Kohler K39990 White 1.28 GPF 2 piece comfort height elongated toilet

This is a review of my toilet for bathkeep.com. It’s the Kohler K39990 White 1.28 GPF two-piece comfort height elongated toilet with a 12 inch rough in from the high-line collection. As you can see here is the toilet itself right here.

I already have the lid off the tank because you can see these cabinets are in the way so this makes it easier to tape. This is what the lid looks like. So I’m going to give you a view on everything on the toilet.

Here is what the inside of the tanks looks like. And then here we are there’s the base of it. It has a very easy open lid, no noises and same thing goes for the actual seat lid. So what I am going to do now is flush the toilet with this left hand lever right here. As you can see the water shoots straight back.

The only distinct sound you have this is the gurgle when the water goes back and you have a slight hissing as water fills the toilet back up. You can barely see it but it’s coming from the sides. What is so great about the 1.28 GPF toilet is that it goes in standard with the Environmental Protection Agency and also unlike older toilets that can hold up to 4 gallons of water this toilet holds more than half less.

This can save someone up to 16,000 gallons of water a year which is great because then you can utilize that water for something different and more useful. This toilet will run someone about $240 and I like it because it is very comfortable seating.

KOHLER K-4636-0 seat

The seat as you can see is rather large so it’s capable for all sizes. On top of that the height of it makes it easy for all to sit down on. Young, old, short, tall. It also has a class 5 flush system which is top of the line. In all I love this toilet. The only thing about it is that it takes a little longer to refill because it is slower. So that is all I have for you today on this toilet.

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Adriana review on Delta Prelude 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Round Toilet

Hi I’m Adriana and this is a review of my Delta Prelude 2 piece 1.28 gpf round front toilet in white for bathkeep.com

The Delta Prelude 2 piece toilet is beautifully designed for easy installation, maximum flush and water savings.

Out of 214 reviewers, this Delta Prelude received 4 and half stars.

Reviewers have said the Delta Prelude is “Best Bang for the Buck,” “Comfortable Height, Modern Look,” “Great Toilet for the Money; Easy to Install!”

This Delta Prelude toilet features a SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection. This technology eliminates potential leak points and the fear of over-tightening bolts. All while adding stability to the tank and making for an easier installation process. The Dimensions of this Delta Prelude are: 27 x 17 x 33 inches ; 94 pounds

The Prelude round front bowl offers a classic design, comfortable chair height with maximum flushing performance. At 1.28 gpf, this WaterSense-approved model provides significant water savings without sacrificing performance. No additional tools are required to assemble and install this complete toilet.
The Complete kit includes: tank and bowl, toilet seat, wax ring, installed no-leak tank bolts, mounting hardware, installation multi-tool and instructions

The Flush Quick, powerful and incredibly silent. The great thing about this water saving toilet is that it comes equipped with a 5-year flushing mechanical parts warranty, Limited lifetime chinaware warranty and a 1-year toilet seat warranty.

My personal experience with the Delta prelude has been great. The seat is at a good height and the rounded front allows for ultimate comfort. It was easy to install with proper tools included and instructions.

Another highlight of the Delta Prelude is the Water Sense element. Water Sense is a program devoted to saving water. By choosing products with the Water Sense label, like the Delta Prelude, I am taking simple steps to save water every day.

When I bought this product that is particularly partnered with Water Sense, I was eligible for a full rebate because I was dedicated to benefiting the environment with this purchase. See eligibility details in a store near you.

Inside the tank includes an 3 inch flapper valve, which allows more water and air to pass through. This is what creates the powerful flush in the Delta Prelude. The total height of the rounded front bowl prelude is 32.92 in. The total width is 17.11 in.

This is my complete review of The Delta Prelude 2 piece 1.28 gpf  toilet for bathkeep.com

American Standard Pallas Plaza Petite Close Coupled Toilet

Hey guys, today I’m going to be talking about my toilet seat which is from American Standard, and it’s already about 10 years old. This model has been stopped, so click here if you are looking for a top rated american standard toilet.

The over looks, it just look really nice and glossy, and the color is pearl white. Also the shape is not circular like most toilets. We chose it because of its modern design, its more of a square-ish shaped, so it looks really nice. Also well-designed. You can also get more information from bathkeep.com.

So as you can see the bottom part is really small so it does not take up much space. It’s really space-saving and it’s not bulky and big.

For this model, the toilet lid is really light. So you don’t have to worry about your kids lifting it up or down, which is really safe.

This model is called American Standard PZ clean toilet seat. It kills bacterias on the toilet seat. The protection lasts the life of the product which is really really long. Also it has 24 hours hygiene protection with the MicroBan technology. A special coating that prevents bacterias from interfering you.

This is the flusher, it’s silver chromium in color. It’s really easy to press so you don’t need much strength on it. So as you can see the water flushes down really quickly and also does not make loud noises which is really good.

The pumper is really big compared to other models which is really good because it draws water fast. You could see as the water rise up. Also with the clogging issue, I’ve never had any clogging issue with this toilet because even though it is 10 years already. Because it’s just really good the water system and everything.

I would recommend it to other buyers because overall, the quality is really good. Also the height is just right it does not provide discomfort at all.

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How to Remove a Toilet Properly

I’m going to go over steps on how to remove a toilet, and the first step is we want to shut of the water from the shut off valve underneath the toilet itself. So to shut off the valve, it’s just a matter of turning clockwise the handle on the valve, and this is a nice tool. If you have a valve that’s very hard to turn the handle, this is Ridgid Faucet and Sink Installer. It has different size fittings, and one of them is a fitting that will go around the handle and allow you to very easily turn off a valve. And what’s nice about this is it actually allows you to grab this with a wrench. If it were very difficult to turn, you could connect a wrench here, and it’ll give you more torque.

Once the valve is off, we’re just going to flush the toilet. Hold the handle down so as much water as possible gets out of the tank. Then we’re going to plunge out all excess water out of the bowl because when you pick this up, the trap inside will spill the water if it’s uneven. So I want to get as much water as I can out of the bowl. Now we’re going to remove the supply line from the shut off valve up to the fill valve on the tank. So I’m just using a pair of channel locks. I’m going to grab the top of that supply line and turn it counter-clockwise, and I’d also put a small pan underneath this because there’s going to be a little bit of water in this supply line here.

So we’ll just loosen this up and disconnect the supply line from the fill valve. Now we’re going to remove the nubs that are holding down the toilet to the flange. So just by removing that decorate cap, we’re going to put some sort of adjustable wrench on this nut. I just picked this up. These are Husky Adjustable Socket, and this will actually adjust to 22 different sizes, metric and standard. I really like them because you can just lay it on a nut, give it a twist and it locks in like that. So just a very nice tool for any size nut. And so you can see what’s happening is the whole bolt is actually turning. So whoever put this toilet on, they did not lock down this bolt with an extra stainless steel washer and nut because, as you see this thing move, you see how rusted it is.

So now this is going to be a bit of a troubleshooting tip. We’re going to first grab this with a pair of locking pliers and see if we can get this loosened up. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to have to cut this off with a hacksaw. So to help free up this nut, I’m going to first spray it with a little penetrating oil and let it set for a few minutes, and hopefully that will help loosen this up. So I’m going to take these locking pliers and lock them to the top of this bolt, and we’ll see if that allows us to turn this. And it’s not.

So what I’m going to have to do and just take a hacksaw blade, and I’ll hack right underneath that nut and take the whole bolt off. So I’m going to leave the locking pliers on that bolt so we can wedge this tight, and I’m just going to take a hacksaw blade. And underneath that nut, I’m just going to work all the way through. And if you don’t want to lose the handle on the blade, you can just use the blade itself. You can use a pair of leather gloves.

So we’re just going to cut through the bolt and see what the other wise of the bolt looks like. So the bolt on the other side of the toilet is also spinning, so I’ll show you an easy way of how to get into a hard to reach area. So I just take a hacksaw blade with leather gloves and I just get on the bottom of the nut. And we’re just going to work on top of this washer and on the bottom of the nut. And I’m just going to work it until we cut through that bolt. With all you’re doing, it may seem like you’re never going to get through it. But if you’re just persistent, you can see that you can cut right through this.

You’re now going to be able to pull up the toilet. So once you’ve removed your nuts and cut through your bolts, it’s a matter of lifting it up and setting it off. I always have some newspaper or some cardboard to set it on, and you always want to keep the toilet level because in that trap, if you tilt the toilet, it’s going to spill water out of that trap. So it’s just a matter of lifting it straight up and removing it. And that’s all there is to removing a toilet.

Review of my 72 inches double sink bathroom vanity

Hi, and welcome to my bathroom!
Today I’m going to be reviewing my dual sink vanity. And I guess we’ll first start with the specs so you have a good idea as to what size it is. It’s about 35” tall and it hits me at about hip length, it’s 22” deep, which is just shy of two feet, and it’s 72” wide. Which is six feet just in case that gives you a better idea of how wide it is.
So it’s a larger size vanity, but I think that’s super beneficial because of all the things that we use it for, that I will tell you more about in this video.

Now we can’t tell you how much the vanity costs because it came with the house, and we did not purchase it. But we can tell you all the things that we love about it. First and foremost, we love the two sinks. We love it. It creates a His and Hers style bathroom, which is luxurious, and he can do his things on his side. His shaving, his toothbrush, any kind of nonsense. I can do my hair, my makeup and everything else in between on my side, at the same time!

So, that’s something that we really love. It’s saves us time. We’re able to get ready together, at the same time without getting in each others way. So, that’s the first thing that we really love.
Second, we love the space. We love the countertop space, we can put all kinds of things here. Sometimes I’ll leave decorations up here in the Holidays. I can keep my Qtips and my lotions out without feeling like I’m cluttered.
We also have plenty of storage space underneath. Now the sinks are under-mounted, so when you open the cabinets, you can see the sink underneath there, but it doesn’t take away from the space because, we put towels in there and you can still fill it up. There’s still plenty of space in the cabinet, even with the under-mounted sink.

Another reason why we do love this vanity is because of the color, and the style. We like the style and color because it’s a laminate on top, I think it’s an MDF material, so it’s not real wood, but the laminate on top has little flecks and specks. So if it gets a little bit dirty during the week, before I can clean it, it’s not super noticeable. And I love that, it helps make my bathroom feel cleaner.

One of the things I don’t like about this vanity, is the faucets. The faucets, they’re just a cheaper value and I’ve been planning on replacing them and haven’t yet. But I think if you were going to go and do the sinks and the vanity, go for the better faucets. They’re easier to clean, they look a lot nicer and it’s worth it.

One of the number one reasons for us to get this house was this dual sink vanity. I think that if you’re looking to put one in, it is an investment but it creates a luxurious and fantastic looking bathroom. And everybody that comes into my bathroom tells me how much they love it, how much they love the sinks, how much space it gives us and how it looks. So, I would definitely suggest it for others.

You can find this bathroom product review as well as others on bathkeep.com. That’s bathkeep.com and you can find other bathroom product reviews. Thanks so much!