Best Do It Yourself Guide on Leaking Toilet Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your running toilet, then you are certainly wasting gallons and gallons of water every single day. Not to mention the fact that your water utility bills may also possibly rise because of the damage. But there really is no reason to panic or to despair. Most toilet related problems are actually caused by simple reasons like when the trip lever handle won’t work or if you have a broken flapper. Oftentimes, the solution for a leaking toilet bowl only requires simple tools and basic repair skills which can save you a lot of money since you do not have to call a plumber to help you out.

Easy DIY fix for leaking toilets

The best indication for a leaking or running toilet is when there is obvious water pooling on the base. This means that the wax seal has been damaged. It is important to figure out if the water comes from the leaking toilet or if it is from another source. If the water leak is from underneath the toilet, then all you need to do is to tighten the closet bolts which anchor the toilet to the floor.

Use a slotted screwdriver or a putty knife so you can pry off the caps that cover the bolts. Next, use a wrench to securely tighten the bolt. Never put too much pressure since you may crack the toilet base. This technique will usually work but if you are still having problems, then you may need to change the wax gasket.

Replacing the wax gasket can be a challenging task which needs proper skills. If you are not up to the task, then it is best to contact a plumber to resolve the issue.

How to fix running toilet bowl and tank videos

Leaking Tank

Running water on toilet

Toilet leaking in floor base

What causes toilet to clog and how to unclog?

Clogging is probably the most common toilet related problem and it is very important to address the situation right away as soon as you notice the initial signs of a clogged toilet. There are several reasons why a toilet gets clogged up and since this is a common problem; there really is no need to contact a plumber and pay for their services. Here are the top common causes of toilet clogs:

Accumulation of waste

This typically happens if you do not regularly clean your bowl. The curved trap of the bowl can quickly catch any sort of obstructions and if you are used to flushing small items like toilet paper, floss or cotton balls, then these materials can also get snagged on the jagged parts of the piping. These items will ultimately add up which can prevent other stuffs from successfully going down the drain. The accumulation of such items will then cause your toilets to clog up.

Flushing hard items

The toilet is designed to dispose waste and soft items like paper. But still, the constant disposal of paper and other cotton items can cause damage to the bowl since these items may get deposited in certain crevices. Any other unsuitable or hard items should be disposed in the waste basket to avoid major problems.

What toilet repair kits are needed?

If you do not have a major toilet problem, then you will only need a few basic tools which you may just find in your home. You will need three tools to repair your toilet. These are the following:

Thick Pliable Wire

Most people think that wires are basically not tools especially when you think of repairing your toilet. However, a wire can be used as a handy tool just for a temporary repair if the chain is snapped off or when it is broken. The wire can also be used if the seat breaks. All you need to do is to thread the wire through the hole in the bolt so you can attach the seat again.

Long Nose Pliers

You will need this tool if the chain on your flusher is broken. There are several instances wherein the chains can get undone or they can become unhooked from the handle lever. This type of toilet problem is pretty common and if you have a set of long nose pliers in your toolbox, then you can easily reattach the chain. Long nose pliers are actually very vital for most plumbing or toilet repairs so it is best to have the best set ready on your tool box.

Adjustable Wrench

If you consider yourself as a handyman, then you will definitely agree that a toolbox is never complete without a reliable wrench. If you need to remove either the bowl or the tank, then all you need to do is use a wrench to loosen and remove the bolts. It is best to use an adjustable wrench so you can easily modify the jaws to fit any size.

The tools mentioned above are intended for basic toilet parts repair. If you have a serious case of problems such as a flush and fill valve malfunction or if you have a flange wax ring issue; then your best option is to contact a certified or licensed plumber so they can properly assess the damage as well as provide the most suitable solution.

What are the safety measures needed before repairing a toilet?

Before you unleash the handyman side in you, make sure that you have performed a complete and proper assessment of the situation. This is to ensure that you will be able to implement the right repairing techniques as well as utilize the right tools. Your safety should always be your top priority so before you perform any troubleshooting steps on your toilet, check the local building as well as plumbing codes to ensure that you will not be violating any of the laws. This will also guide you if you may require professional help or if you can just easily fix the problem yourself.

You must also prepare protective gears such as safety goggles since certain procedures may cause damage to your eyes. You will also need to wear the right gloves to protect your hands. Latex gloves can shield you from germs under your leather or working gloves. Face masks are also important since you definitely need to protect your lungs especially if you will be sawing or sanding. The face mask on the other hand will help prevent the inhalation of dust particles.

If you are using power tools, always be alert and cautious. Keep your focus on the task ahead so that you will not experience any mishaps or accidents. Always read the labels of the tools and make sure that you are using the right tool for a specific project. The misuse of tools can actually cause a lot of problems such as injuries or damage to the device itself. So before using tools, always check the equipment to ensure that they are still in good working condition.

It would also help if you have someone around who can assist you with the tasks and can also help in finishing the chores at a much faster rate. Lastly, never ignore that noticeable smell of gas. It is best to stop what you’re doing the minute you notice a gas leak or if you smell natural gas leaking. Turn off the gas immediately and then contact the gas company for further assistance.

How to repair a cracked toilet tank?

Cracks on the tank are not easy to spot and there are even a few cases wherein the flaws were already present which may have been a result of a factory defect or some other reasons. There are also instances wherein an otherwise perfect tank will develop cracks which can of course cause leaking. The leaks may take up any shape or size and when the cause is due to extreme temperatures, then the situation may worsen wherein the fissure can spread and may possibly cause flooding.

The location of the crack will help determine what sort of action is needed. If it is situated above the water level, then there really is no need to panic, unless the issue grows. Once you see a crack in the tank mark, make sure that you regularly keep an eye on it just so it won’t get worse. If it is spotted below the water level, then you need to take action right away. This kind of crack may be hard to notice at first but all you have to do is to carefully check for leakage and make a complete assessment on the inside and outside parts of the tank. If it is not too big in size, then all you need to do is use a porcelain sealer. Make sure to drain and completely dry out the toilet first before using the sealer which means that you won’t be able to use the toilet for at least a day. If you think that you are dealing with a very serious situation, then do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. Call a plumber right away and have them inspect the crack. Expect that you will have to pay a bit more for their services or you may even have to replace the tank or the toilet itself.

How to repair a damaged toilet seat?

Repairing or even replacing a broken toilet seat is probably the easiest toilet repair task. You really do not have to get down and dirty with this particular task but you still have to possess basic handyman skills to successfully repair the seat. If your seats have cracks, then you can just use a porcelain sealer to lessen the damage. However, there are cases wherein you may need to get a new seat which can last for a longer amount of time compared to repairing the old one.

Getting a new toilet seat can also be a perfect way to jazz up your comfort room. There are now plenty of replacement seats that vary in color and design. Choose one that will go best with your motif or theme or you can even pick one that has bold colors or patterns. Modern toilets are usually manufactured in two standard sizes so it is best to check the size of your seat first.

Remove the old seat once you have found the one you want. Most seats have instructions on their labels so read them carefully first. To remove the old one, just take out the two nuts on the hinge and then lift out the old one. You may find it challenging to remove the nuts especially when it is corroded or rusted but just be patient and take your time. It would also help a great deal if you use the right tools so you can remove the nuts with ease.

Take the time to read and fully understand the instructions on the label of your new toilet seat. Keep in mind that there may be a standard way of putting a toilet seat in place but this technique may not be best for all kinds or brands. Always refer to the guide or instructions on the label or in the box so you will be able to have an easier time in securing the seat.

The standard way of installing a new seat is to insert the two bolts then slip on the washers. It is also very important to tighten the nuts but don’t go overboard though since you may have a hard time in removing them in the future.

If you are having a difficult time in removing the nuts on the old seat, then the best thing you can do is to use penetrating oil which can help in loosening them. Apply a generous amount of the oil and then let it soak in for a good amount of time so it will do its magic. You can also utilize a regular wrench to wriggle the nuts away or use a deep socket wrench if the nuts are hard to reach. Do not attempt to use much force since this may cause a few complications.

One piece toilet repair

A one piece toilet does not have a separate tank which can be easily removed from the bowl like the customary models. This type of model may cause the flapper to crumble overtime or even develop hard water buildup.

Repairing a one piece toilet can be easy especially if the problem is not too complicated. Again, you have to make a proper assessment on the issue before you attempt to repair it yourself. If you think that you can easily solve the problem, then the first thing you need to do is to turn off the water supply shut off valve. Drain the tank by flushing the toilet several times. Remove the flapper’s chain from the thin, metal bar with holes. This bar is called the transfer bar. Next, reach into the tank and then remove the flapper valve. Install the new bar and make sure that you follow the instructions on the box. Ensure that you properly install the new flapper bar and push down the flush a few times to check if the flapper is in place. Test the efficacy of the bar by turning on the water valve and then flush the toilet a few times to see if everything is working fine.

Dual flush toilet repair

A dual flush toilet is one of the latest innovations that can help you save water especially when you use the low flush option. And just like any other device, this type of toilet may still be subjected to a few issues or problems. The most common problem is when the toilet seal of the dual flush is broken. When this happens, just simply turn off the water supply and then flush the toilet. Next, take out the lid and then sponge out the remaining water on the bowl.

Remove the flush valve canister by simply following the manual instructions. Next, clean the red or black rubber seal which is at the bottom of the canister using a rag moistened with vinegar and then center it on the plastic white piston. Check the seal and if it is already deteriorated, then just replace it with a new one. Completely dry the surface using a clean rug and then put the flush valve and the handle actuator back. If the leaking stops, then you can turn the water supply back on.

How much does it cost to repair toilet using plumber?

The cost of hiring professional plumbing services would vary depending on the problem. It is safe to say that when you are not skilled in repairing your toilet problems, then you will most likely spend a good amount of money for plumbing services. If you have a leaky toilet problem, then the average cost would be around $125. This rate is just for basic troubleshooting like simple repairs, toilet chain adjustment or when there are minor issues with the flapper.

Rates would always vary so it is best to research about different plumbing companies in your area so you can make a well informed decision.