Olla Professional Salon Shampoo Bowl & Free-Standing Wood Cabinet

Olla Shampoo Bowl and Cabinet

Are you planning to have your own beauty salon? Or you might already own one? Truth be told, a customer’s trust is hard to gain these days. So, you might be asking, how can we earn our customers’ trust? One key factor to proving quality and efficiency is “professionalism”. Hence, adding a Professional Salon Shampoo Bowl and Cabinet is just what you need to make a good impression.

Beauty salons are well known for their quick fix beauty services, such as hair colouring, hot oil or hair spa treatment, and the likes. All of which brings up the need for the perfect shampoo bowl and cabinet, providing function for beauticians as well as comfort for your customers.

Product Description:

This professional salon shampoo bowl and free-standing cabinet demonstrates its functionality and comfort, both of which will surely ensure satisfaction, not only to you or your beauticians but also to your customers. It comes with the heavy duty acrylic shampoo bowl and free standing wood cabinet. Acrylic is the material of choice for majority of products in various industries. It’s a combination of incredible durability and aesthetic beauty.

The wooden cabinet is customized especially for its shampoo bowl. It’s is also complete with additional storage for organizing all the necessary hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hot oil and even a place to keep extra towels. The shampoo bowl is equipped with all the essential hardware, fixtures, spray hose and the hair trap basket. This particular unit stands out from the rest, as it look more professional due to its perfectly hidden plumbing, neatly tucked under the sink.


  •         The professional salon shampoo bowl is made of large moulded acrylic which makes it more durable and impact resistant, therefore it’s safer.
  •         Another advantage of an acrylic bowl is that it’s lighter making it easier to transfer from one place to another.
  •         The shampoo bowl already comes with all the necessary hardware, fixtures, spray hose and hair trap basket. There’s no need to purchase these parts separately.
  •         The front cabinets and extra storage provides ample space for beauty products and towels.
  •         It’s a perfect way to save and keep within the budget, since it’s below $500.


  •         Chairs for this shampoo bowl and cabinet are sold separately, so it gives you several options to choose from, with prices ranging from $82.00 to $129.00.
  •        It has to be placed right up against the wall for support. This allows more space to be utilized within the salon as it provides an opportunity for better interior arrangement.

Why choose the Olla Shampoo Bowl and Cabinet?

A lot of satisfied customers left great reviews, praising how gorgeous the shampoo bowl is and how much it adds to the overall look of their beauty salon. It will definitely serve its purpose whether you’re just starting out or planning to level up in your beauty business. A customer guaranteed that it will arrive in perfect condition, properly secured in a large box and protected with a lot of Styrofoam.  According to a review, the customer wishes she would’ve bought the unit a long time ago for the satisfaction of both her beauticians and customers.

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