Brondell S100-EW Swash Ecoseat 100 Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

There is nothing much more effective when it comes to cleaning except for water. It is the most effective and refreshing after the wash. So why do we have to use toilet paper after we use it? Admit it. We don’t feel entirely clean everytime we use toilet paper to clean ourselves.

Don’t worry about that anymore. Brondell brings you Brondell S100-EW Swash Ecoseat Bidet Toilet Seat. It provides a cleansing, soothing wash at just a push of a button. Enjoy a shower fresh feel after going out of the bathroom.

Once you try a Swash, you will question how you lived without it.

The Swash Ecoseat S100-EW is a non-electric bidet which features aerated posterior and feminine wash. Every wash you enjoy ambient temperature with convenient ergonomic side controls.

This bidet has hydro-powered hygienic dual nozzle system which gives you unlimited water to clean your bottom shower-fresh. Posterior and feminine wash are aerated. Spell comfort as you can adjust the water pressure to how soft to how strong you want the pressure to be.

It features a sterilizing water filter which ensures that the water you’re using is purely clean.It also has a self-cleaning nozzle feature to complete your definite hygienic experience.

Posterior and feminine cold water wash
Nano silver ceramic sterilizing wash
Hydro-powered hygienic dual nozzle system
Non-electric; no electricity or batteries needed
Adjustable water pressure controls
Aerated wash spray
Stylish design
Comfortable contoured seat
Side panel with jog dial
Gentle and slow closing seat and cover

Reviews for Brodell S100-EW customers:

Duane reviewed “This is the best low-price bidet option I could find. I’m surprised how much I like this product. It works very well as it promised. Better to start on low and work your way up to a higher pressure until you’re comfortable, because the water pressure can be a bit daunting. The product looks great and works great. Way better than I expected.”

Marny said “I’m very happy when I got it since I’ve been wanting to have one since I was a kid. Yeah, it’s an odd thing a kid would wish for. I’m happy I got a dual nozzle type bidet. I like it a lot but it’s not perfect. The seat is kind of small. It fits my body fine, but my husband with his manly sized behind, finds that it’s not big enough for him. It doesn’t spray exactly where I wanted to so I had to move a bit to get a good aim. The water pressure is kind of low though. Maybe it’s just my house plumbing, but I’m not entirely sure. I recommend this bidet if you’re looking for one that doesn’t need plumbing and electric.”

Walden commented “For me, this actually works well. The plumber did have trouble with seating it. The American standard lied about their elongated toilet. It turned out to be just a little bigger than a normal round one. The bidet worked anyway. The water jet really does help in being hygienic and help me use less toilet paper.”

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