KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet

KOHLER K-3609-0 CimarronGet added to the extremely long list of satisfied customers who have not been disappointed by the use of this toilet. As per the user reviews, the 1.6 gpf waste excessive water and yet get clogged every now and then, which quiet unlike KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron where one would never experience a clog, and will be extremely fast and soundless with excellent bowl rinsing, hence making it as one in all customer satisfaction toilet system.

The best part is that the price fits everyone’s pocket along with providing complete consumer satisfaction. Users are often amazed by the fact that it uses such less water and yet keep the toilet absolutely white and clean, doing its job quiet efficiently saving up to 16,500 gallons of water per year in comparison to 3.5 gallons toilet.

The product also features innovative AquaPiston technology, this is fast and reliable delivering plug free flush experience. It also has an elongated bowl, positioned at the height of a standard chair offering comfortable and easy solution to everyone irrespective of their age group.


Water saving
The water saving is the biggest USP of the product and saves those long water bills thus making it the best kohler toilet under $300.

The product is extremely sturdy and cannot be broken just by throwing things at it hence, well for use by children who tend to be naughty.

Easy to use
The Kohler is extremely easy to handle with all adjustments explained in detail in the user manual and need no technical support to understand.

Easy to install
You can install it all by yourself without seeking the help from the company technicians or engineers.

Looks fabulous
The elegant white look with a dazzling sheen makes the whole toilet look beautiful and worth an admiration.

Great value for money
The kohler toilet under $300 is a great value for your hard earned money as the product comes at highly discounted price and a free shipping by most of the manufacturers.

It has a unique comfort height toilet design thus making it a comfortable experience for all. The senior citizens also find it highly easy to use without facing any troubles.

Wax ring and seat not included
The wax ring and the seat for the toilet do not come with the box of Kohler and so have to be brought separately.

Lid is too flimsy
The lid of the Kohler is too flexible thus making it difficult to use.

Leaves stains
A brush has to be used often to clean out those remaining stains after a bowl cleaning, thus making it a gruesome process.

Spare problems
The spares of Kohler are not easily available and take a long time to get delivered and replaced.

Amazon Sales Rank: #29728 in Home Improvement
Size: 2-1/8″
Color: White
Brand: Kohler
Model: 3609-0
Dimensions: 30.75″ h x 17.62″ w x 28.75″