Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest

Toto MS992CUMFG Neorest: Your Toilet Water Saving Solution

Dual water selection is one of the best ways to save water when it comes to flushing the toilet.  As you can see, not all toilet loads are heavy and need a huge amount of water to flush it down.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Dual Flush Toilet

Presenting this Toto toilet which has dual flushing selection at 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF selections! Look at those numbers, you will be asking if this water measurement is ample enough to flush down all the things you loaded into the toilet while relieving yourself.  You have to look into the features to understand the mechanism of this product.


In this section, you will understand why water outflow is not that large.  Here are the features that will explain why:

  • Cyclone jet flushing siphon system which gives better flushing efficiency minus using huge amount of water
  • Uses only SanaGloss ceramics for better and efficient cleaning; thus, it is durable and will not give space for molds, germs, and bacteria to cling on to.
  • Automatic flushing after using the toilet
  • Equipped   with famous Toto’s Cyclone system which ensures most hygienic toilets all the time
  • Adjustable spray to allow right water temperature and volume


Here is a rundown of the benefits and advantages when you have all of the above features:

  • Convenience – this product can be considered as fully automatic as the lid opens and closes automatically, has remote control operation, auto temperature heated seat, automatic flushing, and among others.  Thus, it gives total comfort for all users.
  • Cleanliness – it has a skirted design where there are concealed trapways, made of SanaGloss ceramics which is designed to lessen health damaging microbes from embedding deeply in different surfaces of the toilet; thus, users are assured that they will be always clean after each use of the toilet.
  • Savings – because it is so efficient when it comes to cleaning, no need to use chemicals and water very frequently; thus you save not only time and money but also the environment.


Because all functions are remote control operated, it is indeed difficult to reconfigure or perform manual operation and this is a problem if you have a small bath and toilet area as other activities that you do inside might affect the auto function of some of the features of this item.

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Customer Review and Score

With all those features and advantages, it is not surprising that it received high ratings from:

  • Prime who found this product very excellent
  • Alexander was very happy that he can finally get rid of the messy toilet paper.
  • Evan said that this item is very friendly to your butt.

Customers find minor drawback in terms of wiring installation, however, it can be attributed to understanding the manual especially if it is a do it yourself affair.

Weight – 120 pounds
Size – 3
Dimensions – 32.5 inches x 15.5 inches x 21.5 inches
Water Consumption – 1 GPF / 0.8 GPF


If you want great savings, convenience, and cleanliness all the time, this item is a good choice.  An added bonus is that it cost only a little over $4,000.00

TOTO MS950CG Neorest 500 One Piece Toilet


TOTO MS950CG#01 Neorest 500

TOTO MS950CG Neorest 500: Sleek and Powerful Toilet in the Market

Time is an essence during toilet moments. Some people want shorter waiting time to refill water tanks while others want a quick flushing system and at the same time eliminate objects being trapped along the way; thus, prevents them from spending additional time removing trapped objects. Still some want front and rear cleaning system to avoid spending more toilet time.  Fortunately, this product answers all these concerns.

Toto Neorest 500 One Piece Toilet in Cotton White: MS950CG#01

If you are searching for toilets that have a sleek design and with very powerful performance, this product is what you are looking for.  It is embedded with lots of interesting features that guarantees quick and hygienic toilet moments for you all the time.


This toilet is like no any other toilet in the market if you are to look at its several amazing features such as:

  • Embedded Washlet that provides rear and front washing with warm water
  • New Cyclone Flushing Mechanism for better water refilling and lesser noise. It has 2 nozzles for water usage efficiency; thus, lesser bacteria and dirt are trapped in the toilet.
  • Equipped with auto air dryer and deodorizer
  • Low water consumption at 1.6 GPF / 6 LPF
  • Sensor activated lid opening and closing system
  • SanaGloss technology to prevent germs, bacteria, and molds from sticking on to different surfaces of the toilet ceramics.


This product combines features that promote sanitation and functionality. Users will definitely acquire the following advantages:

  • Total body cleaning solution as it has front and rear washing system; hence, genitals are also cleaned and not just your rear end.
  • Not only does it wash both rear and front, it also totally cleans the lower middle portion of your body, leaving you germ and bacteria free due to embedded air dryer and deodorizer.
  • The new cyclone flushing system will give you lesser waiting time when it comes to water refilling and at the same time will not cause undue headache because it is silent during refilling moments.
  • Low water consumption helps you save water bills and consumes lesser electricity too.
  • Slamming of toilet seat is no longer possible due to sensor-activated lid closing and opening system.
  • Molds, bacteria, and germs will not cling on to the surface of the ceramic due to SanaGloss technology which prevents the entire toilet from becoming porous and create habitat for these micro-organisms.

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The only drawback in this product is that you have to avoid using cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals to avoid losing its gloss and shine.


Customer Reviews and Score

Despite its minor drawback, this product received five star scores from users such as:

  • Robert said that it is so powerful that it rocks.
  • Michael was so delighted that this product not only washes but dries him as well.
  • Luwen was very appreciative of the deodorizing feature of this product.

The most common complaint that this product received such as coming from Telgator is that of the flushing system which is difficult to find.  However, the solution to this problem is to read the manual carefully prior to installing.

Weight – 100 pounds
Dimensions – 17 inches x 27 inches x 20 inches
Size – 12 inches
Water Consumption – 1.6 GPF

Final Verdict

At $2,800, this product is very affordable with benefits and features that one can enjoy in more expensive toilets.  This product is value for users indeed.

TOTO MS990CGR-12 Neorest Elongated Toilet and Washlet

TOTO MS990CGR-12 Neorest

Toilet bowls are not just mechanisms for relieving body waste and designers of toilet bowls have realized that there are indeed lots of things to consider.  Thus, over the years, this kind of toilet fixtures has improved in terms of design and functionality.  Here is one product that speaks of this idea.

Toto MS990CGR Elongated Neorest 600 One Piece Toilet 1.6 GPF in Sana Gloss

One of the most common worries when it comes to toilets is the cleaning aspect.  As people become more health conscious, the demand for hygienically designed products, especially among toilets and baths products have never been more pronounced today than it was before.  This one piece toilet from Toto has a stylish design complete with washlet and is even tankless at that.  With this profile, it is indeed very modern in terms of toilet fixtures and accessories.


Because it was designed to answer cleanliness and hygiene factors in mind, this toilet has the following features:

  • Cyclone flushing system that ensures clogging in the toilet will never occur.
  • Sana Gloss Technology ensures that toilet is non-porous and doesn’t leave holes and gaps in the toilet as time goes by.
  • 3 Cleaning Adjust Modes to ensure total cleaning
  • Skirted design to ensure lesser cleaning maneuver
  • Hands free flushing system that lets users avoid physical contact in any parts of the toilet.
  • Heated seat with temperature adjustments
  • Auto open and close lid that guarantee the male population at home will never leave the seat to return to its place.
  • Energy saving feature that saves water and electricity


With features like the above, you will get the following benefits:

  • Residue free after using the toilet as the cyclone flushing system is very powerful in plunging “those things.”
  • No damage to your toilet even if you use toilet recommended cleaning solutions; thus, dirt and minute particles will have no room to cling on to.
  • The body is a simple design, no geometric styles that hide germs and bacteria; thus, cleaning becomes a relaxing affair.
  • Equipped with sensors that help users avoid making contact with flusher; thus, making it more hygienic to use.
  • Hands free flushing system that lets users avoid physical contact in any parts of the toilet.

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The only downside that you can tell about this product is its price; it is definitely pricey for some at $5,228.00.  However, you can never quantify the health advantages that it provides to all members in the family; think how expensive medicine and hospital bills are nowadays.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

This toilet received many five star ratings from people like:

  • A certain John was never embarrassed to say that this one is of good quality.
  • Frank said that the sanitary aspect of the toilet is indeed commendable.
  • Jason recommended this toilet for people with OCD issues.

However, Donna was quite irritated of the fan noise it produced each time she sits on the toilet especially during the middle of the night.  This is not a huge problem though as this is an indication that the sensors are working perfectly.


Gross Weight – 120 pounds
Dimensions – 18 inches x 33 inches x 23 inches
Size – 12 inches
Water Consumption – 1.6 GPF

Final Verdict

There is nothing wrong if one prefers sanitary aspects of a toilet as a top priority and this product should answer this concern.  While it is relatively expensive, the risk of encountering health troubles due to non-sanitary toilets becomes nearly zero with this product.

TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Review

TOTO Neorest 550H Features:
Three modes of cleansing (front, rear, soft)
Adjustable heated seat
Night light
Oscillating and pulsating washing
SanaGloss ceramic glaze
Automatic open and close lid
Built in air purifying system
Remote control comes with hanger
Hands-free automatic flush
Warm air dryer
Cyclone Siphon jet flushing system
Energy saver timer

TOTO presents its newest generation of Neorest with eWater+, Neorest 550H. It is truly the combination of ecology and luxury. It has a state-of-the-art, hole-free rim design. It is prevents debris, particles, bacteria and mold in sticking on its surface. It’s easy to clean and stays clean for a longer period of time.

Neorest features TOTO’s patented, smooth glazing. It is made to prevent debris, bacteria, mold, and particles from sticking on the surface. This feature is SanaGloss. With this feature along with regular cleaning, you can keep it this product cleaner for a long period of time.

Expect a cleaner self with Neorest 550H. Three modes of wash is offered and each wash can be adjusted in position and water pressure. These three modes are rear, front and soft. Oscillating and pulsing wash is also allows you to find comfort during the wash in your liking.

The seat is heated. Expect to have a warm seat once you sit on the washlet. The temperature of the seat is adjustable, so no worries in burning your skin due to the temperature of the seat. It is perfect for cold mornings or during winter months. Nothing beats a cold seat in the bathroom during chilly days.

Neorest 550 H is using eWater+. With great technology, TOTO processed and used eWater+ for its latest toilet products. EWater+ is a more effective water than pure water. It keeps a cleaner toilet bowl.

Cyclone dual flushing system is a feature not all bidets or washlets have.This feature provides better and cleaner toilet bowl through its water movement. You don’t have to press anything to flush. It will automatically flush once you’re done with your business.

After the wash, keep your bottom dry. Neorest 550H has a warm air dryer which leaves you dry after keeping your butt clean. You can save more toilet papers with this, definitely. The temperature of this warm air dryer is also adjustable, whichever degree you are comfortable with.

Once you approach the toilet, the lid will automatically open, as Neorest 550H features an automatic open and close feature. Neorest 550H provides you a real hands-free bathroom experience.

Neorest 550H has a built in air purifying system which automatically activates when the washlet is turned on. You don’t need to worry about any bad smell when you’re doing your business.

During the night time, a night light will be turned on. This allows you to see clearly where the toilet is without turn on your bathroom lights.

Enjoy luxury and comfort in your bathroom with Neorest 550H. it s is the real hands free bathroom experience.

Toto MS970CEMFG Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

TOTO Washlet G500 completely comes with an integrated toilet which delivers a compact design. It offers skirted and modern one-piece design with an extraordinarily smooth surface which keeps your bowl clear longer.

It has a Dual-Max Cyclone system which flushes either 1. 28 or 0.9 GPF. With a cycle bowl cleans and SanaGloss glaze, it uses gravity in cleaning easily and provides long-term bowl sanitation

It creates a centrifugal, cyclonic cleaning action through its dual-nozzle bowl cleansing system under the state of the art TOTO Double Cyclone Flushing System. This results to the cleanest,most hygienic and most powerful flushing system every released in the market.

Washlet toilet G500 is made out of TOTO’s patented super-smooth glazing. It is made to avoid debris, bacteria, molds and particles from sticking to the surface of the toilet. SanaGloss will keep your toilet cleaner for a longer period of time with regular cleaning.

This washlet toilet promotes water efficiency and protect the future of the world’s water supply. This is through WaterSense. WaterSense labeled products perform well and help save money, meeting water efficiency and performance criteria.

The Washlet G500 Toilet offers complete of the groundbreaking comfort and hygiene functions. All created by TOTO’s research and development which includes water-saving dual flushing system.

TOTO Washlet G500 features:
Automatic Lid Opening and Closing
Automatic Flush
Dual-Max Cyclone flushing System
Air Deodorizer
Heated Seat
Remote Control Operated
Skirted Design
Universal Height

Reviews from G500 customers:
John had been looking for a new toilet and his wife wanted him one that has a smooth surface. “My wife was on a toilet warpath. Aside from the smooth surface, if I were to get a new toilet, she wanted to get one with a washlet. So I decided on this product. We have had it for 2 weeks now and it works flawlessly. My wife prefers it to everything else in the house. My wife was amazed how clean it stayed. For two weeks, it’s still clean. It appears to be really do some self-cleaning. And never wipe the plastic surface with toilet paper, always use a soft cloth so that you won’t scratch it.”

Sanjeev commented “This toilet is probably the most advanced model out there. I t does everything that a toilet should. the whole operation is very hygienic. The lid opens when you approach it, the toilet seat raises up with just a press of a button. It flushes automatically and lid goes down after use. It’s a touchless bathroom experience. The only thing you’ll be touching is the remote control for the operation. This is still the basic operation. There still a lot more features you can experience and settings to customize — temperature, pressure, time and etc. However, the only downside is that the installation is complicated. After the hardwork of installation though, you can experience an awesome toilet use.”

Kevin said in his review “I have to say the thought of spending thousands of dollars for a toilet sounds a little crazy. But I bought one of these when i tried one when I was travelling in Japan. I just couldn’t believe how great it was.”