RV Toilet Papers or Regular Toilet Papers for Your RV ? You Decide

The Answer is YES but you have to be resposible for it, but why not check this RV approved Toilet papers ?

It is true that RV toilet paper are specialized papers for the system. Here are the brands that are offering rv toilet papers.

  • Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue
  • Thetford 03300 Aqua (2-Ply and 4 Rolls Soft Toilet Tissue)
  • 300 Count Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue
  • Camco 40274 TST 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

Though the prices are a little bit higher they are more safe to use than regular toilet paper brands.

These brands have solved the problems faced by many RV users. Some people face certain problems pertaining to the price differences between regular and RV toilet papers. They buy regular toilet papers to save themselves from spending on pricier RV toilet papers. Before you go along with this decision, ask yourself this question. Is it better to save money on RV toilet papers now then spending on repairing the problems caused by regular toilet papers in the future? Some might say yes and some might say no, but you have to make your own decision because it will only be affecting you and no one else.

Why use RV-Approved toilet papers ?

Everything in this world has a specific reason to be and a specific role to fulfill. That is why, after listening to the people complaining and asking for answers, manufacturers have developed such a toilet paper that is “RV friendly”. These toilet papers are commonly known as RV Toilet Papers. Now, there are major differences between an RV toilet paper and a regular paper. Apart from prices, these two toilet papers have different material composition altogether. One of the major differences is that RV toilet papers are specifically designed for RV and its septic system. These RV toilet papers do not let your RV’s septic system to be blocked or damaged in any way. These toilet papers are made from such materials that make them easily dissolvable in RV sewer chemicals or RV holding tank.

RV friendly toilet paper are good for the sewage system or tank since it can quickly dissolve in the water.
RV Toilet paper prevents clogging.
Some of the rv paper are biodegradable.

A video on testing your toilet paper if it can be use for RV

It is time to pack your bags and leave your worries behind. Every once in a while, people get this thought; the thought of going someplace to relax and enjoy little moments of life before they are taken away. While most people are still busy in their life struggles, some people make time to take a breather. These people, after making this decision, make the second decision of renting and sometimes buying an RV. RV is a “recreational vehicle” that is mostly used for a leisure activity; Vacation and camping. RVs are mostly found in RV parks or campgrounds. Now, this RV will be your everything for the duration of your trip, your vehicle and your live-in accommodation. Before starting your journey of relaxation and rest, it is imperative that you keep your RV in the best condition.

There are many factors that keep your RV in the best suited state, one of the factors that cause the most problem and doubt is the selection of RV toilet papers. Yes, people do not use regular toilet papers when it comes to their RV. The reason is that regular toilet papers are made from such materials that are harmful for RV’s septic system. Regular toilet papers are not easily dissolvable in RV’s Toilet chemicals. These regular toilet papers can also cause blockage and can change your plans of “relaxing” to only “taxing”.