RV Toilet Papers or Regular Toilet Papers for Your RV ? You Decide

The Answer is YES but you have to be resposible for it, but why not check this RV approved Toilet papers ?

It is true that RV toilet paper are specialized papers for the system. Here are the brands that are offering rv toilet papers.

  • Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue
  • Thetford 03300 Aqua (2-Ply and 4 Rolls Soft Toilet Tissue)
  • 300 Count Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue
  • Camco 40274 TST 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

Though the prices are a little bit higher they are more safe to use than regular toilet paper brands.

These brands have solved the problems faced by many RV users. Some people face certain problems pertaining to the price differences between regular and RV toilet papers. They buy regular toilet papers to save themselves from spending on pricier RV toilet papers. Before you go along with this decision, ask yourself this question. Is it better to save money on RV toilet papers now then spending on repairing the problems caused by regular toilet papers in the future? Some might say yes and some might say no, but you have to make your own decision because it will only be affecting you and no one else.

Why use RV-Approved toilet papers ?

Everything in this world has a specific reason to be and a specific role to fulfill. That is why, after listening to the people complaining and asking for answers, manufacturers have developed such a toilet paper that is “RV friendly”. These toilet papers are commonly known as RV Toilet Papers. Now, there are major differences between an RV toilet paper and a regular paper. Apart from prices, these two toilet papers have different material composition altogether. One of the major differences is that RV toilet papers are specifically designed for RV and its septic system. These RV toilet papers do not let your RV’s septic system to be blocked or damaged in any way. These toilet papers are made from such materials that make them easily dissolvable in RV sewer chemicals or RV holding tank.

RV friendly toilet paper are good for the sewage system or tank since it can quickly dissolve in the water.
RV Toilet paper prevents clogging.
Some of the rv paper are biodegradable.

A video on testing your toilet paper if it can be use for RV

It is time to pack your bags and leave your worries behind. Every once in a while, people get this thought; the thought of going someplace to relax and enjoy little moments of life before they are taken away. While most people are still busy in their life struggles, some people make time to take a breather. These people, after making this decision, make the second decision of renting and sometimes buying an RV. RV is a “recreational vehicle” that is mostly used for a leisure activity; Vacation and camping. RVs are mostly found in RV parks or campgrounds. Now, this RV will be your everything for the duration of your trip, your vehicle and your live-in accommodation. Before starting your journey of relaxation and rest, it is imperative that you keep your RV in the best condition.

There are many factors that keep your RV in the best suited state, one of the factors that cause the most problem and doubt is the selection of RV toilet papers. Yes, people do not use regular toilet papers when it comes to their RV. The reason is that regular toilet papers are made from such materials that are harmful for RV’s septic system. Regular toilet papers are not easily dissolvable in RV’s Toilet chemicals. These regular toilet papers can also cause blockage and can change your plans of “relaxing” to only “taxing”.

2016 Best Water Saving Dual Flush Toilets – One Piece and 2 Piece Reviews

In a state where you are required to save water especially on toilet uses, buying a dual flush model is the best option you can have. Low-flow toilets saves water, money and the environment simultaneously, it would be great for you to pick the best dual flush toilet this 2016. Below are the list and reviews for each dual flush models.

Best Seller – American Standard Dual Flush Toilet
American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option is a two-piece siphonic dual flush toilet and is the best seller for commercial two-piece toilet in the market today.

It is a WaterSense certified model since its using 1 gallon of water per “light” liquid flush ( urine or small kid poop ) and 1.60 gallons of water per “heavy” solid waste flush.

This dual flush toilet saves 20% less water than the regular 1.60 gpf toilet like the American standard champion 4.

A.S. 2889.216.020 H2Option receives a high Maximum Performance rating, able to flush down 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single heavy flush while the light flush rating is 400 grams of solid waste.

H2Option flushing system features a powerwash rim where water goes into the rim chamber, trapping air inside. The water then is discharged from special holes completely wash the bowl and waste on it.

Jet-Powered Siphon is a feature that allows water from the tank to go down directly into a bowl jet. The siphon push the waste into the trapway through the jet then the pull from the siphone empties the bowl solid or liquid waste.

Dual flush button actuator are located on top of the tank.

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Toto Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilets

Toto Connelly CST494CEMFG  is a two-piece dual flush toilet using 1.28 gallons per flush for solid waste and 0.9 gallons per flush for liquid waste. A High efficiency WaterSense toilet.

Using 2 of Toto’s best flushing system, it is indeed the best toto dual flush model for 2016. This model features the double cyclone and dual max flushing system. Release on June 2014, this is a great toilet people need to know.

2 flushing features in a toilet

Double cyclone uses 2 nozzles allows more water to pass through and swirl down into the bowl instead of small tiny rim holes. There is a 3rd nozzle at bowl bottom pushing the solid waste into the trapway thus we call it 3-D tornado flush.

Dual Max provides 2 flush options, 1 for liquid of soft waster and 2 for heavy solid waste. Using 0.90 gallons so liquid and 1.28 gallons for solid. The low flow models are those using 1.60 gallons, while the HET / high efficiency models uses 1.28 gpf, while the Premium HET models uses 1.0 gpf…. Connelly uses 0.90 gallons.


  • SanaGloss
  • Dual-Max Cyclone Flushing System
  • Concealed Trapway
  • Chrome Trip Lever with Dual Flush Option
  • Elongated Bowl
  • Universal Height
  • ADA Compliant
  • 12″ Rough-In

Connelly uses chrome plated trip lever placed beside the tank.

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Toto Aquia II CST416M is a 2-piece toilet uses dual max flushing system. Aqua II is a WaterSense approved dual flush elongated toilet with an option of 0.90 gallons of water per flush for liquid or soft waste and 1.60 gpf for solid waste.


  • Flushing is powerful and quiet
  • Dual flush functions very well
  • Saves water and money
  • Cleans the rim and bowl well
  • Good looking model
  • Standard Height

Getting used to push down lever

Weighs 95 pounds. This model was first released November 2008. Dual flush actuator is placed on top of the tank. Rough-in is 12″.

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Kohler Dual Flush toilet

KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth is a WaterSense two-piece dual flush Toilet good for small bathrooms and powder rooms. Easily choose 1.10 gallons per flush for liquid waste and 1.60 gpf for solid waste.

K-3987-0 Wellworth is a water saving toilet which means it saves 20% than the regular 1.60 gpf low flow toilet. A high performance toilet using a siphone jet flushing technology that ensures powerful clog-free dual flush toilet. Toilet weight is 45 pounds and was first released on April 2013.

Kohler Wellworth uses a trip lever that offers a 1.1 gallons and 1.60 gallons per flush option. ( right image ) Long green lever is for the light flush (urine) and the full lever for solid waste flush (poop).

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One Piece Dual Flush Toilets

Heirloom One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

HET / Highly efficient dual flush toilet uses 0.8 gallons of water per flush for liquid water like urine and 1.60 gallons for solid waster like poop. This toilet saves 67% more water than the single flush toilet.  One-piece small elongated toilet uses a siphone jet flush action provides great flush. This model is best for small powder rooms. Good price for a working one-piece dual flush feature.

Weighs 92 pounds and was first released on April 2009. Dual flush actuator is placed on top of the tank.

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EAGO TB351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly 1-piece Toilet uses 0.80 gallons of water per flush for liquid waste and 1.60 gallons for solid waste.

A WaterSense certified toilet model. This includes soft closing toilet seat and lid.

Uses 3 inch flushing valve, powerful, qquiet, sleek and efficient toilet. Uses wide bowl area which prevents bad odor and makes it easy for cleaning.

Weighs 92 pounds. First release October 2009. Dual flush button is placed on top of the tank.

Click here to  read customers’ reviews and its Discounted Price.

Dual Flush Toilet Converter

HYR460 HydroRight Total Toilet Repair Kit with Dual Flush Converter

Using this converter you can easily convert single flush toilet into a dual flush toilet without the need for tank removal and installation.
No tools or tank removal needed for installation

It is capable of detecting leaks and it will signal once it occur thus increasing the efficiency of your single flush toilet.


What is a dual flush toilet

A dual flush provide users an option to use 2 flush buttons on top of the tank or trip lever on the side of the tank. Most dual flush models offers 1.60 gpf and 1.0 ( and below ) gpf. Most of the dual flush loo are Watersense approved since its efficient flushing system has a good powerful flush that uses less water than the regular 1.60 low flush toilet. A 1.60 gpf toilet is consider a low flow toilet, while a 1.28 gpf is a HET and a Premium HET uses 1.0 and below gpf. Some of the dual flush models above offers even 0.80 gpf which can really save you water, money and helps the environment

Dual Flush Toilet Mechanism Video

We hope you like our dual flush toilet review. You might encounter these common dual flush toilet problems, you can read the solutions here.

Which is the Better One Piece Toilet Toto Ultramax II vs American Standard Champion 4 ?

Recently we just picked Toto Ultramax II as the best Toto Toilet model. Here, we are going to compare Ultramax II against A.S. Champion 4. We would recommend you to get a American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 if you are looking for a more powerful flushing system for commercial use.

A.S. Champion 4 is the best commercial toilet in the market today but a little bit noisy. With great power comes great noise. It is using a 1.6 gallons of water per flush with a MAP rate of 1,000 grams of solid waste.

For home use we highly recommend Ultramax II, it is powerful, cleans the bowl completely but quietly. This one is using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush with a Map rate of 500 grams of solid waste. If you are big on water-saving feature, this model is for you.

As of as 12-9-2015, AS Champion 4 ( seat not included ) price is $50 higher than Ultramax II ( softclose seat included ) in Amazon. Best Seller Rank ? A.S. Champion is number 1 while ultramax is number 3 in one-piece toilets.

The One-Piece Toilet Comparison

Different users for each of these models have different opinions based on their experience. Some of those experiences are from delivery, handling, installation, and actual use. Reading them all could add more confusion to which one is really the best. With both almost have 75% 5-star customer ratings, lets take compare the models feature against feature.

Power Flush, does more water means better flushing ?

Toto Drake II and Ultramax II comes with ” Double cyclone flushing system “, check this Drake II flush test video ( left side while A.S Champion 4 is on the right side. Note: Drake II Map rate is 800 grams while Ultramax II is 500 grams and A.S. Champion 4 is 1,000 grams. Different types of materials such as golf course balls are dropped into the bowl. Both are efficient in flushing the materials but can you compare the power and the noise it produces? The noise might make a big difference if are using it at night especially if you have little kids you don’t want to wake up.

This is where American Standard Champion 4 model 2034.014.020 got its flushing power. 4 inch flush valve is the biggest in the market. Double cyclone us 3 inch valve. In AS champion the water runs 360 degrees sideways cleaning the rim and bowl wall then a water jet captures the circular flow of water as they are siphon into the trapway without hitting a flat spot that slows down the momentum. It’s fully 2 3/8 inch glazed smooth trapway also helps the waste go down the drain without clogging. That 4 combination makes it perfect for a commercial use toilet, making it as the best seller on that category.


Here is the flushing design for Toto double cyclone.


Two nozzles instead of tiny rim holes make use of water more efficiently for bowl wall wash. The force of the 1.28 gallons of water running down from the nozzles does not get into small holes thus maintaining its top speed resulting in a totally flushed poop and less cleaning. Saves more money on water bills than a 1.6 gpf toilet like A.S. Champion 4. But if you have big guys who constantly dropping huge bombs or even a sticky paste like poops, well, A.S. Champion 4 is your hero.

These two flushing system passed the test of first cleaning the bowl rim and wall, pushing the poop into the trapway effectively and into the drain, mostly providing a clog-free toilet time.

Water-saving technology

Can you believe that about 30% of residential water in USA is flushed through toilets ? 1.6 gpf was then the standard limit while in California the standard is 1.28 gpf. In this regard Toto Ultramax II which is a 1.28 gpf model is has the WaterSense certification while AS Champion 4 not. Toto MS604114CUFG is even a 1 gallon per flush ultamax II model.

ADA Comfort Height Toilets

For tall, disabled people, Senior citizens, its comfortable for them to sit on and get off the toilet with better height. A.S. Champion 4 has a 16-1/2-inch seat height while Ultramax II has a seat height of 17-1/4-Inch. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 set a height requirement which these two models complied.

Bowl shape takes more space

Both of these models have an elongated bowl shape which may take more space in your bathroom but elongated bowl provides a longer space for your thighs or butt to sit on and provides a better aim for men – boys while urinating.

One Piece Design

One-piece model cost more than two-piece but you may find bought of these easier to install since you only need 1 piece to work on. Also a one-piece is easier to clean since there is no gap between the bowl and the tank, so no need for cleaning there.

Trip lever ease of use

I like Ultramax II chrome plated trip lever, it has a little curve on it that fits right into your finger while Champion 4 trip lever looks simple and straight.

Both models have a clearance of 12 inch, great for connecting water lines and cleaning the back of the bowl base.


Ultramax II offers 5 colors Bone, colonial white, cotton, cotton white, and sedona beige which is good in matching a color-themed bathroom while Champion 4 only offer two colors which are white and linen.


Limited 10-Year Warranty for AS Champion 4 while One Year Limited Warranty for Toto Ultramax II.

Over-all both of Toto Ultramax II and American Standard Champion 4 are great one-piece toilets. Like I said, it all depends on individual experiences and of which you want to use it for, number of people using it and installation. Some customers approved the Ultramax II is better flushing toilet and its quiet while others Champion 4 is the best flushing toilet.

Two of the Best Toto Toilets Ultramax II and Drake II Which One To Choose?

Over all, we recommend Toto ultramax II over Drake II after careful and in-depth look at these two 1.28 gpf ADA-height complaint water-saving Toto toilet models. Price wise ultramax 2 includes a softclose toilet seat. It is easier to install and clean. Maximum performance flush rate of 500 grams of solid waste. More so it is aesthetically pleasing.

Powerful, quiet, cleans bowl and refills fast !!!

There are many Toto toilets making it harder to decide which one is worth the money. You may need to consider where you will install the toilet, will it be on the ground floor, second, master’s or in a small place but furthermore you need to check the flushing system, Map rate, flush noise, and water-saving.

Good thing about the two models is that they are both good at clogging issues, bowl cleaning, flush noise, comfort height, ease of installation and both have good Map Test results.

Both Drake II and Ultramax II rims don’t have holes. This means that water flushed from the tank do not enter into tiny rim holes so the water speeds down to the bowl wall and push the waste to the drain with great force. This rim with no holes design makes the bowl looks seamless and cleaner.

Here are the individual reviews for each models:

Toto Ultramax II Review

To start off, Toto Ultramax II is a one piece toilet model, which is also an upgrade from Drake and ultramax model series. It comes with a double cyclone flushing system technology which is a lot better than G-max system used in Drake models. It has an extremely powerful flush yet quiet. It has an ion barrier glazing that cleans your toilet bowl automatically with each flush.  This is perfect fit for your master bedroom as to not awake the spouse or kids at night. Ultramax II has a high profile and sleek design and it is available in an option of up to 5 different colors, including a two pack option with the cotton white model. As far as aesthetic goes, you can also install this to your guest room, Ultramax 2 is really something to brag about, believe us, your guest will be amazed after using this model. Ultramax II is almost clog-free so you won’t be needing your heavy duty plunger even on Thanksgiving party. You can count on Ultramax 2 and enjoy your party.

Let’s begin with the Pros for Ultramax II;

  • Efficiently removes waste through powerful flush saves you money on water bills.
  • Approved by WaterSense for its high efficiency makes it environment friendly.
  • Maximum Performance Flushing rate of 500 grams of solid waste ensures total waste removal
  • ADA-height compliant comfortable for disabled people and Seniors.
  • Being one piece toilet saves your time on installing and cleaning
  • SanaGloss super smooth surface cleans bowl every flush ensures longer use
  • Soft closing seat included prevents waking up kids or partner at night
  • Elongated bowl enables easy aiming for boys and men while urinating.
  • 12 inch rough-in makes it easier to clean the back of the base

Let’s discuss the Cons of Ultramax II;

  • The one piece model makes it hard to move the toilet seat for fitting as it is heavier.
  • It is slightly costlier than drake ii.

Lets us take a look at the Contender Drake II: By the way, we consider this as one of the best two-piece toilet, as a matter of fact Drake II has been a best-seller for months in amazon so even if you end up choosing this model you will have peace of mind.

Toto Drake II Review

Toto Drake II is a two piece toilet bowl model. It comes with a highly efficient double cyclone flushing action. Being a two piece model, it is easier to move the model around for fitting. The flushing mechanism of this model makes each flush quiet and saves up to 20% water.

Again Drake II’s rim has no holes just like Ultramax II. You can install this model at your kid’s room or common bathroom.

The design of Drake II is sleek and it is available in an option of up to 4 different colors.

Let us start with some of the Pros for this model;

  • The double cyclone technology is definitely a plus for this model.
  • The noiseless flush proves to be a useful feature for attached washrooms.
  • It has a wide, computer designed trap way of 2-1/8-Inch.
  • Environment friendly, as it saves up to 20% water with a 1.28 GPF.
  • The SanaGloss finish gives a smooth look.
  • 12″ rough in

Let us now take a look at the Cons for this model;

  • Being a two piece mode, it is harder to keep it clean.
  • A two piece model is potentially exposed to the risk of developing a leak, between the tank and the bowl. However, this is rare and may be avoided.
  • Toto Drake II is only available in ADA height.
  • In testing, Drake II scored just 800 MAP for flushing.
  • No toilet seat included you need to pick one here seat reviews.

The Comparison

  • Pricing:

The pricing for Drake II is a bit less, but compared to the features and efficiency, Ultramax II is definitely a better catch.

  • Specifications:

Drake II; height 29.44 in., width 16.5 in., depth 28.75 in. and weight is 88.8lbs.

Ultramax II; seat height 17-1/4-Inch, 16-1/8-Inch rim height, tank height 28-3/8-Inch and tank width 16-9/16-Inch.

  • Color Options:

Ultramax II wins this category with ease, having 5 different colors and a 2-pack option. The Drake II offers 4 colors only.

  • Maintenance:

Ultramax II wins again, being a one piece toilet model which is easier to fit and clean. Drake II is also good but due to its two piece design it is harder to maintain and clean it.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt Drake II is a great toto toilet model. However, if you match both the models, Ultramax II wins the battle hands down.  Naturally, We went with Ultramax II and it proved to be the right option. While Drake II is also a great catch, We will recommend Ultramax II to all of you.

If you are getting your home constructed or your bathrooms re-done, choosing the correct toilet seat for your bathrooms makes sense. A very popular choice these days are the different toilet seat models from the Toto product line. If you recently had the need to re-do your bathrooms you will find that Toto toilet models are one of the best. May this comparison review for Drake II and Ultramax II will guide you on choosing the best one for you.

TOTO CST454CEFG Drake II The Best Two Piece Toilet

toto drake 2
TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss,1.28 GPF, Cotton White

Toto Drake 2 is our top pick for best toilet 2015 together with Ultramax 2.

Its a 1.28 gpf saves water and money. Double Cyclone is quiet yet has an effecient and powerful flush.

It has no rim holes so its saves time cleaning the bowl. It is an ADA height compliant Toto model good for people with disabilities.

These are the factors we considered for ranking it as the best toilet in the market today.

There is so much to think when investing in a right toilet unit for you bathroom remodeling. You may have the perfect and attractive model and brand, but remains useless as the flushing system isn’t working perfectly as expected. If you’re looking for the one that can render high quality parts, beautiful designs, durability and outstanding performance, the TOTO CST454CEFG Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl with Sanagloss is the perfect one for you.

Toto is a very popular name when it comes to bathroom and plumbing needs specifically on the toilets. This kind of brand has a very excellent name and the Toto Drake II 2-pc toilet can guarantee both performance and efficiency. This can surely provide beautiful and quality toilet that has great features at affordable cost and provide you more savings on the water.

Features of TOTO Drake II

TOTO Drake II Two-Piece Toilet Bowl is one of the latest innovations of Toto that is designed specifically for optimum perfection. Toto Drake II is a beautifully designed toilet with outstanding designs which include:

Elongated Design – When talking about convenience in toilet, the elongated shape is mostly preferred. The elongated design of Toto Drake II ensures to provide a very comfortable seating regardless of the weight and size of the user.

2-Piece Design – The 2-pc design is a very popular feature for toilets which is composed of a bowl and tank. Toto Drake 2 offers this at a very cheap cost but at outstanding performance. Moreover, due to its wide popularity, finding replacement and parts for the maintenance is much easier.

Double Cyclone System for Flushing – this toilet is designed with a double cyclone system for flushing which allows quicker and faster flush. No compromise on toilet’s cleanliness because the water can flow easily to the bowl due to the very forceful downward push movement that is made. This provides a very powerful flushing yet quiet. Through the use of 2 powerful nozzles on the flushing system, it creates centrifugal forceful action, which leaves the bowl and rim effectively clean.

Pros and Cons

It is very important to consider both the pros and cons of Drake II in order for you to know if you are receiving the best value on your purchase.


  • Toto Drake II uses double cyclone system for flushing that can easily clean the bowl and completely remove the waste rendering 205 water savings as compared to the ideal 1.6 gpf toilets.
  • The height of the toilet allows different kind of users such as elderly, taller and people with disability to sit comfortably on the bowl without putting any strain on their knees.
  • The SanaGloss feature adds extra advantage which efficiently cleans the toilet in every flush made. Furthermore, the easy installation of this unit will let you have more savings and benefits.


  • This elongated toilet model does not come with a seat, so you will need to have it bought separately. Other than this, there’s no more problem with this model.


When it comes to optimum satisfaction in durability, performance, and design, TOTO CST454CEFG is the most excellent and impressive toilet that we can turn to. This model has received numerous positive comments and reviews online, which only shows how satisfying this model is.