Bio Bidet BB-50 Toilet Attachment Review

By far, water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean your body. Bio Bidet has been making bidets just to provide a cleaner, fresher and comfortable bathroom experience for its customers.

Experience optimum cleansing technology at your fingers through bio Bidet BB-50.

The BB-50 Bidet is non-electric so it doesn’t require electricity or battery power. It operates simply by water pressure that is provided by your household’s water line. Since it operates through your water line, it also provides continuous water stream.

It provides gentle posterior and feminine wash while providing continuous natural water stream. Its nozzle is removable that also comes with an ingenious splash guard. When the bidet is activated, usually the splash guard is independently in front of the nozzle.

The control panel is easy to access. It is equipped with Bio Bidet’s exclusive Positive Stepping Pressure Control knob, providing outstanding user-friendliness. The user may actually feel and hear the settings as they change control.

Here are some reviews from customers of Bio bidet BB 50 Simplet:

Minakshi said “No more wipes. No more tons of toilet paper. And no more icky feeling. My family just thank me every day since I bought this bidet for my whole family. It is a really good alternative for those expensive toilets that serves the same purpose.”

Drew reviewed “ My wife and I love this Bio Bidet! It was easy to install but the instructions need to be a bit more clearer since they seem a bit confusing when you read them. Using BB-50 has been a great experience. My wife and I are cleaner than we have ever been! Lastly, we are using less toilet paper and saved more money because of it. All in all, we think it is a great product!”

BF is an ex-Marine and has been using the Bio Bidet BB-50 for 5 years. “Bio Bidet is the simplest and least expensive of the add-on types. Quality is top shelf and we have never encountered a problem with our unit. Not having an auto wash, air drying, vibrating seats, popcorn dispensers and all those other fancy “luxury features they’re pushing now to increase profits up. The simpler, the better.”

Bio Bidet BB-50 features the following:
Non-electric bidet for 2 piece toilets
Easy to install and to operate
Works with cold water
Adjustable water pressure
Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
Splash guarded nozzle
Stainless flexible supply line
Fiberglass universal T-Valve
Polyurethane water supply tubing

The Bio Bidet BB-500 Simplet is easy to attach on your toilet. It provides a refreshing clean feeling after each and every use using no electricity or battery. Enjoy a simple yet new bathroom experience as you leave the lifestyle where you use toilet papers to clean yourself after using. Water is the most effective whenever we talk about cleanliness, so why settle for using toilet paper when you can just use a simple bidet and change your lifestyle in a whole different way. Experience cleanliness in the bathroom in a whole different level.

Joy Bidet C-1 Cold Water Non-Electric Toilet Attachment Review

The Joy Bidet C-1 is an non-electric mechanical bidet attachment which provides fresh water , using a single nozzle.

The Joy Bidet C-1 has a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. In breakdown of this rating, there are 595 counts for 5 stars, 135 counts for 4 stars, 19 counts for 3 stars, 10 counts for 2 stars and nine counts for 1 star. A total of 768 customers rating, during writing time.

It has a retractable nozzle that always stays clean. This nozzle drops to spray whenever the bidet is activated. The nozzle will remain retracted if there is no water running to the bidet. This is in order to keep the cleanliness of the nozzle.

The installation is easy. It is made for you to be able to install it yourself. No need to seek professional help to attach it to your toilet. In average, it can be installed int 15-20 minutes. You only need two tools: a screwdriver and a wrench.

Joy bidet C-1 has an adjustable attachment design. This design allows the bidet to be screwed securely into place between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl.

For Plumbing connection, Joy bidet C-1 has a strong braided steel hose. The hose is used to connect the bidet to the water source. It is also compatible with the U.S. standard plumbing sizes.

Joy Bidet C-1 does not disappoint you when it comes to quality. Its quality is top-notch with excellent value. This bidet features high-quality parts and manufacturing at a reasonable and affordable price in order to achieve excellent overall value.

Sanitary retractable nozzle
Easy installation
Compatible to most standard 2-piece toilets and some 1-piece toilets
Fresh water bidet
Water pressure control knob
Standard plumbing size braided steel water connection hose

Here are some helpful reviews from Joy Bidet C-1 customers:

Shahed commented “I went with cold water only since that’s the only supply I have behind the toilet. The installation was a snap. Just 10 minutes from unboxing to test run. Two weeks have passed and it works really well.The force of the water at the higher setting can be a bit too much, so go slow when you start. On the two low settings the water just trickles out but from the third click on it’s splashing. If you don’t mind some of these minor issues, this is a decent product.”

Johnny took a similar product a year before but didn’t fit his toilet, he then bought Joy Bidet C-1 after a year. “It took about 20 minutes for the installation. Connecting the water supply was quick, easy and intuitive. And it could be removed without any need to replace any plumbing. No problem for the control. The control is placed at the same level as the toilet instead of the it hanging below, so my wide toilet seat base did not show any problem. It aims well and it works well. If my wife decides to like it, I’ll be another one of this.”

Biffy UNIVERSAL Bidet Attachable Toilet Bidet Review

Experience bathroom hygiene like never before as water is the most effective and refreshing way to clean any part of your body. Bidet is finally in the U.S. and made in the U.S. Biffy has made U.S. made bidets with U.S. citizens as their primary target market.

Biffy Universal Bidet is a non-electric bidet that is constructed of durable poly-carbonate.

Since it is non-electric, there is no electricity or battery required upon usage of this bidet. You don’t even need special plumbing for installation. It can be installed easily even without an experience of installing one.

If you want warm water, you have an option and it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is add the Biffy Warmer. This additional accessory easily connects between the water source and the bidet itself. You can have warm water whenever you need it. You can select from electric warmer or a room temperature or ambient warmer.

Biffy Universal has a patented spray nozzle design which lets it clean better than any other bidet out in the market. It is designed with a simple lever to control the position of the spray nozzle and also its water pressure.

There is no trouble when using the Biffy Universal bidet. It is easy to use. It is designed with a simple lever, so water pressure will be adjusted even in the slightest difference. The spray nozzle positioning can also be adjusted. It moves vertically. Ensured hygiene as the spray nozzle has a self-cleaning feature.

Enjoy a new bathroom lifestyle with Biffy Universal Bidet.

Biffy boasts features that are not found in other bidets:

  • Universal (for all toilets)
  • 2 ½” wide, 8-stream vertical spray
  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzle
  • Vertical Cleaning
  • Adjustable Water pressure
  • Adjustable positioning
  • Rust proof poly-carbonate spray nozzle
  • Dual anti-siphon valves (water supply protection)
  • Lab certified to remove 99.8% of bacteria
  • Made of durable poly-carbonate
  • One year warranty
  • 15 day satisfaction money back guarantee


Murray commented “I would have rated it a 5. It worked okay, but the water kept getting on the floor when I used it for over 20 seconds. The technician told me that it turned out like that because I ran the water for too long. But there are times that I need to run the water longer. I shouldn’t be limited by time restriction.”

JK said “It starts leaking every 2-3 years. I plan on replacing it whenever it does. I have replaced twice already. I plan to look for a more reliable bidet. Once it starts leaking, there is no way to fix it yourself. Other than those, I like the way this bidet cleans.”

Dana reviewed “I love this product! I even bought a second one for my mom! My hands a severely deformed and I have Psoriatic and Rheumatoid disease, imagine how this product changed my life for the better. It’s a godsend for me. Aside from feeling fresh and clean, it is so soothing! Oh, and if you want to run the water longer, just wrap a towel under your legs to stop the little bit of water from spraying out between the base and seat.”