55 inch Deluxe Dual Massage Walk In Bathtub 80 sec Fast Drain

Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic Walk In BathtubDeluxe Dual Massage Acrylic Walk In Bathtub topview

Ella Deluxe Dual Massage Walk In Bathtub

Bathtubs are interesting accessories in bathrooms and millions of people out there are dreaming of having one installed at home to enjoy dipping their bodies to help them relax and release stress inside a luxurious bathroom furnishing.  However, the task of choosing the right one for your house is rather difficult in some ways as there are thousands of available models out there which vary from price to color and from purpose to aesthetics.  Thus, people need to be informed on what they are about to buy or consider.  Here is one model that deserves to be examined for your consideration.

Safe Walk in Bathtub for Seniors

 This Dual Massage Acrylic Walk in Bathtub from Ella combines the usual quality standards and luxurious features that you want in this kind of bathroom accessory.  This bathtub was designed especially to cater to individuals who give priority to safety when it comes to bathing.  As not all human beings are created equal, there are specific persons who need this kind of bathtub such as the elderly and persons suffering from different kinds of disabilities and physical incapacities. Just because these individuals have special requirements in terms of care and attention, they will be denied with the pleasure of bathtub bathing.  Thus, this product is targeted for them.


 This product is specially designed to meet safer bathing standards for individuals clamouring and needing this kind of specification; thus, it comes with features that highlight it such as:

  • It has slip resistant floor so people using it will avoid suffering body injuries while taking a bath or getting in and out of the tub.
  • It has two safety grab bars that will provide people with special needs something they can hold on to while getting in and out of the tub.
  • It can be drained in 80 seconds at the most as it comes with two drains at 2 inch in size, 2 overflows, and 2 drain openers; thus, it won’t take long for people with special needs to get out once they are done bathing.
  • It has a glossy and sturdy appearance. It is easy to clean and as it is made of non-porous materials with fibreglass support and coated with gel so you have a very durable bathtub that won’t be damaged easily.
  • The shell part is supported by stainless steel body frame and levelled legs to insure more durability.  Thus, it is easy to install and gives more convenient access for users.
  • Faucet can be reconfigured to suit your bathroom requirements and specifications.
  • It has 22 air and water jets that are strategically located in the tub to provide massage while bathing.
  • It is embedded with in-line water heater and Ozone Sterilization System, and auto scalding detection control valve, LED light indicator for hydro massage control.


 In term of dimension, product size is 55 inches long, 29.5 wide, and 38 inches in terms of depth.  With regards to power consumption and specifications, the product is powered at 60 watts and at 110 volts.


 With so many interesting features, the 55 inch Walk In Bathtub definitely has numerous advantages such as:

  • Bathers will not accidentally burn any part of their bodies because of the auto scalding detection valve embedded in it.
  • Bathing becomes more hygienic as it is loaded with ozone sterilization system.
  • Whether user needs special care and attention or not, he or she will definitely have no slip moments.
  • Because it is easy to clean, frequency of cleaning is not a problem. Thus, germs, bacteria, and other harmful minute particles will not deeply embed in the bathtub.
  • With its levelling features, bathtub is secured and one does not feel any uncomfortable bathtubs movements. Bathers are free from experiencing dizziness and other freak mishaps such as bathtub turning over because it was not installed evenly.
  • The walk in door provides easy access and exit for users with special needs and requirements.
  • As it is embedded with hydro massage, bathing is not only a luxurious affair, but it becomes therapeutic as well; thus, giving more healthy benefits for the users.
  • The door is removable; hence, it further reinforces the easy to clean aspect of this product. In addition, germs and bacteria will not thrive on the bathtub door because it can be cleaned very conveniently because it is removable.


 Of course, not all products are perfect. Depending on certain conditions, some aspects of this product may not work well like:

  • While draining takes only a maximum of 80 seconds, when not properly installed, draining may cause vibrations in areas near where the bathtub is installed.
  • Additional valve or external faucet maybe needed in order to fill it up with water very faster.
  • While it is loaded with helpful features, the price is definitely not for everyone’s pocket even if the sale price is already discounted at a little over $ 4,000.00.

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Final Verdict

It is really true when they say that not all similar products are created equal. This 55″ bathtub is value for money; the price might be expensive but you have to take a look at and consider its features seriously as you will definitely gain a lot of benefits using this product.  This product is not only ideal for senior citizens and those with special conditions and disabilities; it is also excellent for individuals who want safer bathing experience. Lastly, it is for everyone who is very forward looking who sees the future and recognizes that this one is a wise investment and believes that they will need this product now and in the future. If you are someone who knows value for money, forward looking, and loves the benefits of this product, you should buy this bathtub right now.