Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Repair Slow Flushing Toilet

Tom is sharing a video on how to repair slow flushing toilet using Dawn dishwashing liquid. He said that it does not mean that the bowl clogged up when your toilet flushes slow. It couls be that the jets under the rim are clogged up with particles from the water. He lift up the lid and open up the tank then put a enough Dawn dishwashing liquid directly to the over-flow tube then let it set for 5 minutes then flush down the toilet and it will be flushing 100% okay again. That was a quick fix for a slow flush problem but it works based on the viewers comments thanking tom for this little secret. I am gonna try this too.

Why not buy one of the best toilet in the market today ? Toto ultramax II so you wont have a flushing problem ?

Tom commented that Dawn is the best grease and grime cutting soap on the market. Hmm let us try this one… or try another brand of it works, let me know on the comment form below.

TOTO Ultramax II The Best One Piece Toilet

toto ultramax iiToto Ultramax II is the best one piece toilet in the market today. Ultramax 2 features double cyclone flushing technology that removes waste efficiently and quietly. Ultramax II is favored by customer because of its slick design and innovative seamless rim design, best for bathrooms with neat and modern interior design in mind.

It uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush which saves 20% than 1.6 gpf toilet models. It is powerful, quick yet quiet and refills the tank in seconds.

TOTO Ultramax II MS604114CEFG really makes a big difference in the area of cleaning the bowl, saving water, and aesthetic.

Double Cyclone Flushing System

Toto Ultramax II is a gravity-flow toilet that fill its tank with 1.28 gallons of water. The 3 inch flush valve allows the water to quickly rush down into the two nozzles in the rim and into the large siphon jet at the bottom of the bowl dragging the waste straight up into the larger 2-1/8 fully glazed trapway and down into the drain.

The 1.28 gallon of water flow into the two nozzles that creates a forceful centrifual action that drags extra waste from the rim and side of the bowl. The speed and volume of water flowing from the nozzles are more powerful and abundant than in the small rim holes. This innovation puts toto ultramax ii into the pedestal.

ADA Complaint Height and Elongated Bowl

Ultramax II is ADA complaint that features Universal height comfort great for people with disabilities, arthritis or hemorrhoids, you dont have to squat down so its easier to stand up again. The elongated shape supports more area while sitting down and offers more space for boys and men to aim while urinating.

Super smooth bowl surface

The bowl finish is Sanagloss which is a super-smooth glaze that cleans itself every flush prolongs the beauty and use of the bowl and prevents bacteria and mold to grow.

Includes SoftClose Seat

The seat and cover closes quielty and softly with a light tap after use, this prevent kids from slamming the seat and breaking it.


When it comes to one-piece toilet, Toto ultramax II is the best in terms of design and flushing capability, its powerful, quiet, modern and innovative. Highly recommended toilet.

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Toto Ultramax II ranks 3rd for our best toilet comparison for year 2015

Best Flushing Toilet 2016

ModelStars out of 5Type
4.4One Piece
4.5Two Piece
3.9One Piece

For me the BEST flushing toilet should be able to remove the poop completely with only 1 flush using less water and less noise. But when it comes to the best toilet there are more factors to it. Flushing power, efficiency, gallons per flush, water-saving, performance rate, comfort height, bowl shape, no. of pieces, dual or single flush, commercial or home use, ease of installation, brand and lastly price.

Toilet Comparison Guide

Top Toilets in the Market – Individual Reviews

Over-All The Best Toilet 2016

The toilet should be able to remove the poop completely with only 1 flush using less water and less noise.

Toto Drake II has a powerful yet quiet single-flush which efficiently uses only 1.28 gallons receiving 249 5-Star ratings out of 289 satisfied amazon customers.

When it comes to the best there are more factors to it. Flushing power, efficiency, gallons per flush, water-saving, seat height, bowl shape, no. of pieces, flush option, ease of installation and lastly price. Drake II has it all, so lets take a look at it features and benefits.

800 grams performance rate power

Independent test labs rated Drake II’s Maximum Performance Flush Rate capable of flushing 800 grams of solid waste.

Double Cyclone Technology


CST454CEFG Drake II uses Double Cyclone System that makes use of two powerful nozzles that creates a forceful centrifugal action to clean bowl and rim efficiently. It’s 3-Inch valve (125-Percent larger than conventional 2-Inch valves) dumps 1.28 gallons from the tank to the rim nozzles at high speed. High efficiency (HET) bowls that are ADA-complaint are taller than a low-flow bowls – clears more poop because the water from 2 nozzles is dropped higher.


Gravity pull plus significant centrifugal force spins most anything away efficiently. The power of water and gravity creates a more powerful flush that maximizes cleaning action.

Two nozzles ( instead of tiny rim holes ) use water more efficiently for a better rim and bowl wash and a result in less trapped dirt and less cleaning. Rim with no holes provides a seamless appearance.


Larger Trapway
With its larger fully-glazed 2 1/8″ computer designed trapway it allows far larger poop to pass through than standard 2″.  Drake II has better routing trapway that directs poop down straight to the drain hole unlike the other brand that has 2 horizontal tube which poop might get stuck up.


Flush Test Video
Just in case you’re wondering if Drake II can clean out Golf Balls, lets watch this video.

Water-Saving and Eco-friendly
Drake II is a high efficiency model that uses 1.28 gallons per flush that saves up to 20% more water than 1.60 gpf models so you save more money on bills and helps the environment. Drake II is also an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense Certified and California Green Building (CalGreen) compliant model.

After you buy Drake II ( HET are 1.28 gpf )  and you are from California USA, you can google for High Efficiency ( HET ) Rebate Programs. The rebates depends on the conservation organization some offers $75. Make sure to look for WaterSense logo on your bowl.

Here’s the chart for how much water toilet use.

Self-cleaning Anti-bacteria Super-smooth Bowl Surface Treatment
Sanagloss finish prevents bacterial, mold, and particles from forming in the surface so it extends the lifespan of the bowl and saves your time for cleaning.

17 1/4 inch Seat Height
ADA height compliant toilet most ideal for people with disabilities, senior citizens and taller people to sit on and get off comfortably without putting too much strain on the knees.

Image credit to map-testing.com

Elongated Bowl Shape
Elongated bowl offers more space to support your thighs and butt comfortably while sitting and its easier for men or boys to aim for the bowl while urinating.

Sleek high profile Two-piece design

Trip Lever
Left-oriented Chrome-plated trip lever . Its curved handle is more easier to push than the straight design. It has a Brass arm which is better than old plastic trip lever arm.

Upgraded Fill Valve Float
When fill valve dumps water into the tank and water rises, Drake II’s float will go up and shuts up the fill valve stopping the water once water reaches the fill line level. Drake’s float takes less space and is more effective.

Color Options
Bone, Colonial White, Cotton white, Sedona Beige

Rough In
12 inch rough-in


  • It saves money on electric bills since its using only 1.28 gallons.
  • Family members can have a good sleep even using Drake II at night thanks to it’s double cyclone system.
  • Saves time cleaning and money on bowl replacement, thanks to Sanagloss bowl finish.
  • Cheaper than One-piece Ultramax II
  • Easy to Install
  • 15 to 20 seconds to refill tank


  • Softclose seat is not included


The price as of December 14, 2015 is about $350+. Most of the time, we send readers to Amazon.com because of their discounted prices and free shipping. This item is also available for shipping to selected countries outside the U.S.

Clicking ” Shop Now ” will add Drake II ( Discounted Price + Free Shipping ) to your Cart giving you the option to buy it now or later.

Powerful yet quiet – a Great Water-saving  top Seller 2014 and 2015

Clicking ” Shop Now ” will add Drake II ( Discounted Price + Free Shipping ) to your Cart giving you option to buy it now or later. Clicking the small image above the Shop Now button will take you to the product detail page.

Drake II – If you are looking for a bowl with powerful flush but still a water saving model Drake II. In fact this has been the top-seller last year 2014 and 2015 , thanks to its double cyclone system.

The 1.28 gallons from the tank goes down into 2 nozzles (instead of tiny rim holes) which allows the water to maintains its power and speed. The nozzles creates a powerful water-cyclone effect thus cleaning the rim, bowl wall and removes the waste easily.

The use 1.28 gpf saves money for  bills. The nozzle design makes powerful but quiet avoids waking up family members at night. The Sanagloss finish keeps your bowl clean and last longer saving you more money on repair and replacement.

Just in case it gets blocked, this plunger Continental 520 works well to unclog it.


While there are so many brands and models out there, drake II stood as the top performing one, infact it stayed as the top seller since year 2014 and from month to month as the top seller this year 2016.

You might need this product for the installation

Wax-free seal and bolt set

Toto Toilet

Ultramax II

If you want efficiency and good design rolled into one, then take a look at this one piece model.

Product Description. The MS604114CEFG#01 offers comfort, efficiency, and elegant design. Being a one piece, it means that it is seamless with no gaps and spaces in between that encourage build up of molds, moisture, and other microbes. Thus, you have a more hygienic as it is easier to clean. It also helps that this has powerful mechanism but is very efficient.

Product Features. Just like other amazing toilets from Toto, this one piece is packed with features that highlight efficiency factor when it comes to performance such as:

1.28 GPF Consumption. Efficiency as this will only use less than a little over a gallon to clean human waste deposit into the bowl and at the same time leaves very little residue; thus, users avoid a huge cleaning problem.

Sana Gloss. A special kind of glazing exclusive for Toto which is formulated to make it difficult for organisms and microbe to embed into it. Thus, it stays cleaner all the time.
ADA Compliant. With a rim height of 16 1/8 inches, this level is just perfect for persons with certain disabilities or among senior citizens.

Soft Close Seat. You do not need to buy a separate soft close seat as it is included already. As a result, you avoid slamming noises after each use.

Double Cyclone System. This provides strong  flow and prevents bacteria as well as other minute objects being trapped on it each time you flush.

Saving a huge amount of water is just one of the most satisfying benefits with this MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece with Sanagloss, Cotton White; thus, you save more money. Other upsides are:
Cleans more efficiently; hence, you do not need to rely on cleaning solutions with harsh chemical ingredients to get rid of deeply embedded bacteria and other minutes parasites and objects.
No accidental slamming that irritates your sensibilities after each use.


While the SanaGloss feature is an excellent way to promote cleaning efficiency in this product; however, the contours in the design of this makes it quite difficult at times to clean the bowl.

Product Specifications

  • Both for residential and commercial use
  • Total Height – 32 inches
  • Total Width – 20 inches
  • Bowl Height – 16.50 inches
  • Bowl Type – Elongated
  • Design – One piece
  • Gallons per flush – 1.28
  • Installation Mechanism – Floor mounted
  • Price – $430.00

User Reviews

This one piece design has been reviewed by 144 users and they gave it an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. It garnered 5 stars rating from 74% of reviewers.

Over-all Reviews

This one piece loo is packed with features that will accumulate more fans for the brand which include soft seat, powerful flushing, and SanaGloss technology. These are definitely the three features that you can find in a single model.

Drake comes first when we consider the ADA height complaint and the self-cleaning bowl design though the comparison items are close enough and deserves recognization.

American Standard Toilet


American standard champion 4 is a powerful one-piece loo. Together with its 1.60 gpf feature, it has the largest valve which is 4 inches pushes water into the bowl 3 times the standard valve. Infact Champion 4 is able to remove solid waste 70 percent larger than other models. It also has the largest fully glazed 2-3/8-Inch Siphon Trapway which moves 40% larger mass than other trapway.

American Standard 2034.014.020 receives 4.7 star rating from 126 customers.

Champion 4 is an ADA-height complaint model but with the price ($400+)  twice of that Drake. Most of its negative customers’ comments are not directly about its flushing power infact most of them are satisfied with its efficiency.

With great power, A.S. Champion 4 is not a Watersense certified model, but then again its the commercial toilet in the market but a little bit expensive.

Product Description. One piece and elongated in shape from one of the most trusted brand in toilet and bathroom fixtures and accessories. This American Standard proudly proclaims that it has the right height; thus, very comfortable for the user and equipped with just the right features for users to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Product Features. This is probably one of toilets in the market which is available in different colors. This is just one of the amazing features of this product, other benefits are:

  • Powerful Performance. It has the capacity to remove 70 percent more than what other models can in similar category and this is scientifically proven.
  • 4 inch Accelerator Valve. Designed to give three times flushing power which is more powerful than any other item in the market.
  • 1.6 GPF. Uses water efficiently as it flushes and cleans with less water wastage.
  • Wide Trapway. The largest trapway in the market; thus, it is able to clean down objects 70 percent more than the usual standard in the toilet market.
  • EverClean Surface. Anti-bacteria surface inhibits growth of bacteria that causes odor and stains. Cleaning your bowl has never been easy with this feature.
  • Ten Year Warranty. One of the longest warranty coverage in the market to date.


  • With very powerful flushing system, you only need single flushing so you avoid wasting liquid. This then helps lower your bills.
  • No clogging, no overflowing, no organisms sticking on different surfaces of the bowl, and no more plunging.
  • ADA rated; thus, it is very comfortable even for persons with certain physical limitations and disabilities.
  • Easy to install since as it is a one piece model.


  • Light sleeper might be affected with little noise when flushing.
  • Quite heavy as this is a one piece

Product Specifications

  • For residential use only
  • Dimensions – 32.1 inches x 29.6 inches x 20.9 inches
  • Bowl Height – 16.50 inches
  • Bowl Type – Elongated
  • Design – One piece
  • Gallons per flush – 1.60
  • Installation Mechanism – Floor mounted
  • Price – $451.74

User Reviews

This American Standard one piece gathered an average rating of 4.4 stars from 116 reviewers and of which 70 percent of them gave it five stars rating.

Over-all Reviews

This deserves its moniker as a champion. There is no doubt that it helps users become efficient in terms of use and help avoid water waste.
Hope this guide will help you decide to choose the right kind for your bathroom.

When it comes to conservation – designers were able to manufacture 1.60 gpf, 1.28, and even 1.0 gpf toielt models. Toto is one of the brand that continuesly upgrade their design to meet industry and government demands for better bill-saving models. Ever heard of 3-D Tornado Flush ? Read on below.

Dual Flush Toilet

CST494CEMFG Connelly Two-Piece Dual Flush using 1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF. options.

Connelly is an elongated bowl that uses two of toto’s best flushing system, 1. the Double Cyclone system and 2. dual max. Connelly is a watersense certified high efficiency model with water conservation as its purpose. This dual flush was first released on June 26, 2014. Most people must have not heard of it but if you look the features it really amazing.


  • Dual-Max Cyclone system – the combination of dual flush and double cyclone system. Double cyclone uses 2 powerful nozzles on its rim instead of tiny rim holes plus there is a 3rd nozzle at the bottom of the bowl making this a 3-D Tornado flush waste removal model.
  • Dual-max uses 1.28 gpf for solid waste while 0.9 gpf for urine removal.
  • Comes with Sanagloss, the super-smooth glaze applied on its bowl surface.
  • ADA-height complaint which is good for people with disabilities and seniors.
  • Elongated bowl supports your weight better and large space for men to aim while urinating.
  • The trapway ( the curves you see outside) is concealed making it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Uses a chrome trip leve with dual option.

Connelly Video

Ada Complaint
CalGreen – California Green Building Standard Code
Tornado Flush

seat not included


This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet

Product Description. This is a luxury bowl at 1.6 gpf consumption. As such, this product combines a bowl and a separate  tank in one package. As this is a toilet and bathroom product, it follows that it is embedded with top of the line features that are exclusive to this brand only. Therefore, this product is full of benefits users will definitely find useful, comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

Product Features. Toto committed that this product is ideal for homes with lots of traffic; thus, the interesting features in this are as follows:

  • SanaGloss Treatment. Coated with a special glaze element that helps ward off organisms from clinging deeply into different surfaces. As a result, cleaning is easier to perform and you do not need chemical solutions with harsh ingredients to eliminate the organisms.
  • Water Consumption Efficient. At 1.6 galloon per flush, it just uses enough to remove those things deposited at one setting. You conserve water and money with this product.
  • GMax Technology. To provide quiet flushing after every use.
  • Wider Trapway. You do not need additional flushing to let human waste deposit go down the drain.
  • Larger Valve. To provide the necessary power

It has a powerful mechanism yet very quiet. It efficiently removes and cleans the bowl completely; thus, you save money due to low electric bills.

  • The GMax technology ensures that there will be no overflowing, no clogging, and no plunging each time you use the product
  • Elongated shape gives longer space for the legs and thighs to rest; hence, it provides comfort each time users use it.
  • SanaGloss ensures that cleaning is easy to perform and helps users save money by not using cleaning solutions.


The major drawback of this product is that you need to buy extra bolts and wax ring to completely install the bowl. Some users also find the absence of the seat a turn-off.

Product Specifications

  • For residential use only
  • Total Height – 28 inches
  • Total Width – 19.50 inches
  • Bowl Height – 16.00 inches
  • Bowl Type – Elongated
  • Design – Two piece
  • Gallons per flush – 1.60
  • Installation Mechanism – Floor mounted
  • Price – $314.99

User Reviews

There are 250 users who reviewed this 2 piece and gave it an average rating of 4.4 stars. Of the 250 reviewers, 71% of them gave it a rating of 5 stars.

Over-all Reviews

This product is full of features that promote efficiency in terms of use and product design that guarantees total cleaning.

Top Rated Toilets under $200

TOTO CST716 Carusoed is a small looking elongated but with great flushing power. If you are looking for afforable one yet still a good waste remover this one fits your need. This is a low-consumption or low-flush model uses 1.60 gallons per flush.

It’s not a watersense certified model since wastersense requires bowl to have 1.28 gpf and premium high efficiency ( het ) uses 1.0 gpf but still this is eco-friendly compare to an old 3.50 gpf model. Its 100 pound, easy to install with 12 inch rough in.

Budget toilet, easy to clean, never clogged receives 5.0 star rating in amazon, no negative customer comment yet.

Price for this as of Dec. 16, 2015 is at $180+ considerably below $200.

There are so many brands in the market today. You must be familiar with American Standard, Kohler, and Toto, the top 3 leading brands in the industry. Our pick is Toto.

Is TOTO the top brand?

Well, Toto is a company that focus flushing efficiency and conservation together using innovative design and quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction.

Here are some of Toto’s great flushing systems

  • E-maxG-max
  • Dual Max
  • Double Cyclone
  • Dual Max Cyclone

Consumption options

Drake uses 1.60 gpf Map rate of 1,000 grams
Dake II uses 1.28 gpf Map rate of 800 grams
Drake II 1G uses 1.0 gpf
Ultramax II uses 1.28 gpf Map rate of 500 grams

Materials used:

Sanagloss – a supersmooth anti-bacterial bowl surface glaze prevent molds from sticking the bowl.

Rim Design Innovation:

Double Cyclone uses 2 powerful rim nozzles
Dual Max Cyclone uses 3 powerful nozzles

3 inch  valve
2 inch trapway


3-D Tornado

Certifications and Complaince



Why some toilets have the more flushing power ?

The cleaning power comes from different factors. The number of gallons per flush used, rate or gallons per minute, the size of valve, the design of the rim and its holes, the design of the bottom of the bowl, the size of the trapway and its glazing material.

Gallons per flush

The older versions uses 3.5 gallons , thanks to new designs that enables the bowl to use only 1.6 gpf. Some of the American standard uses 1.6 gallons per flush, while brand like Toto released low-consumption models that uses 1.28 gallons. Drake used 1.6 gallons while the drake II models uses 1.28 together with ultramax series. Now Toto offered their latest models that only uses 1.0 gallons. The power does not really only on the volume of water used but the over-all system technology used.

Flushing system design

I believe Champion 4 is the system American standard produced but some of the customers complains is that its noisy. On the other hand systems offers E-max, G-max and the Double Cyclone technology which Drake II uses. They focuses on power, money saving and quietness, together this will create the most efficient model.


The largest valve used is 4 inch, while toto uses 3 inches only it still has great flush rate from 500 up to 1,000 grams of solid waste.

Rim Design

Looking at Drake 2 or Ultramax II you easy notice the appealing look of its seamless rim, it has no tiny holes on it, just 2 nozzles on each side of the bowl. Using tiny holes slows down the speed and might create the noise we hear cause they are forced to pass through small holes at high pressure so the nozzles get our appreciation this time. We believe its really a great innovative move.

Design of the bowl bottom

Some have a hole in front of the bowl facing the bottom which pushes the poop into the trapway, they call it water jets, and its really effective in removing large materials.

Trapway size and glazing

If you experienced a clogged then it must be of its small trapway. The largest trapway is 2 3/8 inches while Toto uses 2 1/8. It is really important that the trapway is fully glazed and smooth so there will be no trapped dirt inside. The good thing about Drake’s trapway is its glazed with super-smooth material Sanagloss.

Without a doubt, the best toilet is an important respect that you can give not only to yourself but for other members of your household as well. It is quite messy and uncomfortable at the same time if your toilet is not suitable for your bathroom in terms of size, and make, among other factors. In relation to such issues, let this guide help you find the perfect one and avoid future leak problems, misaligned toilet hardware, frequently blocked waterways, noisy performance.