America’s Got Talent Judge’s House Attacked and Covered with Toilet Papers

Howie Mandel’s (one of the judge for America’s Got Talent and Host of Deal or No Deal ) house was covered toilet paper. He was shocked and not happy about it. He does not think its funny until he saw the prankster who joked that will be leaving without cleaning ( off-course they called a cleaner ) . He was thinking how can someone get into a gated community and target his house for some kind of prank.

Later the prank master Roman showed up with his camera crew acting shocked ” what the hell happened ?” LOL and said he wish he filmed it.. It seems that Howie’s family is aware of the prank and even one participated in throwing the toilet paper on the roof of their house. Roman must be using the best toilet papers he can you can see it really clings from the roof without even breaking from a strong wind.. it looks like a single-layered toilet paper though.

It ended with Howie throwing toilet papers at Roman…. its toilet paper war  but without pain… how about a toilet bowl prank next time Roman ? Using the most expensive toilet bowls ever. That war with be a real pain in the ass.

Its been said that about 4,000 toilet paper rolls are used but you can see some are on the ground that Mandel picked up and throw to Roman… keep some Howie its still useful… but yeah who would spend a lot of money on toilet paper prank ? well Roman ….this is the best toilet paper prank ever…