Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat Review

Clean Sense dib 1500R is available in round and elongated models.

Clean Sense is a bidet seat full of great features that you would love to have in a bidet seat. It aims to provide luxury, comfort and pure cleanliness..

It has a dual functioning single nozzle which means that it has two functions in one nozzle — both posterior and feminine wash. Both wash give effective and refreshing cleanliness. You can choose the wash with water pulsation feature and massage cleaning to feel even better during the wash.

What further promotes cleanliness in every wash is the adjustable nozzle position feature. Use this feature to get a better aim in your every wash since everyone are of different sizes and sitting position.

You don’t need to worry about jumping off your seat because of a sudden gush of cold water hitting your bottom. Clean Sense dib 1500R Bidet Seat has a tankless water heating system This feature will provide unlimited amount of water supply for you to use during your wash. This is unlike some bidet which provides warm water for 30-45 minutes only.

For your convenience and comfort, 1500R provides you with adjustable water pressure and water temperature. You can adjust the water pressure and water temperature to your own liking and preference. Through this feature, you may be able to have a comfortable and effective cleansing.

Keep your bottom dry before and after wash. After you finish your business and wash your bottom, there is a warm air drying feature which dries you up. The temperature of the air dry is also adjustable for your own preference. You can save toilet paper from cleaning your bottom. You can also save toilet paper from drying you dry right after the wash.

It is perfect for chilly days and winter months as it has a heated seat feature. Be welcomed by a warm seat once you sit on the bidet seat 1500R. You won’t have to worry about getting to sit on a cold seat on a cold morning or a cold day. You can adjust the heat of the seat to the temperature of your liking.

Clean Sense dib 1500R Bidet Seat has a self cleaning nozzle feature which ensure you with totally hygienic bathroom experience. The nozzle with clean itself before and after your wash. This is to prevent any remains from the previous business and prepares it squeaky clean for the next use.

If you have children at home, this feature is really helpful for you. The 1500R Bidet Seat has a soft close seat and lid. You won’t have to worry about the seat and lid slamming on the toilet bowl. No matter how hard the seat or lid is pushed closed it will end up slowing down until it reached the base.

Clean Sense dib 1500R Bidet Seat Features:

Dual functioning, single pocket nozzle
Tankless water heating system
Gentle aerated water stream
Adjustable water pressure
Adjustable nozzle position
Adjustable water temperature
Water pulsation feature
Massage cleaning
Self cleaning wash nozzle
Warm air dry
Temperature controlled heated seat
Wireless remote control
Soft closing seat and lid
Occupied seat sensor
Air deodorizer
User preset function
Power saving mode

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