Toto SW542#12 B200 Washlet Review

Washlets are the epitome of personal hygiene and sophisticated technology, bringing ultimate ease and comfort for the users. And Toto B200 Washlet is the same.

Toto B200 Washlet is a bathroom accessory that will enhance your bathroom functionality and lifestyle at your fingertips. Using its slim wireless remote control with illuminated touch pad, you can use the washlet hands free.

TOTO B200 Washlet Features:
Posterior and feminine wash
Washlet cleansing with 5 settings
Heated seat
Oscillating spray option
Pulsating feature
Adjustable water and seat temperature
Warm air dry
Built in deodorizer
Soft close seat and lid

Perfect for cold mornings and winter months is the heated seat which B200 washlet can offer. Temperature of the seat can be adjusted to the degree you are comfortable with. Nothing can beat a warm toilet seat during a cold chilly day.

The B200’s posterior and feminine wash are definitely the main points of the washlet. It refreshingly and effectively cleans you every after your business on the toilet. During the wash, it will also provide you with pulsating feeling. Enjoy utmost comfort during your cleansing as you can adjust the water temperature and the water pressure to your preferred setting. B200 washlet also has an oscillating spray feature in store.

Finish your bathroom business with a dry bottom. B200 provides you with a warm air dry feature that will dry your bottom after the wash. This warm air drying system offers you with five varied temperature settings.

You don’t need to worry about the smell going around as you do your business. B200 has a built in deodorizing system which immediately activates once the washlet turns on. No need for bad smell going around the room, the deodorizing system will do its work without you needing to do anything.

B200 Washlet is perfect as well if you have kids. You won’t have to worry about your toilet seat and the cover slamming after use. It has a soft close feature, preventing the slamming of the toilet seat and its lead.

The remote is designed to be convenient slim for easier hold. It is wireless comes together with illuminated touch pad. This helps in easier user use.

TOTO B200 Washlet suits everyone. Whether you’re male, female, kid, teen, adult or elderly, you can definitely use this washlet with easy. Even those who has arthritis or in similar circumstances can use this washlet with just a touch of a button.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 Premium Class Seat

Bio Bidet shows another of unit for its Blis Series — BB-1700. Bio Bidet bliss BB-1700 has the same body and features of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a remote control, but the attached at the side of the unit is the control panel. It is intended as the upgraded version of Bio-800.

As a bidet, Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 offers cleanliness, hands free bathroom experience and comfort through its warm water and heated seat.

BB-1700 is fully loaded with great features, these include posterior and feminine wash functions and oscillation and functional water pulse. It now offers a wider spray pattern than BB-800, its predecessor, keeping hygiene as the top priority through its new stainless steel nozzle. You can adjust the nozzle position to your own comfort. Controlling the water temperature is also a breeze as the unit provides four different settings. You may also adjust the water pressure in order to have wash at your utmost comfort. For its wash functions, it also has enema or turbo was feature which helps relieve constipation.

Another great upgrade from Bio Bidet BB-1700 is its water heating system with its new Hybrid Heating Technology. Experience benefits of instant and tank-type water heaters with its innovative heating system. It doesn’t stop there, combine those two types of water heaters into an on-demand heating system that gives unlimited warm water. It is the ultimate comfort and cleaning.

New Bio Bidet Bliss Series has patent-pending “Hydro-Flush” nozzle cleaning system as its other upgrade. While most bidet seats clean their wash nozzles with water before and after the use, the outside of the nozzle is the only part that is cleaned. Bio bidet Bliss Series nozzles are different. The nozzles are rinsed on both the outside and the inside. This utilizes their “inside-out” nozzle rinsing technology. Every single time, the nozzles are cleansed thoroughly.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 has additional features. This includes a heated toilet seat. Everyone would love this especially when winter is coming up. It has so much more, you can read down below..

Bio Bidet bliss BB-1700 Features:

Hybrid On-demand water heating system (combines benefits of reservoir tank and instant heating technology)
Stainless steel nozzle with Hydro Flush cleaning
Attractive contoured side panel
Posterior and feminine endless warm water spray
Warm air dry, deodorizer, soft closing heated seat
Attached control panel
Gentle aerated water stream
Patented 3-in-1 single nozzle system
Patent pending hydro-flush self cleaning nozzle
Water Pulse feature
Adjustable water temperature
Adjustable nozzle position
Adjustable water pressure
Turbo (enema wash feature)
Temperature controlled seat
Warm air dry
Massage cleaning
Occupied seat sensor
Slow closing seat and lid
Powerful deodorizer with carbon filter
Built in water filter
Auto smart power saving
Self diagnose function

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 is a must buy gadget. It gives you great features you need to have a comfortable and hands free bathroom experience. It is friendly to all users even to the kids and elderly.

It just came out in the market. It is currently available in elongated size or white color only.

TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet S300 bidet toilet seat is the ultimate in bidet seat luxury, controlled by a wireless remote with LCD controls. This seat is in contemporary style, providing extra comfort with its elongated design. Round front design is also available. The seat can be heated and you can adjust its temperature. This bidet cleanses your bottom and dries you right after. You can select various cleaning modes depending on which setting you are most comfortable with.

TOTO Washlet S300 is versatile. It gives many things in just a small package.

The heating function is what most people love the most when it comes bidet seats like S300. It is great to seat on a warm seat when you’re about to do your business. It is inviting and provides comfort and relaxation. The temperature is adjustable to your prefered level of warmth.

It has an auto timer feature for heating. This feature allows you to time the heating. Depending on your habits, you may set it in specific intervals. This way, you don’t have to wait for your seat to heat up in the morning. You can save energy this way too.

Washlet S300’s washing system comes with a wide range of functions. There is a variety of different modes you can choose from on how you want the water to be sprayed. It has a massage feature as well. It has adjustable water pressure and water temperature. A cycling motion of the nozzle is activated for effectively cleaning your whole behind.

It has a drying system which you can control the settings as well. You may be able to adjust the temperature and the pressure of the air going out of the air dry system.

Its wireless remote control is mounted on the wall so that you can reach the controls while using the toilet. It has an LCD screen which show you the current settings you’re using, whether it is to satisfies your preference or not. The buttons are big so they’re easy to use.

No more annoying loud slams when the lid and seat is lowered. Washlet S300 has a soft close feature, so you can head out of the bathroom as completely happy person.

Everyone can use TOTO S300, especially if you’re someone who values comfort and perfect cleaning. It’s really helpful for those who have arthritis or similar circumstance.


Vincent said “Unique product. Waited 9 years for this! I always wanted one since my visit in Japan. But I had to wait because I had to do other things before I could. I had to buy a house, remodel the bathroom and CONVINCE everyone that I REALLY WANTED THIS WASHLET for my 40th birthday… So I had my birthday party this weekend, and EVERYONE who came had to see the Washlet! I was greeted with some surprised looks. Some totally didn’t get it, others thought that it was an amazing and wonder product. The biggest draw of the party was my WASHLET and not the birthday me, I couldn’t believe it!”

Toto SW583#01 Washlet S350e Toilet Seat-Round with ewater+

TOTO has been the most trusted washlet brand around the world. Now it presents its latest flagship bidet seat, the TOTO S350 Washlet.

TOTO had ecologic luxury in slim design when they thought of how Washlet S350 should be. This washlet features technologically advanced ewater+ system. This system provides mists and cleaning of the bowl with electrolyzed water every after use.

TOTO Washlet S350 uses electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is a more safe and more powerful compound compared to your conventional water. It keeps the toilet bowl cleaner after every flush, reducing the need to use harsh chemical cleaners constantly. The pre-misting wets the surface of the toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the sides.

Unlike other brands, Washlet S350 has auto open/close seat and lid which automatically
opens and close whenever you approach and leave respectively. It has a night light which helps you access the toilet at night without turning on the lights.

You will find all the standard luxury features any leading model has warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating capabilities, water and seat heating, endless warm water supply, and adjustable features. All the features are control via remote control.

Enjoy luxury while having a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience with Washlet S350.

Front and rear wash
5 spray cleansing settings
Adjustable water temperature
Built-in air deodorizer
Auto open/close
Night light
Heated seat with temperature control
Warm-air dryer
Easy to use illuminated remote control
2-user personal memory settings
Self-cleaning nozzle


M commented “The main feature of this seat is the wash function. It is a great alternative to toilet paper. The operation of the basic functions of the seat while you’re using it actively is pretty straightforward. When it comes to the advance settings, however, is where I get a little confused. Example is that there are two different types of energy mode, you can use of or you can use both at the same time. It will cause the seat to work a bit differently. It seems a little wasteful that the heated seat stays on all the time. But I do admit that the heated seat wouldn’t have much point if the seat isn’t warm when you sit on it. What I’ve said are minor issues though. Like I said the seat works great.”

Karen said “We had this bidet since late May this year. It has been really amazing, the installation was easy. It works just as advertised. The remote control is easy to handle and very intuitive. We have never encountered any problems with it. We disabled the auto close/open feature though. Not that we didn’t like the feature. It’s just that it really freaked our cats out when they walk past. I actually laughed at it until one time one cat jumped right in front of me. Great product. My husband and I love it.”

K.C. mentioned “Sometimes you just don’t entirely appreciate what you have until you’re away from your home. Yeah. I had this installed over the winter season and totally enjoyed the comfort and warmth of this seat. I have to go away from business trips at times and it makes me realize just how much I enjoy this. Yup. Enjoy. Compared to regular seats, this is far more comfortable. What makes it more inviting is the warmer… then the wash… and the dry. I wish the auto lights would stay on longer at night though. But it’s not really that much of a big deal.”

TOTO SW844#01 Washlet E200 Elongated Front Toilet Seat

If you want to upgrade to your own bathroom, try out TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat. It has a contoured design which is pleasant to see.

This is perfect for those who have contoured toilets since it has a contoured rear case.

The Washlet E200 has features such as dual action cleansing modes and warm air dryer. This bidet seat will never see the toilet seats the same way again.

This bidet seat considered a revolution when it comes to personal hygiene, it uses advanced technology to offer comfort and cleanliness that are unparalleled.

It provides warm water through it s heated water tank. This water tank is adjustable, so you can adjust the temperature of the water the way you want it.

Rear and front washes are also adjustable. You can adjust the water pressure up to what you are most comfortable with.

It has a warm air dryer which provides you with a warm bottom after the wash. This will lessen your use of toilet paper which is considered a benefit in saving papers.

All of these adjustments and functions are controlled via remote control. Enjoy the comfort, cleanliness, good value, easy installation, quiet flush, water efficiency and sleek design. Most especially, enjoy a superior personal cleansing and hygiene.

Key Features:
Adjustable rear and front washes
Adjustable warm air dry
Adjustable heated water tank
Oscillating comfort wash
Convenient remote control
Curved rear case
Adjustable, heated and softclose seat
One year warranty


Glenn commented “I was so happy with this seat that after a year, I bought a higher end seat which is TOTO S400. The higher ends has extra features like auto-flush and automatic cover raising. I love the new features and find myself dumbfounded that the toilet downstairs doesn’t open when I get close to it. However, I think this lower end E200 is a better value. It does 90% of what I want from a bidet — posterior washing and seat warming at a lower price.”

Chung said “I have always known about toto bidets but thought that they were too costly. They’re in thousands of dollars. I was surprised to find four of their models’ came down. So I chose E200. It’s still not cheap but it’s more affordable than before. Once it was installed, I was eager to try it out. It was worth it coz it didn’t disappoint. What I love most were the warm water, water seat, air dryer and adjustable temperature and water pressure. Now I understand why some people say how they were able to live without their bidet. I even wonder myself now that I have one! I hardly need to use toilet paper anymore. Thank goodness. My wife really loves it too. The slow close seat and cover feature is really great if you have children.”

Chain mentioned “Once you experience the E200, using a toilet without one will feel unsanitary and barbaric. This may not be the lowest cost available but it’s hundreds of dollars less than Toto’s premium and high end units. It also represents the greatest value for the features and functions it provides. Its design is clean and modern. It’s build with great quality. It provides comfortable settings you can imagine — temperature, pressure and etc. It’s easy to use with its battery remote control.”