Toto SW574 Washlet S300e Toilet Seat with ewater+

Toto SW574#01 Washlet S300e
If you are looking for the best bidet toilet seat on the market today, you will be interested to consider this washlet from Toto.  Countless users were very satisfied with this product due to numerous benefits they got while relieving themselves in this toilet such as not being embarrassed to let the next person use the toilet because of the deodorizing feature; they do not need to change settings very frequently due to 2 personal settings configuration in the remote control; and made them 100 percent clean as it targets bottom directly and dries it efficiently.

Not only does the Toto washlet s300e washes, cleans, and dries thousands of users but this product from Toto is very convenient to use. It provides consistent warm water for as long you need it; water pressure can be adjusted even if it still running; easier to clean due to mist and pre-mist factor; and easy to configure user settings that you do not need to refer to product manual to reconfigure it.

Product Description

This is the latest addition from Toto when it comes to giving consumers a wide array of reliable, classy, and functional toilet products.  This new product is the slimmest digital bidet in the market at present yet very powerful as it is embedded with usual features Toto washlet are famous for such as feminine and posterior wash mode, adjustable water pressure, temperature, and spray position, oscillation and pulse mode just to name a few.

Features and Advantages

There are so many things to be desired in with this latest model of Toto elongated toilet bidet seat and of course along with it are the many benefits users will definitely want to experience.

  • eWater+ technology exclusive from Toto which is designed to spray mist into the bowl before and during using the toilet.  Thus, cleaning the bowl becomes easier as waste objects will not cling hard on the surface and as a result, it helps eliminate the need to use harsh and dangerous cleaning solutions and chemicals to remove waste objects clinging in the toilet bowl.
  • Elongated designed toilet seat which solves the problem of complementing existing toilet bowls if you want to install fully automatic bidet on it.  Thus, those who are planning to buy this product do not need to purchase new toilets in order to enjoy the many different features of this Toto washlet s300e.
  • Oscillating mode enables water to target bottom to clean but it also rotates so that areas near the target will be cleaned also.  Thus, you feel better after relieving and you do not need toilet paper to 100 percent remove the waste clinging on to your bottom and areas near it.
  • Automatic release deodorizer. Just press the button and unpleasant smell from the toilet is eliminated; thus, it reduces the need for voluntary cleaning to get rid of the foul smell.
  • Angle friendly remote control. While it works best when you operate it in front of you, it still activates different digital functions at many different positions.  Thus, there is no worry that you might forget to disable or enable some functions even if you are near the door.
  • Soft Close Lid gives a gentle closing to seat cover and avoids slamming the seat and prevents breakage or damage.  In addition, slamming sounds can be nerve wracking if you are paranoid and nervous all the time.
  • Heated seat to provide additional comfort while sitting down on this Toto SW574 Washlet until you finish relieving.  You can adjust the heat or warmth of the water according to your preferences.
  • Individual temperature setting so you can set individual temperatures for toilet seat, water, and the air dryer.  It gives additional convenience and comfort as you can adjust water pressure without compromising water temperature for example.
  • Water wand that cleans itself; thus, users are assured that no germs and bacteria will compromise one of the most health sensitive areas of their body because the wand is washed thoroughly before it extends for use and before it goes back to its storage area.

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The Drawbacks

While this is considered to be as the best bidet toilet seat, there are some users who find some issues in this product, but it doesn’t mean that their issues are huge problems.

  • The eWater mist creates noise which is annoying for some people, however, one has to consider that the noise is due to the mist water touching the surface of the toilet bowl and since this Toto washlet has individual setting for water, you might as well adjust the pressure to lessen the noise.
  • It reacts instantly when there are movements in the bathroom especially if the toilet room is quite small. The solution is that you can turn it off, or might as well do washing and brushing in the kitchen sink if you want to avoid this kind of worry.

Customer Feedback

With so many features and advantages, it is not surprising that many people are satisfied with this product and gave high ratings such as:

  • Brian said that frequent travel to toilet has never become a problem since he installed SW574 washlet s300e as the only wiping that he did was to wipe out excess fluid from his bottom.
  • James on the other hand was very specific when it comes to different features of this washlet; endless supply of warm water, individual setting to complement personal references, and warms his bottom during cold weather.
  • Dan was so glad to own this toilet as it helped him get rid of hemorrhoids and itchiness in his bottom after two weeks of using this wash toilet.


If this product is a human being, this will be called as jack of all trades.  Yes, this toilet does more than washing, cleansing, and drying your bottom; it gives additional comfort too such as digital functions for water pressure and temperature, eliminating toilet odor, and a host of other benefits and advantages.  It is not embarrassing to proclaim that this is indeed the best bidet seat 2015.


Dual Flush Toto MS970CEMFG 1.28 GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

Toto MS970CEMFG#12 Washlet

Washlet is an important accessory in toilets; thus, many people are looking for toilets that have this accessory integrated for better toilet moments.  However, not all washlets are equal in terms of functions. This toilet integration spells some difference when it comes to assessing different kinds of toilets with washlets.

Customer Reviews and Score

Before looking into some features and other important details of this item, it is vital that one needs to know what customers are saying about this product in order to better understand the advantages and downsides of this toilet.

  • Customer from New York was very impressed with the automatic opening and closing of toilet lid.  He gave the product 5 stars as its rating.
  • Steiner recommends this toilet to older people and rated it 5 stars also.
  • Andy said that it really fulfilled its promise as what the company advertised about this product; thus, he gave it 5 stars too.
  • One user from Ohio said that toilet seat was broken after 30 days of usage.  This claim might be relevant but like any customer claims, there is always a need to probe on how the user used the product.  If it is product flaw, then warranty claims can be enforced.


With those comments and ratings, you will definitely become curious about the features that made those users delighted with this product.  Here are the most important features:

  • It comes with Dual Max Cyclone system that flushes water at 1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF.
  • SanaGloss Technology for longer toilet bowl sanitation and hygiene
  • Front and rear water (warm) washing and integrated with temperature control, air dryer, adjustable pressure control, auto deodorizer, lighted touchpad, and auto open and close lid.
  • It has Water Sense technology that helps water efficiency.
  • Standard toilet height from the floor
  • 2 Nozzle cleansing system that promotes clean and hygienic toilets


At $2,070.00, this toilet packs a lot of features that will provide the following benefits to users:

  • User can save water by choosing either 1.28 GPF or .09 GPF water draining system; thus, if the “thing” deposited in the toilet needs little water to flush, user can choose the lower GPF.
  • It is reinforced with SanaGloss technology which prevents toilet from being brittle and create gaps and holes where bacteria, molds, and germs can cling or hide. Thus, toilet is definitely cleaner and user will not have difficult time cleaning it thoroughly.
  • With more advanced features like lighted pad, deodorizer, air dryer, users comes out 100% clean after every use of the toilet.
  • Because of the standard size, no need to make adjustments on the toilet room where it is to be installed.
  • As it is remote control operated, no need for you to touch different areas of the toilet; thus, your hands come out cleaner and no worry with germs and bacteria being transferred to your body.


Many users find the installation procedure of this product quite complicated.  However, toilets are supposed to be installed by professionals and not a do it yourself situation.

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Weight – 112 pounds
Dimensions – 28.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 25.2 inches
Water Consumption – 1.28 GPF
Size – 2.125

Final Verdict

This is a cheaper version of Toto toilets which have state of the art features. This one is definitely a good choice if you are paranoid with sanitation and hygiene but do not want to spend several thousands of dollars just for a toilet with advanced cleaning and sanitation technologies.

Toto SW542#12 B200 Washlet Review

Washlets are the epitome of personal hygiene and sophisticated technology, bringing ultimate ease and comfort for the users. And Toto B200 Washlet is the same.

Toto B200 Washlet is a bathroom accessory that will enhance your bathroom functionality and lifestyle at your fingertips. Using its slim wireless remote control with illuminated touch pad, you can use the washlet hands free.

TOTO B200 Washlet Features:
Posterior and feminine wash
Washlet cleansing with 5 settings
Heated seat
Oscillating spray option
Pulsating feature
Adjustable water and seat temperature
Warm air dry
Built in deodorizer
Soft close seat and lid

Perfect for cold mornings and winter months is the heated seat which B200 washlet can offer. Temperature of the seat can be adjusted to the degree you are comfortable with. Nothing can beat a warm toilet seat during a cold chilly day.

The B200’s posterior and feminine wash are definitely the main points of the washlet. It refreshingly and effectively cleans you every after your business on the toilet. During the wash, it will also provide you with pulsating feeling. Enjoy utmost comfort during your cleansing as you can adjust the water temperature and the water pressure to your preferred setting. B200 washlet also has an oscillating spray feature in store.

Finish your bathroom business with a dry bottom. B200 provides you with a warm air dry feature that will dry your bottom after the wash. This warm air drying system offers you with five varied temperature settings.

You don’t need to worry about the smell going around as you do your business. B200 has a built in deodorizing system which immediately activates once the washlet turns on. No need for bad smell going around the room, the deodorizing system will do its work without you needing to do anything.

B200 Washlet is perfect as well if you have kids. You won’t have to worry about your toilet seat and the cover slamming after use. It has a soft close feature, preventing the slamming of the toilet seat and its lead.

The remote is designed to be convenient slim for easier hold. It is wireless comes together with illuminated touch pad. This helps in easier user use.

TOTO B200 Washlet suits everyone. Whether you’re male, female, kid, teen, adult or elderly, you can definitely use this washlet with easy. Even those who has arthritis or in similar circumstances can use this washlet with just a touch of a button.

TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet S300 bidet toilet seat is the ultimate in bidet seat luxury, controlled by a wireless remote with LCD controls. This seat is in contemporary style, providing extra comfort with its elongated design. Round front design is also available. The seat can be heated and you can adjust its temperature. This bidet cleanses your bottom and dries you right after. You can select various cleaning modes depending on which setting you are most comfortable with.

TOTO Washlet S300 is versatile. It gives many things in just a small package.

The heating function is what most people love the most when it comes bidet seats like S300. It is great to seat on a warm seat when you’re about to do your business. It is inviting and provides comfort and relaxation. The temperature is adjustable to your prefered level of warmth.

It has an auto timer feature for heating. This feature allows you to time the heating. Depending on your habits, you may set it in specific intervals. This way, you don’t have to wait for your seat to heat up in the morning. You can save energy this way too.

Washlet S300’s washing system comes with a wide range of functions. There is a variety of different modes you can choose from on how you want the water to be sprayed. It has a massage feature as well. It has adjustable water pressure and water temperature. A cycling motion of the nozzle is activated for effectively cleaning your whole behind.

It has a drying system which you can control the settings as well. You may be able to adjust the temperature and the pressure of the air going out of the air dry system.

Its wireless remote control is mounted on the wall so that you can reach the controls while using the toilet. It has an LCD screen which show you the current settings you’re using, whether it is to satisfies your preference or not. The buttons are big so they’re easy to use.

No more annoying loud slams when the lid and seat is lowered. Washlet S300 has a soft close feature, so you can head out of the bathroom as completely happy person.

Everyone can use TOTO S300, especially if you’re someone who values comfort and perfect cleaning. It’s really helpful for those who have arthritis or similar circumstance.


Vincent said “Unique product. Waited 9 years for this! I always wanted one since my visit in Japan. But I had to wait because I had to do other things before I could. I had to buy a house, remodel the bathroom and CONVINCE everyone that I REALLY WANTED THIS WASHLET for my 40th birthday… So I had my birthday party this weekend, and EVERYONE who came had to see the Washlet! I was greeted with some surprised looks. Some totally didn’t get it, others thought that it was an amazing and wonder product. The biggest draw of the party was my WASHLET and not the birthday me, I couldn’t believe it!”

Toto SW583#01 Washlet S350e Toilet Seat-Round with ewater+

TOTO has been the most trusted washlet brand around the world. Now it presents its latest flagship bidet seat, the TOTO S350 Washlet.

TOTO had ecologic luxury in slim design when they thought of how Washlet S350 should be. This washlet features technologically advanced ewater+ system. This system provides mists and cleaning of the bowl with electrolyzed water every after use.

TOTO Washlet S350 uses electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is a more safe and more powerful compound compared to your conventional water. It keeps the toilet bowl cleaner after every flush, reducing the need to use harsh chemical cleaners constantly. The pre-misting wets the surface of the toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the sides.

Unlike other brands, Washlet S350 has auto open/close seat and lid which automatically
opens and close whenever you approach and leave respectively. It has a night light which helps you access the toilet at night without turning on the lights.

You will find all the standard luxury features any leading model has warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating capabilities, water and seat heating, endless warm water supply, and adjustable features. All the features are control via remote control.

Enjoy luxury while having a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience with Washlet S350.

Front and rear wash
5 spray cleansing settings
Adjustable water temperature
Built-in air deodorizer
Auto open/close
Night light
Heated seat with temperature control
Warm-air dryer
Easy to use illuminated remote control
2-user personal memory settings
Self-cleaning nozzle


M commented “The main feature of this seat is the wash function. It is a great alternative to toilet paper. The operation of the basic functions of the seat while you’re using it actively is pretty straightforward. When it comes to the advance settings, however, is where I get a little confused. Example is that there are two different types of energy mode, you can use of or you can use both at the same time. It will cause the seat to work a bit differently. It seems a little wasteful that the heated seat stays on all the time. But I do admit that the heated seat wouldn’t have much point if the seat isn’t warm when you sit on it. What I’ve said are minor issues though. Like I said the seat works great.”

Karen said “We had this bidet since late May this year. It has been really amazing, the installation was easy. It works just as advertised. The remote control is easy to handle and very intuitive. We have never encountered any problems with it. We disabled the auto close/open feature though. Not that we didn’t like the feature. It’s just that it really freaked our cats out when they walk past. I actually laughed at it until one time one cat jumped right in front of me. Great product. My husband and I love it.”

K.C. mentioned “Sometimes you just don’t entirely appreciate what you have until you’re away from your home. Yeah. I had this installed over the winter season and totally enjoyed the comfort and warmth of this seat. I have to go away from business trips at times and it makes me realize just how much I enjoy this. Yup. Enjoy. Compared to regular seats, this is far more comfortable. What makes it more inviting is the warmer… then the wash… and the dry. I wish the auto lights would stay on longer at night though. But it’s not really that much of a big deal.”