60 Bathroom Cleaning and Maintenance Tips All Year Round

The bathroom is one of the most sensitive places in your home.  It can host a lot of germs, bacteria, and other harmful microbes that will affect the health everyone at home or even guests using it.  Some of the most common diseases that you can acquire from improperly cleaned and not well maintained bathroom are stomach ailments which is caused by E. Coli, campylobacter organisms, and salmonella; skin and respiratory infections caused by staphylococcus bacteria; and other serious diseases which may be caused by mildew and molds that accumulate in the bathroom.  While you cannot prevent these germs from living or appearing in your bathroom, what’s good is that you can eliminate them by cleaning and maintaining the bathroom it all year round.

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How Much Cleaning Should Be Done

The real deal is that bathroom cleaning should be a daily affair.  And this alone is quite difficult for other people to deal with.  Most will falter upon learning that cleaning the bathroom is not even enough.  It should be maintained also as there are other things beyond scrubbing, washing, spring cleaning, and other deep cleaning activities which needs to be performed.  There are also areas which require attention such as the sewer, windows, ceilings, and exhaust fans, among others.  Thus, there are bathroom cleaning chores that should be done daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally in order to maintain total cleanliness of your bathroom. The question is how do you clean and maintain bathroom at different seasons of the year?

Must Have Bathroom Cleaning Materials

But before you deal with both the easy and hard task of bathroom cleaning and maintenance, you need to equip yourself with the following cleaning materials.  Here is check lists for you to follow. You need the following:

  • A durable pair of gloves made of rubber
  • Scrubbing brush; one for toilet bowl and one for all-surface
  • Cleaning cloths including glass cleaning cloths for mirrors and glass window cleaning
  • A double sided sponge with abrasive part one side and pure sponge on the other side
  • A duster, broom, and mop
  • Tub and tile cleaner
  • A trash bag
  • Cleaning solutions like soap, detergents, and other cleaning agents and your favorite disinfectant
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Trash bag
  • Cleaning toothbrush

Scorching Hot but Shouldn’t be Untidy too!
(Bathroom Cleaning and Maintenance During Summer)


Summer is the best time to kill germs weekly.  Here are most important tips when cleaning and maintaining bathrooms during summer.

  1. Always begin with the most difficult and largest job.  There are two things that go in this aspect; the shower and the tub.  Start your cleaning activity by wiping the bathtub and the shower with bathroom cleaner and use mildew cleaner or bleach sparingly to eliminate any mildew or molds that begin to cling on the tub and the shower.
  2. Once done, you move on to the sink and toilet.  Squirt an ample amount of cleaning agent, then scrub with a brush around the toilet and let it stand for a few minutes.  Close the lid and don’t flush yet. Move on to cleaning the sink and other parts of the bathroom first.
  3. Remove all items you found in the counter and sink like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, beauty supplies; just remove everything you see.  Throw all empty bottles, expired products, and anything that do not belong in the bathroom.
  4. Use an all-purpose cleaner in order to clean bathroom counter tops and the sink. Use a wet washcloth to reach all surfaces including mirror edges, towel bars, and door frame.
  5. If the medicine cabinet is removable, take it down and clean the wall surface too.  But first, remove the contents of the cabinet so you can wipe the inner surface with wet cloth dipped into an all-purpose cleaner.  Finish the job by wiping it with a dry rag.
  6. Do not forget to clean bathroom fans. If these are broken, have it repaired.  It is wiser to use the bathroom fan during humid summer to prevent moisture which is a sure way to accumulate molds and germs in the bathroom during this hot season. 
  7. It is always important to keep bathroom dry always; thus, it is advisable to clean and dry as you go. Open bathroom windows too, leave the door ajar, and turn on bathroom fans for example.

    bathroom cleaning and maintenance during summer
    Keep Windows Open image from Stephanie Booth/Flickr
  8. Remove the shower head when you clean the bathroom during summer to make it sparkle and soak it in white vinegar overnight. This is to eliminate accumulated dirt or grime.
  9. It is recommended to stock up on your bathroom supplies during summer as this is the season for huge bargains and savings.  You might want to hoard for toilet papers, soap, bathroom cleaners, shampoos, scrubs, rags and wash cloth, floor mat, skin care products, and other bathroom cleaning products. If you can afford it, why not buy in bulk to include supply for spring, fall, and winter months as well.
  10. Because summer is where the sun is, this is a good time for you to renovate or refurbish your bathroom like changing wall paints and change shower wall surrounds.
  11. Kids are frequently at home during summer so watch out what your kids are doing in the bathroom.  They tend to bring and drop toys down the toilet or insert items in holes.  Be sure to remove them so as not to clog toilets or flood the whole bathroom area.  Remember that even small things can create havoc with your plumbing system.
  12. Use extra linings at the bottom of the trash can to prevent leaks and spills so you don’t have to scrub very often. Once the garbage bag is soiled, you can just lift it and dispose of the contents as usual.
  13. It is also the best time to sanitize garbage cans by simply washing or spraying it outside your home and let it stay under the sun to kill germs and bacteria naturally.

Rise and Shine, it’s Bloom Time!
(Bathroom Cleaning and Maintenance During Spring)

Like any other season, there are daily bathroom cleaning habits you need to do during spring in order to discourage germs, mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbes that love to propagate in moist environments like the bathroom.  So, make it a habit to lower down the humidity level of your bathroom by doing the following every day.

  1. The Shower Room – Wipe shower walls with dry cloth or cleaning rags. This is to keep away mildew from cohabiting in it.  It may not be deep cleaning but it is a simple way to keep bathroom dusted from possible molds, bacteria, and germs explosion. Open the curtain after showering to keep the whole shower area dry and inhibit growth of molds and mildew. Keep the air vent open in order to prevent the moisture out of the bathroom when you shower. If your bathroom does not have air vent, try opening the door so that the air circulating around the house will go to the bathroom to help keep it dry.
  2. The Sink – This is one of the most exploited parts of the bathroom as it receives lots of residues from toothpaste to sprays.  Your daily habit should include wiping out residues in the sink.  This will help prevent soil and silts from hardening.
  3. The Tub – You can rinse and clean the bathtub after every use.  This way, you keep germs and molds from taking residences in different parts of the bathtub especially on the rims and at the sides when you put off the habit of cleaning and rinsing after every use. spring cleaning for the bathroom
  4. The Toilet – This is probably one of the most repulsive aspects when it comes to bathroom cleaning.  However, it is important that daily cleaning is implemented as the toilet bowl absorbs the dirtiest of objects humans are known to throw into. Flushing is not enough; thus, you need to perform additional tasks for daily habits and that is by pouring a liquid toilet bowl cleaner to let it stand for minutes in order to dissolve silts and deposits.  Use hard bristle brush with long handle of course to cover the whole toilet bowl, especially the rims and the curve parts of the bowl. Use disinfectant solutions to clean the seat, lid, tank, toilet exterior, and toilet rims. Check the product’s label to determine the standing time of the disinfectant before you wipe it dry with fresh rags or cleaning cloths.  This will also help eliminate foul odors brought about by urine drips from careless male creatures of any age.
  5. The Bathroom Floor – Empty trash can every day. Rinse and wipe the floor day after every use.  These two chores will keep the floors clean and prevent mildew, molds, germs, and bacteria from populating.

Now, aside from these daily doses of bathroom cleaning activities, you need to take care of other adjacent areas during the spring months. According to many bathroom cleaning professionals, spring is the most important season to clean seriously; it is not called spring cleaning if it is not.  Spring is the precursor to good weather ahead but along with it are possible damages and hard to remove dirt, objects, germs, and among other things brought about by fall and winter.  Thus, it is important to take care of these things for your bathroom maintenance:

  1. Clean the windows as there might be some dry or rotten leaves embedded on the window rims and surfaces as well. Dry leaves are source of insects that might be able to encroach inside your bathroom like termites, cockroaches, and worms.
  2. Fix windows screens or windows itself if there are damages as broken windows do not only invite harmful bacteria or mosquitos and other parasites and insects but robbers as well.
  3. Prune overgrown bushes, vines, shrubs, and tree branches that may block the view of your bathroom windows or may damage it eventually once summer comes in and extends its growth.
  4. Check for holes and gaps in your bathroom walls and floors brought about by winter season, especially if your area experiences heavy winter. Repair it immediately so you are prepared for summer when bathroom use is quite heavy compared with other seasons as summer is quite hotter than the other months.
  5. Flush out the toilet with hot water in order to remove sediment build up during fall and winter.
  6. Flush out heaters also to remove sediment build up.  You might be surprised to discover what goes in the heater tank during the previous seasons.

More Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips to Remember

  1. Remove everything in bathroom cabinets. However, take note of time availability when doing this. If you have lots of time, then take out every cabinet level; if not, just one cabinet at a time will do. The logic behind removing everything is that it is easy to clean and better for you to sort out the bad contents from the good ones when these are spread out on the table or on the floor.
  2. After removing all objects, vacuum the insides of the cabinet.  Once done, check for sticky objects that needs to be scraped or removed.
  3. Remove old stuffs in the bathroom.  You might be surprised with  the amount of useless items accumulated in your bathroom cabinet and in your bathroom as well.
  4. Wipe away dirt and grime from your bathroom mirror by using vinegar or glass cleaner.
  5. Collect any objects that do not belong in the bathroom like coffee mugs, jewelry, shoes, and many others and put them in proper places outside of the bathroom.
  6. Do not forget to clean the ceiling, vents, corners, fans, and other areas that were not cleaned during daily bathroom habits.
  7. Replace shower curtains, rags, trash can, bathroom items, and other things.
  8. When spring cleaning the bathtub, do not forget, handles, faucets, and crevices.

Winter is Coming! Prepare!
(Bathroom Cleaning and Maintenance During Fall)

It is the time of the year when colder season begins to set in.  It is therefore important that you prepare yourself for the coming in of extreme drop in temperature and ensure that different parts of your home such as the bathroom are ready for such weather change.  You should know how to maintain your bathroom during this time. Here are important tips to remember:

  1. It is during this season that moist and grime can flourish in the bathroom; hence, you really need to impose and follow a clean-as-you-go bathroom cleaning activity rule.  You also need to scrub the bottom of the tub or the shower to avoid accumulation of dangerous bacteria during fall.
  2. You have to keep dirt outside of your home; thus, you need to place several mats in different entrances of the house as well as outside and inside the bathroom. This will help limit the accumulation of dirt and mud which are sometimes difficult to clean especially if it is stuck on edges, crevices, and corners of the bathroom. bathroom cleaning during fall
  3. Invest in cleaning equipment.  It is the time of the year when you need to check cleaning supplies and equipment as well.  Your scrub, brush, mat, rags, garbage bin and among others might need to be replaced due to wear and tear.  Remember, you won’t enjoy cleaning when cleaning tools or equipment were already damaged due to wear and tear.
  4. It is also time to re-caulk your bathroom and seal gaps or holes.  These bathroom flaws are possible residences to mildew.
  5. Check leaky faucets before the temperature will drop extremely as it will be more costly and time consuming when your faucets are broken during winter.
  6. You also need one time serious cleaning during this season.  Spring cleaning can do a lot of wonders to your bathroom so that daily cleaning becomes an easy instead of messy affair.
  7. Always start on top when you do serious spring cleaning during autumn.  There are the areas which you do not normally clean and are out of sight most of the time such as top of the bathroom door, window frames and panels, shower curtain rod, medicine cabinet, and light fixtures.
  8. If things are so bad, you can vacuum first then wipe the rest with wet cloth rubbed with an all-purpose cleaner. Wipe this again with a dry rag.
  9. After cleaning the top section, clean everything behind and underneath like the floor and wall behind the toilet, the pedestal sink, and any floor standing tub, cabinet, or bathroom accessories.  With combined accumulation of dust and moist during fall, you have a recipe for bathroom disaster.
  10. When it comes to scrubbing, just spray all surfaces with a bathroom cleaner and let it stand for ten minutes to remove and disinfect different parts of the bathroom. Then, you can do serious scrubbing afterwards. Once done, you may want to wipe surface areas with a disinfectant solution.
  11. Always check your heating system during this season in preparation for winter.
  12. While septic tanks are recommended to be pumped once every three years, it is also highly suggested to check on them during this time to see if there is a need for it to be emptied before spring comes.

Extreme Weather Equals Extra Care
(Bathroom Cleaning and Maintenance During Winter)

Ah, Winter!!! Probably the hardest season and with that, it takes a lot of especial care and attention when it comes to bathroom cleaning.  In an extreme weather condition like winter, a lot of things can happen; thus, extra protection must be in place to ensure not only clean bathrooms but also to have a comfortable and safe place. You have to continue performing your daily bathroom cleaning habits even if it is winter. However, on top of the daily or regular bathroom cleaning activities, there are other matters that need to be attended to during this time of the year. Here are important things you should do when it comes to bathroom cleaning and maintenance:

bathroom cleaning during winter
image credit Upsilon Andromedae/Flickr
  1. Remove bathroom window screens during winter to improve solar ray penetration to heat your bathroom. It will also prevent snow from being trapped in between the window and screen which can damage the whole window due to weight of accumulation.
  2. Clean bathroom exhaust fans and grills. You will never know what kind of insects or small animals are residing during winter.
  3. Inspect ceramic floor and wall tiles around the shower and bath including seals around the edges of the tub.  Apply sealant to gaps and holes when necessary. This is to prevent accumulation of ice dam or moist that will promote growth of bacteria and germs.
  4. Clean drains in bathtubs and shower stalls to maintain water flow efficiency.  Your shower moments will be ruined if water is flowing slowly.  To drain, just remove the drain assembly and insert a stick to pull out objects that are clogging the system. Pour bleaching solution and let it sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes, then flush with water to remove mildew and mold embedded within the drain pipe.
  5. You can also perform weekly draining solution by mixing 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and ¼ cup cream of tartar. Pour equal amounts into various drains in the sink, tub, or shower stalls and finish by pouring 2 cups of boiling water on the individual drains.
  6. Check your bathroom cabinet to make sure you have ample supply of first aid kit materials, bathroom accessories and supplies, towels, cleaning solutions, bath and shower items, and other bathroom related items.
  7. Check your bathroom cleaning equipment and tools if these are still functional and ready to withstand extreme weather cleaning requirements such as during the winter season.
  8. Remove build up in shower curtain as there is a tendency for quicker mold build-up during this season.  Just spritz an all-purpose cleaner and rinse it using the shower to remove soap scum, mildew, water minerals, and other minute objects clinging onto the shower curtain.

Best Bathroom Practices

But wait, the above ideas are not enough, it is still important to take note of the succeeding tips for more effective cleaning and maintenance of your bathroom the whole year round.

  1. Use only disinfectants and sanitizers when needed. You do not need to use them always for safer and healthier bathroom cleaning activities.
  2. To maintain cleanliness at all times, make sure that your bathroom is equipped with ample supplies of toiletries like toilet paper, liquid soap, hand towels, and among other things.
  3. As much as possible, do not use air fresheners as it only hides bathroom odors. At the same time, many of these products contain chemical scents which are harmful to your health.
  4. Use microfiber mops and cloths as these are better when removing soil, dirt, and germs while reducing the amount of chemical products you will use during cleaning.
  5. Do not use aerosol products. They are not only environmentally destructive but health hazards as well.
  6. It is a good idea to read product manuals of the bathroom tub, shower, and other bathroom accessories that you install or use so you will know the type, frequency, and other important cleaning details.
  7. Always remember that the best way to disinfect is to let the disinfectant solution to sit for several minutes.
  8. Rinse properly as cleaning solutions tend to magnet and attract dirt and germs. If you will not rinse properly, cleaning concerns will remain in your bathroom.

You may be wondering why hotels have clean bathrooms. They are cleaned everyday, even if the same guest uses the room daily.  Bathroom cleaning is indeed a challenge; however, you can deal with these challenges by simply implementing the right bathroom cleaning strategy.  With this comprehensive post, you have learned that in order to keep a bathroom clean and well maintained the whole year round, you must perform daily and seasonal routine activities as different seasons have different cleaning requirements on top of the usual daily bathroom cleaning activities.
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