Luxe Bidet MB110 Review – Your High Quality Non – Electric Bidet

luxe mb100
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Have you ever wondered how refreshing it is using your fresh water with your bidet? Have you been looking for a bidet attachment wherein the sanitary features are considered while the nozzle is not being exposed while doing your “thing”? You can actually try how refreshing it is now.

Luxe Bidet MB110 provides these features together as it uses fresh water from your toilet connection. It also simply has a sanitation feature with its nozzle. By using the T connection that comes with the package, you will be installing it with your toilet connection. The good thing is that it has a mechanical adjustment control panel located on the right side of the user.

Sanitation feature is enhanced as the nozzle that sprays the water does not just come out when you want to as you use the control panel. This means that as you use the toilet, the nozzle will not be exposed as you do your “thing”.

Unlike using a rough toilet paper, Luxe Bidet MB110 allows you to make use only of the fresh water in cleaning your nether regions. As you adjust the control panel from low to high, you can get the excess water you need in cleaning. Installation is also easy as it does not require you of using any of the special tools.

Since the T connection is provided, the normal screws only need to be used. The purpose is to keep the attachable and detachable bidet in place. The product also comes with all of the required hoses and adapters necessary for the installation. Also, all parts are completely designed to avoid leaks and ensure the ease of installation

But then, some may still not be feeling comfortable with the cold water that the nozzle sprays. To feel comfortable, they can slowly turn the control panel from low water pressure to cold to avoid those zing moments whenever you use it.

Just like other users, they get the comfortable feeling with the water temperature. They will also appreciate the refreshing sensation after washing.

There are other products like the bidet from Hyundai that provides a connection for hot water. But unlike the Luxe Bidet MB110, it doesn’t provide the guarantee on leak protection as it requires a lot of Teflon tape to secure the connection. This also means that with MB110, you can make use of the T connection that comes with the package securely. You can just avoid any leaks.

As one of those people who make use of this bidet says, ” I can tell how I loved it feeling the fresh water sprayed on from the nozzle whenever I use it. I find the control panel really cool as it is located conveniently. I have just used the product for a couple of weeks now and my family and I loved using it “.

To get the product, you can always visit their Amazon page. You can also check out all other features of the product that help convince you of purchasing it now.

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