Discover The Beauty Of The Ove One Piece Elongated Toilet

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oveThe Ove Smart Toilet has an uncommon combination of the finest features of a modern advanced toilet with a conventional high-quality ceramic toilet with such licentious features as air drying, warm flowing water, night light functionality, bidet style washing, remote control, heated seating and lots more. No wonder, it is said to be the best “smart” toilet on the market. The Smart toilet is both sanitarily and ecologically advanced. With this product of convenience, there is virtually no need for wet wipes or toilet paper as this model features the most efficient jet options on the modern market.

Drying Mode

Despite having a little twist with its oblong-shaped design, the single flush system, and heated seat still includes the advanced ECO features such as an automatic opening and closing lid and lowered water consumption with power save. Installation is easy, simple and straightforward. With an adjustable dryer temperature, the remote control can be used to adjust the air dryer function to up to 4 levels: 131 degree Fahrenheit, 113 degree Fahrenheit, 95 degree Fahrenheit and the usual room temperature

Flushing Mode

The toilet will automatically flush when leaving should the user decide not to use the air-drying function. Even before unwanted odors are perceived, the toilet will automatically flush. However, if the drying function is selected, circulation of bad odors will be facilitated. Even with the smart remote, the toilet can be effectively flushed, if the user wasn’t sitting down.

As part of efforts to get rid of bad odors, the toilet is designed with a built-in self-cleaning feature that can activate the deodorization function that lasts for a brief period of 20 seconds. Also, as part of its self-cleaning function, the Smart toilet automatically gets all residual water from off nozzles by washing it away. During this process, the energy saving mode will be automatically activated.

Cleaning Mode

The Ove one piece elongated toilet comes very handy with different cleaning methods. Depending on the user’s choice or the situation at hand, any of these four functions can be applied during the cleaning phase.

  • For a thorough clean, a single hole spray nozzle can be used. This is known as the spray function.
  • If the user wishes to perform a simple clean up (massage cleaning) the Bidet function is must preferable. This involves the use of dive holes spray nozzle to get water sprayed around.
  • Along a range of seven positions, the nozzles can be adjusted to fit the user’s size. But this can only be done when the cleaning mode is activated. Adjustments can also be done via the smart remote.
  • For an active clean up, press the function button twice. The nozzle will begin to take a forward and backward motion. The water from the nozzles can also be heated and released at different temperatures. These heating temperatures include 99 degree Fahrenheit, 93 degree Fahrenheit, and Room temperature which are also adjustable via smart remote


There are so many choices for a smart toilet in the market in 2016, Ove toilet is one of the best there is.

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