would never think that you would need this. Once you try it, you’ll never thought your hygiene gets even better.

Bio Bidet Elite 3 features a dual nozzle that prioritize their own designated wash assignments — posterior was and the feminine wash. These nozzles are retracted behind a splash guard to prevent them from debris when unused.


  1. Dual Nozzle for Posterior wash and Feminine Wash
  2. No electricity or batteries required
  3. Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation
  4. Retractable nozzles
  5. Splash guard
  6. Adjustable water pressure
  7. Nozzle self cleaning
  8. Nozzle selections
  9. Braided metal water hose
  10. Built in UP certified check valve
  11. Brass universal 7/8” T valve

Enjoy convenience, luxury and affordability with better hygiene in Bio Bidet Elite 3.