Looking for Cheap Yet Quality Toilet? Own a TOTO Drake Toilet

toto drakeMany people invest to have a great toilet not as a bathroom decoration but as an important part which makes our life very comfortable. Toilets don’t have to look very attractive but should be designed with very powerful specifications technically in order to render an outstanding performance and purpose. If you are looking for a high performing toilet at a very reasonable price, TOTO Drake product is the one suited for you. Here are the following reasons why:

Flushing System – Aside from the fact that this toilet only uses 1.6 water gallons each time it is flushed, it also uses G-Max, which is a flushing siphon jet action. This means that the water is powerfully and quickly dispersed at bowl that efficiently removes the waste. As a matter of fact, by considering the amount of water it uses on each flush, you can possibly flush away up to 900gms of solid waste without having any issues.

TOTO Drake also uses 3-inch flush valve rather than the 2-inch conventional valve ( check here for the universal fill valve replacement ) which makes it 1.5x larger than any other models available on the market. Moreover, the trapway is also much larger as compared to most toilets which help to effectively eliminate clogging.

Design – TOTO Drake Bowl is also available in 4 other colors: bone colonial, Sedona beige, and if the décor of your bathroom warrants it, you can try the ebony. The overall look of this model is one of the gentle curves that give a very contemporary and clean look to bathrooms.

Easy to Clean – This is yet another very important point that you need to consider when looking for a toilet. TOTO has managed to integrate the great looks without compromising the easiness of the unit to be cleaned. Although this unit is 2-Piece, this kind of toilet has a completely glazed trapway, which in other words means it is harder for the solids to stick to the unit leaving the stains behind.

Pros and Cons

Even though this model is the most economical toilet choice available in the market, you still need to consider its disadvantages.


  • High Profile, Contemporary Design
  • G-Max System for Flushing – Powerful yet quiet flushing performance
  • Quick Flush – 3-inch wide flush valve 150% larger than the conventional 2-inch valves
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Larger water surface


  • Drake toilet model doesn’t include a seat ( check soft close seats here ) that will require you to buy it separately. But seat is only an optional part of the toilet and it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the toilet.


If you are looking for the most economical toilet available nowadays in the market, this is the perfect one for you. It offers complete convenience and savings, and eliminates the problems of your toilet being clogged. This TOTO toilet model has already satisfied many customers and has received numerous positive feedbacks and reviews as well as comment which only prove how good performing this product is aside from its very economical features.

Best Dual Flush Two-Piece Toilet American Standard 2886.216.020

American Standard 2886.216.020
American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

American Standard is one of the renowned providers of sanitation and plumbing needs, offering the best innovation in the toilet product lines. Through years of experience in the industry, it guaranteed name in providing durable and quality toilets designed especially to shape your budget. The American Standard is one of the reliable brand names in its product lines. With easy to use features, this toilet renders, water efficiency, ultimate convenience, and maximum performance to the users. American Standard has made this toilet model for the convenience of larger people and adults, with the perfect measurement on providing comfort for the users.

Main features:

American Standard 2886.216.020  has a Flow Rate of 1.6 GPF and 1.6 GPM Water consumption. With the dual flush mechanism of 1 GPF/3.8 LPF conserving flush and .6 GPF/6 full flush, it will automatically save so much water in your household. The dual flush Siphonic action combination tank and bowl gives you a high quality performance toilet. The primary features of the toilet include the siphon jet action, Everclean surface; pressurized rim, H2Option Dual flush system, and speed connect system, which are the primary reasons why lots of customers like the product and recommends to everyone.

  • Easy to clean – The H2Option dual flush has an EverClean surface feature, which will help you in maintaining the cleanliness of the toilet. You do not have to put any chemicals in for it will prohibits any molds, mildew, and bacteria to grow in the surface of the toilet, and through this, you can ensure that the entire family is totally safe .
  • Budget wise – Many customers was surprised that this toilet’s price is unimaginably cost-effective with all of the advantages that you can have, with the modernized design, and comfortable usage, which you ever wanted. You will ultimately be able to save quite a big amount of money. With all the features and characteristics of this toilet, it can be compared with other expensive toilet brands in the market these days, so there is no need to purchase an expensive one, but select the right one.
  • Water save toilet guaranteed – Through H2Option dual flush system’s help, this will enable you to save so much money without missing the this toilet’s performance. To be able to provide you a high quality performance, American Standard used the patent-pending technology of siphonic action, enabling the toilet to use quite flush and minimal water. Furthermore, this toilet is using a dual flush actuator, enabling you to do a light flush for liquids, as well as heavy flush for the solids. The dual flush mechanism manages the toilet to use an average percentage of 25% less water unlike the standard toilet with single flush.
  • H2Option Technology – This feature is designed for a reliable 1-flush performance that is comfortable to use especially for children and elderly. It leaves your toilet cleaner bowl and powerful flush.

These days, toilet plays a significant role to keep a safer and cleaner sanitation. I have tested this toilet and it is able to handle everything that I dump in it, leaving no skid marks and filled the bowl with water. I highly recommend American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush for homeowners who want to experience high performance and less water consumption.

Neiko 60166A Best Plunger For Unclogging Blocked Toilet


neiko best plunger
Neiko® 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Industrial Rubber Cup

Say you hae invited your friends for a Thanksgiving party. After few hours bombs will be dropping for sure. Your friends might use too much of toilet papers and just throw them at the bowl. CLOGGED Toilet!! This plunger will be your hero as you can expect it to unblock the bowl while your buddy are there.

Lightweight but heavy duty all-angle plunger will unclog those blockage perfectly saves you from shame.

Flexible rubber that wont get stuck down at the bowl then spring up with dirty water and some poop ( maybe ? ) and splatter it around the bowl wall. ( Check bowl cleaners here just it case it happens ).

No reservoirs at the bottom of the rubber that might retain or contain extra water or dirt after post-plunge use. Saves you time on cleaning itself.

A clogged toilet can really be a pain in the neck and when you experience such what do you do? This situation is never pretty fun especially if you don’t have the right plunger than can quickly help resolve the problem. That was long before not until now that we already have Neiko Plunger.

The best thing that makes Neiko 60166A a must-have toilet plunger in your house is that it works efficiently and strongly because of its accordion design using a good quality and flexible rubber. You will never have a hard time pressing it down because it will come back up right away in no time. Aside from that, it also has a very light and strong metal handle and parts that can last for a long time, which can certainly give you back your money’s worth, as well as your effort and time. Nobody deserves to just put up with a clogged toilet or sink, and with Neiko All-Angle Plunger you will enjoy having parties in your homes without the worries that your toilet will not function properly.

Watch Unboxing Video from a buyer

Having the plunger is really a wise idea because it is not just priced right but it also comes with different advantages that you and your family will surely found very beneficial. It will surely be worthy to spend your money because it is sturdy, high quality and a helpful tool in keeping your toilet and sinks functioning properly at all times, without experiencing any hassles or problems. This clog-remover is powerful and lightweight which will work effectively at any possible angle to perfectly get the job well done.

Aside from being a powerful and lightweight plunger, this heavy duty plunger is also very pliable because it uses tiered ridges in order to form an extraordinary ultra-tight seal which you can definitely use on any size of toilet or drains including the elongated toilets. Your money spent for this product will never go to waste because it is indeed perfect for all low-flow toilet that tends to clog very easily and helps you to avoid possible embarrassing moments, hence, keeping you at peace. Aside from that the handle can be unscrewed so you are assured that you can reduce its size for easy storage.

If you are one of those people with a low or average upper body strength like me, then having this kind of particular plunger is a must, trust me because I have experienced it firsthand. As we all know, plunging requires a set of powerful downward strokes but by using the Neiko 60166A Plunger, you can do the task effortlessly and easily.

Danco 80156 The Best Bolt Set to Perfectly fit Toilet onto the floor

Danco 80156 1/4-by-2-1/4-Inch Toilet Bolt Set

Want a toilet bowl attached perfect onto your bathroom floor ? Wethere you are installing a new toilet or remounting an old one this bolt set will secure your bowl tighly. Some of the little screws just wont do it but this bolt set will surely hold the toilet at its right place.

No wiggle nor a wobble, just bolted perfectly.

Most plumbers will pick this as the best choice for repair. It last long, simple to use, works smoothly. For a well-known brand and its quality the price is reasonable.

Any homeowner always wants complete scale comfort more essentially in the bathroom. You do not have to worry because Danco bring you full convenience in setting your toilet up with the best toilet bolt set. With Danco’s top rated toilet bolt set, your toilet will always be in good hands, ensuring you the best results for a luxurious and comfortable home living. It performs better, top quality, and very durable as compared to the rest of the toilet bolt sets in the market today.

This set of toilet bolt from Danco will wind up being advantageous. You may be astonished well to look at how handy this toilet bolt set can be. This bolt set fastens bowl securely on your bathroom floor, with a unique break-a-way feature that allows you to adjust to the appropriate height without using a hacksaw. It enables for a perfect alignment and quicker installation. Furthermore, the set includes a additional heavy nuts and brass washers that are nickel plated.

In one year or so, the screws anchoring your toilet to the floor will eventually become dysfunctional, quite messy, and rusty. Who does not love seeing their toilet dashingly new and tightly intact? Every homeowner does. This screw set is also highly recommended for commercial toilets at the schools, malls, and many other establishments in which frequent use of toilet occurs. This bolt set 80156 comes with an exceptional packaging to ensure the durability after being installed. It has 2 gold anodized bolts together with the matching washers.

The flathead’s bottom side has slight grooves, which is making the bolts to look greater and nicer. Without having a very essential role in the installation process, this attributes absolutely ads to the appeal of this bolt set. These features are especially designed to secure your toilet in place without a need to worry about any woggles and wiggles. Why will you settle for a very cost-effective bolt when the sustainability has not been guaranteed? With Danco Bolts, you will not only get it at a very affordable price, but it definitely has guaranteed durability and best quality in the long run.

Moreover, the installation of this bolt is very easy. Even though the length is quite long, you can adjust it easily to fit to your toilet. There is no need for you to fret about purchasing about the other small parts for the installation, as everything you need is all in the set, and in a blink, your toilet has been fasten firmly on the floor, looking brand new.


By means of doing a great job to hold down their position under some foul situations, Danco 80156 ¼ X 2 ¼ Inch Toilet Bolt Set indeed lives up to its title in Amazon as the best seller in the toilet floor bolts and washer sets. I highly recommend this product for I myself have used it, and proved the benefits and comfort that I can get from this set.

Need a Toto Fill Valve Replacement ? Use TSU99A.X Universal

fill valveLooking for the perfect fill valve replacement for your leaky toto toilet? This fill valve replacement will work for both 2-piece and 1-piece toilet bowls and for all toto toilet models as its called universal.

With this fill valve, you can replace the Toto valve in your toilet even if you are not really an oriented handyman because it is just so easy to install and you can do the job done in just a few minutes. Watch the replacement video below direct from Toto.

You can put your whole trust in TSU99A.X Universal because Toto strictly leaves nothing to pure chance with regards to design and quality. The product’s performance, functionality, quality and customer’s satisfaction are some of the most important factor that they always consider. The universal fill valve has an adjustable height as well as offers a flow rate which can certainly accommodate all kinds of Toto toilet model units available in the market.

How to Replace a Toto Fill Valve Video

TSU99A.X is a genuine Toto valve part and can deliver about 80% to 85% of flushing power than the conventional valves because it is an upgraded version and its replacement part is now even much flimsier and lighter in weight. Here are the benefits of Universal valve:

  • High quality and an upgraded model – this fill valve is carefully packaged to 100% ensure an incredibly high quality valve and its height can be adjusted which makes it a perfect fill valve replacement, especially for a two-piece toilets. Its strong flushing power leaves a very good amount of water right in the toilet bowl for the user’s convenience.
  • Universal – means you can use this fill valve for all toto toilet models. The best replacement for broken fill valve for Toto Drake and Toto Ultramax series. Works for both two-peice and 1 piece models.
  • Easy installation – you can easily replace your broken toilet valve as it comes with very comprehensive instructions. These instructions can help in installing the valve without even asking the help of a professional technician. Aside from that, it also provides detailed information of the right type of valve that you must use to replace the item because all you will have to do is to look for the particular valve number, the tank unit and the combination model that you have in order to do the replacement task well done, secured and easy.

One of the most in demand toilets in the market is the Toto toilet because of its great design and quality. But no matter how good the quality of a product is, there will always be a time that you will experience some problems with it.

TSU99A.X Universal Valve is really one of the best replacement products so far in the market TOTO leaky toilets. The only negative thing about it is that it is a bit noisier but that does not matter because there are many benefits that you will surely enjoy with it. It has been a great help to lots of people and having this on your TOTO toilet will let you experience it too.