How to Remove a Toilet Properly

I’m going to go over steps on how to remove a toilet, and the first step is we want to shut of the water from the shut off valve underneath the toilet itself. So to shut off the valve, it’s just a matter of turning clockwise the handle on the valve, and this is a nice tool. If you have a valve that’s very hard to turn the handle, this is Ridgid Faucet and Sink Installer. It has different size fittings, and one of them is a fitting that will go around the handle and allow you to very easily turn off a valve. And what’s nice about this is it actually allows you to grab this with a wrench. If it were very difficult to turn, you could connect a wrench here, and it’ll give you more torque.

Once the valve is off, we’re just going to flush the toilet. Hold the handle down so as much water as possible gets out of the tank. Then we’re going to plunge out all excess water out of the bowl because when you pick this up, the trap inside will spill the water if it’s uneven. So I want to get as much water as I can out of the bowl. Now we’re going to remove the supply line from the shut off valve up to the fill valve on the tank. So I’m just using a pair of channel locks. I’m going to grab the top of that supply line and turn it counter-clockwise, and I’d also put a small pan underneath this because there’s going to be a little bit of water in this supply line here.

So we’ll just loosen this up and disconnect the supply line from the fill valve. Now we’re going to remove the nubs that are holding down the toilet to the flange. So just by removing that decorate cap, we’re going to put some sort of adjustable wrench on this nut. I just picked this up. These are Husky Adjustable Socket, and this will actually adjust to 22 different sizes, metric and standard. I really like them because you can just lay it on a nut, give it a twist and it locks in like that. So just a very nice tool for any size nut. And so you can see what’s happening is the whole bolt is actually turning. So whoever put this toilet on, they did not lock down this bolt with an extra stainless steel washer and nut because, as you see this thing move, you see how rusted it is.

So now this is going to be a bit of a troubleshooting tip. We’re going to first grab this with a pair of locking pliers and see if we can get this loosened up. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to have to cut this off with a hacksaw. So to help free up this nut, I’m going to first spray it with a little penetrating oil and let it set for a few minutes, and hopefully that will help loosen this up. So I’m going to take these locking pliers and lock them to the top of this bolt, and we’ll see if that allows us to turn this. And it’s not.

So what I’m going to have to do and just take a hacksaw blade, and I’ll hack right underneath that nut and take the whole bolt off. So I’m going to leave the locking pliers on that bolt so we can wedge this tight, and I’m just going to take a hacksaw blade. And underneath that nut, I’m just going to work all the way through. And if you don’t want to lose the handle on the blade, you can just use the blade itself. You can use a pair of leather gloves.

So we’re just going to cut through the bolt and see what the other wise of the bolt looks like. So the bolt on the other side of the toilet is also spinning, so I’ll show you an easy way of how to get into a hard to reach area. So I just take a hacksaw blade with leather gloves and I just get on the bottom of the nut. And we’re just going to work on top of this washer and on the bottom of the nut. And I’m just going to work it until we cut through that bolt. With all you’re doing, it may seem like you’re never going to get through it. But if you’re just persistent, you can see that you can cut right through this.

You’re now going to be able to pull up the toilet. So once you’ve removed your nuts and cut through your bolts, it’s a matter of lifting it up and setting it off. I always have some newspaper or some cardboard to set it on, and you always want to keep the toilet level because in that trap, if you tilt the toilet, it’s going to spill water out of that trap. So it’s just a matter of lifting it straight up and removing it. And that’s all there is to removing a toilet.

Review of my 72 inches double sink bathroom vanity

Hi, and welcome to my bathroom!
Today I’m going to be reviewing my dual sink vanity. And I guess we’ll first start with the specs so you have a good idea as to what size it is. It’s about 35” tall and it hits me at about hip length, it’s 22” deep, which is just shy of two feet, and it’s 72” wide. Which is six feet just in case that gives you a better idea of how wide it is.
So it’s a larger size vanity, but I think that’s super beneficial because of all the things that we use it for, that I will tell you more about in this video.

Now we can’t tell you how much the vanity costs because it came with the house, and we did not purchase it. But we can tell you all the things that we love about it. First and foremost, we love the two sinks. We love it. It creates a His and Hers style bathroom, which is luxurious, and he can do his things on his side. His shaving, his toothbrush, any kind of nonsense. I can do my hair, my makeup and everything else in between on my side, at the same time!

So, that’s something that we really love. It’s saves us time. We’re able to get ready together, at the same time without getting in each others way. So, that’s the first thing that we really love.
Second, we love the space. We love the countertop space, we can put all kinds of things here. Sometimes I’ll leave decorations up here in the Holidays. I can keep my Qtips and my lotions out without feeling like I’m cluttered.
We also have plenty of storage space underneath. Now the sinks are under-mounted, so when you open the cabinets, you can see the sink underneath there, but it doesn’t take away from the space because, we put towels in there and you can still fill it up. There’s still plenty of space in the cabinet, even with the under-mounted sink.

Another reason why we do love this vanity is because of the color, and the style. We like the style and color because it’s a laminate on top, I think it’s an MDF material, so it’s not real wood, but the laminate on top has little flecks and specks. So if it gets a little bit dirty during the week, before I can clean it, it’s not super noticeable. And I love that, it helps make my bathroom feel cleaner.

One of the things I don’t like about this vanity, is the faucets. The faucets, they’re just a cheaper value and I’ve been planning on replacing them and haven’t yet. But I think if you were going to go and do the sinks and the vanity, go for the better faucets. They’re easier to clean, they look a lot nicer and it’s worth it.

One of the number one reasons for us to get this house was this dual sink vanity. I think that if you’re looking to put one in, it is an investment but it creates a luxurious and fantastic looking bathroom. And everybody that comes into my bathroom tells me how much they love it, how much they love the sinks, how much space it gives us and how it looks. So, I would definitely suggest it for others.

You can find this bathroom product review as well as others on That’s and you can find other bathroom product reviews. Thanks so much!

Repairing a toilet with a leaking base

If you have a leak on the floor at the base of your toilet most likely you have a bad wax lining, so let me go through the steps on how to replace it, and for this project you should just need two tools an adjustable wrench and adjustable pliers, so go through the steps and the first thing you will want to do is turn off the shut off valve to the tank. I turned off the shut off valve going to the tank and the next thing we are going to want to do is flush the tank get all the water out of here, I am going to use a sponge to mop up all the excess water and I am also going to take a plunger and get all the excess water out of the bowl. So I removed most of the water from the bowl using a plunger and I used a sponge and got the water out of the tank, now I am going to put a small dish or pan underneath the valve and I am going to loosen the nut on the supply line that connects the supply line to the tank, and it might drip a little bit so its good to have a little pale or something underneath there.

And now the next thing we are going to do is remove the two nuts from the bolts holding the toilet to the floor, and what I do was about half an hour or so I put a little bit of penetrating oil on the bolts and hopefully that will loosen them up, so now all you need is an adjustable wrench and we are just going to loosen the nuts hopefully, so it’s coming free so I will unscrew this on both sides, now if this wouldn’t break free and if this was completely rusted what you could do is take a hacksaw blade and come straight down along the side of the bolt itself and cut right through the nut, so I removed the nuts on both sides.
So this has become a trouble shooting video this nut came off pretty easily and on the other side what’s happening is the whole bolt and the nut are spinning so its not grabbing hold of the flange, so what we are going to have to do is cut off the nut on the other side, so what I am going to use is just a hacksaw blade all by itself I am going to hold it with a pair of leather gloves and I am going to hold the top of the bolt and nut with a pair of locking pliers, because this is such a narrow area I may not be able to show you but basically I am just going to be holding on to the top of the bolt with the clocking pliers and then by hand I am going to saw right through the bolt.
So if you have a bolt that’s just spinning and you can’t get the nut off and there is nothing to grab on top, just grab it with locking pliers and your just going to have to hack it through. The next step we are going to remove the toilet and I put down a couple of rags and we are just going to move the toilet onto that, you need to be careful if you’re on tile the porcelain you don’t want to crack anything, so this is what’s left of the old wax ring and this one had a flange on it so we are going to remove the flange and catch some of this so it doesn’t go in the main drain, and now I am just going to take a scraper and I am going to remove all the old wax and clean this up.
So I have most of this cleaned up but the wax ring allowed a little bit of moisture to weep out here so what I am going to do is just take a 100% distilled white vinegar undiluted in a spray bottle and just spray the area let’s say 15 to 20 minutes that’s going to kill a lot of the germs, okay so you saw what a hassle it was on this bolt here we actually had to cut it off because the nut rusted to the bolt itself and then the whole bolt was spinning underneath this flange so we couldn’t remove it.

So the trick I like to do is buy an additional stainless steel washer and a stainless steel nut and I am just going to attach this toilet bowl right to the flange and I am going to tighten it down on both sides and then when I put my toilet back not only will it stay in place making it easier to seat the toilet but in the future if I ever have to remove it it’s going to be very easy to remove that nut.
Right now I am going to put the new toilet gasket down and you can see the problems we had with the old wax, and if you have toilet that moves a little bit you’re going to compress the wax and it does not spring back so you’re going to have a leak and also if you get it clogged and you plunge your toilet you can actually break the wax ring and cause a leak.
So what I have been using is this Sani seal it’s a non-wax toilet gasket it has a lifetime guarantee and it springs back to shape it just does a fantastic job of sealing the toilet and what’s nice is it’s a little bit wider than a regular wax ring and so the toilet bolts go right through it, and now we locked ours in place but if you didn’t have it locked in place it actually helps hold the toilet bolts, and you can use this whether your three eights of an inch above your tile or three eights of an inch below it, and you can stack them if you have your flange lower than the tile and lower than three eights from the surface, you can stack two of these on top of each other.
So we will set this in place and what I did was check the bottom of the toilet and removed any wax from there and now we are just going to seat it on top of our Sani Seal, so we are just lining up our bolts and dropping the toilet straight down, so I am going to tighten down the toilet now and another tip is I like a stainless steel washer and I have also got a thin rubber washer to put under it to protect the porcelain so now I am just going to tighten this down on both sides, one thing you can do is you can have somebody sit on the toilet if you have a helper and if you don’t then you can just lay on the toilet tighten one side slightly and alternate between the two nuts.
So I turned the valve on I filled the tank and flushed it a couple of times just to make sure it wasn’t leaking anymore and that’s all there is to resetting a toilet .

Looking for the highest rated toilets 2015 ?

Though it might not seem like a big decision, choosing a toilet for your new bathroom is a decision that deserves some thought. There aren’t many other products that you will use every single day for the next 20-30 years. When you are searching for your new throne, there are several things to consider. From performance, to water savings, to general design and comfort of the toilet, we will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.
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TOTO-CST454CEFG01-Drake-IIWith 163 five star, and an average of 4.5, the TOTO Drake 2 CST454CEF
Drake 2 is another ultra-low-flow at 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), using even less water than the CST744SG#01. While it doesn’t come with the G-Max flushing system, it still utilizes a double cyclone flush style to ensure that you have more than enough power to clean the bowl. This style works by using two powerful nozzles to cycle the water through the bowl, combining the natural force of gravity with the velocity of the water to provide more than enough power.
If you are looking for a color other than white, this toilet might be the one for you.

The SANAGLOSS glaze is available in a variety of colors for this model, instead of just the basic white. It is so easy to clean that TOTO recommends using regular dish soap for the job, instead of the typical toxic toilet bowl cleansers needed for other toilets. With an elongated bowl and tall profile design, the TOTO Drake II CST454CEF is ADA complaint, accessible by all without requiring special modifications.

TOTO-MS604114CEFG01-Ultramax-IIWith 94 five star and an average of 4.6, the TOTO Ultramax 2 MS604114CEFG.
This is the only one-piece TOTO on the list, and it is a great option if you prefer the look of a one piece over a two piece. The one piece is easier to clean, and usually offer a more compact design.

Like the other models, this one is an ULF at 1.28 gallons per flush, qualifying for the EPA WaterSense certification, saving you even more on your water bill. It also features the ultra-quiet double cyclone flush. You aren’t restricted to white with this one, since the SANAGLOSS glaze is available in every color except black.

The TOTO MS604114CEFG Ultramax II is an elongated bowl, also a couple inches taller than most toilets, making it more comfortable, as well as ADA compliant. Unlike the other models, this one comes standard with a Toto SoftClose seat, which is molded with a super comfortable ergonomic design. TOTO made installation easy with this one, designing it with the standard 12” rough and easy to access top tightening mounting bolts.


TOTO-CST744SG01-DrakeWith 168 five star on Amazon, and an overall average of 4.4, the TOTO Drake CST744SG
With a 1.6 gallon flush , this elongated toilet qualifies as an ultra-low-flow (ULF), which can mean substantial cost savings over the life of the toilet. Compare this to the average older toilet that consumes around 3.6 gallons per flush, and you can see the why this TOTO makes the top of our list.
Unlike your typical two piece toilet, this model features the proprietary G-Max flushing system. This utilizes a cyclone action to provide the most powerful flush performance while saving water. Despite all that power, it is also extra quiet, keeping private things private. It is also designed for a fast flush, with a super wide 3” flush valve. This is 1” larger than the typical 2” valve found in regular toilets.

If you purchase this toilet in cotton white, TOTO has made cleaning a breeze with their SANAGLOSS glaze. This ultra-smooth coating keeps the bowl cleaner for longer, meaning you spend less time scrubbing on your hands and knees. This model is available in the typical 12 inch rough, which makes it an easy swap in most homes.

TOTO-Drake-Elongated-Bowl-and-TankNext, with 146 five star  of 4.7, the TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank in cotton white .

This two piece model has a commercial grade, combining durability and longevity with a modern attractive design. The toilet still has a 12” rough, so it will still fit perfectly in most homes.
A G-Max flushing system comes standard on this model, ensuring a clean bowl, every time.

Along with the elongated bowl, it also features a computer designed, extra wide, fully glazed trap way. This helps to prevent clogs and avoid embarrassing moments. This toilet doesn’t come with a seat out of the box, but you can couple it with either a TOTO SoftClose seat or the upgraded Washlet that offers bidet features.
Like the CST744SG#01, this model comes with the SANAGLOSS option if you choose cotton white. If you choose the Washlet seat, it will also self-clean the bowl after each use, even further extending the time between cleanings.

American-Standard-2034.014.020-Champion-4Finally, with 72 five star, and an average of 4.4, the American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 has the most flushing power toilet with 1,000 grams of solid waste per flush.
Also a one piece, the American Standard received the top possible on the Maximum Performance test. This toilet was specifically designed to prevent clogs, even advertising that you can flush an entire bucket of golf balls at one time.

While the other toilets on our list flush using gravity, this one utilizes a 4 inch piston-action accelerator to provide massive power without using more water. Using 1.6 gpf, it is also an ultra-low flow, making it another great water saver.

As well as being easy to clean as a one piece, this model also features the EverClean Surface, which is an anti-microbial coating over the entire surface of the toilet. This helps to prevent mold growth and staining, making it a breeze to clean. This elongated soft close toilet seat from American Standard fits very well to champion 4.

All of these toilets were tested in the Maximum Performance rate. I hope you agree with our pick.

Bemis 1500EC000 Molded Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Bemis 1500EC000 Molded Wood Elongated Toilet SeatIf you’re searching for a new toilet seat, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, the Bemis molded wood elongated toilet seat may be the best choice for your bathroom. If you’re tired of cold plastic against your skin, switching to a natural wood product will make you feel more comfortable, particularly on those cold mornings after you get up. The Bemis is made from natural wood with a durable painted wood finish. It’s made to fit all elongated styles of toilet bowls, with white surface finish. It’s made in the USA so you can support local industries. There’s also many other features that make this toilet seat a great purchase.


If you’re looking for a toilet seat that isn’t made out of white plastic, then a wood toilet seat may be the best choice for your needs. The Bemis toilet seat provides a soft wood product, to maximize comfort. It’s easy to clean, but best to clean with mild detergent such as dish soap, and a soft cloth to increase lifetime, rather than the heavy duty chemicals on the market today. You’ll want to avoid abrasive cleansers and chemicals that could rub away at the finish. It’s also available in white, the standard color choice of today’s toilets.

Great Features

You’ll have more difficulty in removing your older toilet seat than you will with this best seller toilet seat. It’s designed to be quickly and easily installed. Another great feature is that it’s easy to remove. The Bemis toilet seat has twist hinges that easily turn, so you can remove the seat for cleaning. The top of the seat locking cover turns clockwise, then you just slide the lid off. The bolts remain on the toilet, so you don’t lose them. Since it’s made from wood, you’ll appreciate this feature, as you can gently wash the toilet seat clean under the tap. The high gloss wood finish is designed to prevent chips and cracking. It’s also easy to place the lid back on the toilet for further use. You’ll find that the seat does not shift or move easily around like you find on other types of toilet seats.

Reviews of the Bemis Toilet Seat

Kzoomn says, “It took more time to remove the old rusted seat than it did to install the new Bemis one.”

Diana says, “Best toilet seat ever. Super comfy, secure, and sturdy. I may never leave.”

Kristie says, “Easiest installation ever! It took longer removing the old one.”

Tim says, “Poor quality, broke after a month of use. Amazon customer care did send me a replacement, but perhaps suited to lighter usage.”

Check here for the discounted price and free shipping and read more reviews

The Bemis molded wood elongated toilet seat is perfect for families who are on a strict budget, but who wish to update their bathrooms with a new toilet seat. It’s comfortable materials will make your mornings a lot easier to bear.