Luxe Bidet MB110 Review – Your High Quality Non – Electric Bidet

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Have you ever wondered how refreshing it is using your fresh water with your bidet? Have you been looking for a bidet attachment wherein the sanitary features are considered while the nozzle is not being exposed while doing your “thing”? You can actually try how refreshing it is now.

Luxe Bidet MB110 provides these features together as it uses fresh water from your toilet connection. It also simply has a sanitation feature with its nozzle. By using the T connection that comes with the package, you will be installing it with your toilet connection. The good thing is that it has a mechanical adjustment control panel located on the right side of the user.

Sanitation feature is enhanced as the nozzle that sprays the water does not just come out when you want to as you use the control panel. This means that as you use the toilet, the nozzle will not be exposed as you do your “thing”.

Unlike using a rough toilet paper, Luxe Bidet MB110 allows you to make use only of the fresh water in cleaning your nether regions. As you adjust the control panel from low to high, you can get the excess water you need in cleaning. Installation is also easy as it does not require you of using any of the special tools.

Since the T connection is provided, the normal screws only need to be used. The purpose is to keep the attachable and detachable bidet in place. The product also comes with all of the required hoses and adapters necessary for the installation. Also, all parts are completely designed to avoid leaks and ensure the ease of installation

But then, some may still not be feeling comfortable with the cold water that the nozzle sprays. To feel comfortable, they can slowly turn the control panel from low water pressure to cold to avoid those zing moments whenever you use it.

Just like other users, they get the comfortable feeling with the water temperature. They will also appreciate the refreshing sensation after washing.

There are other products like the bidet from Hyundai that provides a connection for hot water. But unlike the Luxe Bidet MB110, it doesn’t provide the guarantee on leak protection as it requires a lot of Teflon tape to secure the connection. This also means that with MB110, you can make use of the T connection that comes with the package securely. You can just avoid any leaks.

As one of those people who make use of this bidet says, ” I can tell how I loved it feeling the fresh water sprayed on from the nozzle whenever I use it. I find the control panel really cool as it is located conveniently. I have just used the product for a couple of weeks now and my family and I loved using it “.

To get the product, you can always visit their Amazon page. You can also check out all other features of the product that help convince you of purchasing it now.

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Bio Bidet BBC-250 Dual Nozzle Hot & Cold Bidet Toilet Attachment

Bio Bidet presents its new non-electric bidet, Bio Bidet BBC-250. It is the newer model of Bio Bidet Elite 3.

The Bio Bidet BBC-250 is a non-electronic bidet that would provide convenience, comfort and cleanliness you never expect.

Fresh water is by far the most effective and most refreshing way in cleaning every part of your body. Bio Bidet BB 250 works exceptionally well by providing continuous water stream. It gives satisfying posterior and feminine hygiene.

It is non-electric and operates simply by water pressure from your house’s water line. It provides continuous water stream. The materials used are chosen well in order to guarantee sturdiness. It is designed to protect your pipeline as well.

It features dual nozzle, providing posterior wash and feminine wash. The nozzle is removable which also comes with an ingenious splash guard. Splash guard only extends when the bidet activates.

It has a unified ABS valve system. This helps regulate water stream better. It also provides a durable bidet, making you enjoy your bidet longer than most bidet products. It has a Positive stepping pressure control with variable stepping knob. with this control knob, controlling water pressure is easier. BBC-250 has a double sided body panel. The bottom body panel is added in order to protect tubing from wear and tear better and easy cleaning.

Reviews from customers of Bio bidet BBC-250:

Daniel who used to use toilet paper and baby wipes before having a bidet reviewed on this product. He decided to buy a bidet since baby wipes and very expensive. “This bidet causes the toilet seat to sit one a certain angle, so I had to do some things to keep the seat balanced. I figured this things isn’t cheap so a little work to make the product right wouldn’t hurt. After everything, the whole effort was REALLY WORTH IT! Wow! Is this thing nice! No more toilet paper and baby wipes!!! All and all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.”

Ellen liked the idea of having a bidet, most especially after she got her back rotation problems. “How did I get along so long without this? I definitely feel cleaner. The quality of this unit is superb. It has easy to use dials. I think my toilet stays even cleaner with this bidet. Overall, on all aspects, I give this product a 5 out of 5.”

DW had the BBC-250 as her fourth bidet and found it as probably her personal favorite and said “The price is not heavy. Water pressure is plenty strong. Always find luxury in heated water, especially during those winter cold mornings.”

Bio Bidet BBC-250 Features:
Nozzle cleaning
Hot water by-pass
Temperature control
Water pressure control
Double sided body panel
Positive Stepping Pressure Control
Splash Guarded Nozzle
Removable Nozzle
Unified ABS valve

When it comes to cleanliness, BBC-250 does not just mean your bottom, it also has a self cleaning action where the nozzle cleans itself every after wash. This makes this bidet easy to clean during regular clean up.

Bio Bidet BB-50 Toilet Attachment Review

By far, water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean your body. Bio Bidet has been making bidets just to provide a cleaner, fresher and comfortable bathroom experience for its customers.

Experience optimum cleansing technology at your fingers through bio Bidet BB-50.

The BB-50 Bidet is non-electric so it doesn’t require electricity or battery power. It operates simply by water pressure that is provided by your household’s water line. Since it operates through your water line, it also provides continuous water stream.

It provides gentle posterior and feminine wash while providing continuous natural water stream. Its nozzle is removable that also comes with an ingenious splash guard. When the bidet is activated, usually the splash guard is independently in front of the nozzle.

The control panel is easy to access. It is equipped with Bio Bidet’s exclusive Positive Stepping Pressure Control knob, providing outstanding user-friendliness. The user may actually feel and hear the settings as they change control.

Here are some reviews from customers of Bio bidet BB 50 Simplet:

Minakshi said “No more wipes. No more tons of toilet paper. And no more icky feeling. My family just thank me every day since I bought this bidet for my whole family. It is a really good alternative for those expensive toilets that serves the same purpose.”

Drew reviewed “ My wife and I love this Bio Bidet! It was easy to install but the instructions need to be a bit more clearer since they seem a bit confusing when you read them. Using BB-50 has been a great experience. My wife and I are cleaner than we have ever been! Lastly, we are using less toilet paper and saved more money because of it. All in all, we think it is a great product!”

BF is an ex-Marine and has been using the Bio Bidet BB-50 for 5 years. “Bio Bidet is the simplest and least expensive of the add-on types. Quality is top shelf and we have never encountered a problem with our unit. Not having an auto wash, air drying, vibrating seats, popcorn dispensers and all those other fancy “luxury features they’re pushing now to increase profits up. The simpler, the better.”

Bio Bidet BB-50 features the following:
Non-electric bidet for 2 piece toilets
Easy to install and to operate
Works with cold water
Adjustable water pressure
Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
Splash guarded nozzle
Stainless flexible supply line
Fiberglass universal T-Valve
Polyurethane water supply tubing

The Bio Bidet BB-500 Simplet is easy to attach on your toilet. It provides a refreshing clean feeling after each and every use using no electricity or battery. Enjoy a simple yet new bathroom experience as you leave the lifestyle where you use toilet papers to clean yourself after using. Water is the most effective whenever we talk about cleanliness, so why settle for using toilet paper when you can just use a simple bidet and change your lifestyle in a whole different way. Experience cleanliness in the bathroom in a whole different level.

Joy Bidet C-1 Cold Water Non-Electric Toilet Attachment Review

The Joy Bidet C-1 is an non-electric mechanical bidet attachment which provides fresh water , using a single nozzle.

The Joy Bidet C-1 has a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. In breakdown of this rating, there are 595 counts for 5 stars, 135 counts for 4 stars, 19 counts for 3 stars, 10 counts for 2 stars and nine counts for 1 star. A total of 768 customers rating, during writing time.

It has a retractable nozzle that always stays clean. This nozzle drops to spray whenever the bidet is activated. The nozzle will remain retracted if there is no water running to the bidet. This is in order to keep the cleanliness of the nozzle.

The installation is easy. It is made for you to be able to install it yourself. No need to seek professional help to attach it to your toilet. In average, it can be installed int 15-20 minutes. You only need two tools: a screwdriver and a wrench.

Joy bidet C-1 has an adjustable attachment design. This design allows the bidet to be screwed securely into place between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl.

For Plumbing connection, Joy bidet C-1 has a strong braided steel hose. The hose is used to connect the bidet to the water source. It is also compatible with the U.S. standard plumbing sizes.

Joy Bidet C-1 does not disappoint you when it comes to quality. Its quality is top-notch with excellent value. This bidet features high-quality parts and manufacturing at a reasonable and affordable price in order to achieve excellent overall value.

Sanitary retractable nozzle
Easy installation
Compatible to most standard 2-piece toilets and some 1-piece toilets
Fresh water bidet
Water pressure control knob
Standard plumbing size braided steel water connection hose

Here are some helpful reviews from Joy Bidet C-1 customers:

Shahed commented “I went with cold water only since that’s the only supply I have behind the toilet. The installation was a snap. Just 10 minutes from unboxing to test run. Two weeks have passed and it works really well.The force of the water at the higher setting can be a bit too much, so go slow when you start. On the two low settings the water just trickles out but from the third click on it’s splashing. If you don’t mind some of these minor issues, this is a decent product.”

Johnny took a similar product a year before but didn’t fit his toilet, he then bought Joy Bidet C-1 after a year. “It took about 20 minutes for the installation. Connecting the water supply was quick, easy and intuitive. And it could be removed without any need to replace any plumbing. No problem for the control. The control is placed at the same level as the toilet instead of the it hanging below, so my wide toilet seat base did not show any problem. It aims well and it works well. If my wife decides to like it, I’ll be another one of this.”

Luxe Bidet Neo 250 Review

Luxe Neo Elite 250 Bidet is non-electric high quality single nozzle bidet. It is made with durable materials, featuring strong metal and ceramic core valves. It comes together with accessories required for installations including metal braided hoses for water connection in standard size.

Experience hygienic bathroom experience as this bidet hygienic clean with its water features. It has a retractable nooze and a nozzle guard gate. When the bidet is turned on, the retractable nozzle drops below the gate and sprays your behind.When the bidet is off and no water is running to the bidet, the nozzle will stay behind the nozzle guard gate and remain retracted.

Water pressure and water temperature can be controlled through Neo 250’s unobtrusive control panel with its chrome-plated lever.

This bidet is designed to be adjustable to fit in most two piece toilets. This is through its adjustable fitting plates that allows the bidet to be screwed securely in place between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl

Luxe Neo 250 is part of Luxe’s Elite series which provides luxury together with comfort and cleanliness every use of the toilet. This Elite bidet offers many great features, and the most notable of which is its adjustable warm water wash. It is affordable and you’ll still find this as a great purchase.

Customer Reviews:

Michael said “I don’t know how I lived without this. It’s a great company to deal with. I had a minor factory defect, which happens. Luxe took care of me and made the process painless. I highly recommend the temperature control of Luxe Bidet Neo 250. Just remember to preheat your water line.”

Siren had three different bidets. “Two of which are Luxe Bidet, but Luxe Bidet Neo 250 is definitely my favorite. Why? One, it fits perfectly on my toilet and it is easy to install. Two, the lever is easy to move, so the adjustment of pressure and temperature is no problem. It is a lot better than the other dials in my opinion. Three, and last but not the least, the water stream, which is the most important feature for me. In this version, the water stream is like a comfortable fountain. Other brands’ feel like a straight harsh stream. It cleans a lot better than other brands.”

Harry commented “Luxe bidet is an attempt to get the features found in the high tech toilet seats installed in traditional toilets. It works and installation was very easy. It took me about ten minutes to do so. The nozzle doesn’t aim, something the more expensive ones have, so you have to change your seating to let it spray at the right place. It’s easy to adjust both water pressure and water temperature through the device’s handle. I love the feeling of being clean – really clean – without having to use a lot of paper. The important thing here for me is that you get really clean. I’m very pleased with this product.”


  • Fresh water bidet
  • Chrome plated control knobs
  • Strong metal and ceramic core valves
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • Compatible with most 2 piece toilets and some 2 piece toilets
  • Nozzle protective gate
  • Single retractable nozzle
  • Movable nozzle guard gate