Blooming NB-R1063-EW Bidet Seat Review

A full featured bidet seat that is made by one of the largest bidet seat manufacturers in the world, that is Blooming NB-R1063. It is the newest entry to the upscale bidet toilet seat category.

It is the upgraded version of Blooming NB-R1060, which has been a successful model as well. If the predecessor was successful, the successor will definitely be successful as well.

The new model features a tankless water heating system that is energy efficient. The water heating system is on-demand and instant. What’s more is this will provide you with unlimited warm water. Its predecessor, NB-41060 only offers 30 seconds of warm water.

Blooming bidet seats are known for their great aesthetics and high quality. Their seats come with unique LED night light which presents a soft white glow in the toilet bowl. No need for you to turn on your lights at night whenever you want to answer the call of nature. You can see clearly where the toilet is located, no worries to trip too.

Both its nozzles, posterior and feminine, are aluminum coated. These nozzle provide the same great cleansing action that Blooming bidets are known for. Like any other Blooming bidet, NB-R1063 cleans you faster and more effectively than any other bidet out in the market. The nozzles are also adjustable in position. You can move the nozzle to wash where it needs to be washed. This allows and ensures an entirely fresh bottom right after the wash.

It has self diagnosis feature which helps you recognize if there is something wrong with the bidet. This feature will automatically detect malfunction in the bidet.

This bidet seat has an attractive design that is low-profile. This design allows the bidet to fit to almost any residential toilet. It can even fit to some 1 piece toilets with French curve, such as Kohler San Raphael.

NB-R1063 is equipped with most features that you can find in a high quality bidet seats. Features such a massage and water pulsation cleaning and hand held remote control which you can install on your wall. With a pulsating stream of water, every wash helps and promotes blood circulation.
The bidet offers a comfortable seat through its heated seat feature. This is great for cold mornings and winter season. One thing you want to have in your morning routine whenever you want to go to the bathroom is not a cold toilet seat with cold water to wash you off. This is your solution.

Enjoy the functions and features that Blooming NB-R1063 provides you:

  • Posterior and feminine wash
  • Adjustable nozzle positioning
  • Heated seat
  • Auto clean
  • Power saving
  • Self diagnosis
  • Slow closing of seat and lid
  • LED night light

Here is a review from one of the customers of Blooming NB-R1063:

Jaya commented “I just installed my nice new Blooming NB-R1063. Everything seems to be working great, except for the hot water. There’s no hot water. I called up the dealer. The company handled my concern personally. My second unit works well and I’m a happy customer.”