Need to Rent a Porta Potty ? Here is the rental rate

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How much is the portable potty rental rate ?

Porta potty rental price estimate

  1. Basic portable toilet cost from $80 – $160 per day for short time use.
  2. 1 Standard portable toilet cost from $100 – $180 for a weekend.
  3. Deluxe portable toilet cost $5,000 per weekend.

Long-term use will have discounts.

The cost of renting a portable toilet depends on many things such as

  • Type of Event
  • Event duration
  • Number of people attending
  • Number and types of porta potties
  • Maximum acceptance waiting line


Local Concert
5 Hours
5,000 people
40 porta potties

Before you book or sign a contract for porta potty rental, make sure you provide the details of your event, crowd size, type of potty, and rental hour duration.

Renting a Porta Potty for Your Event

Porta potty also known as different unique names; Honey bucket, Porta-a-John, Porta-a-Jane and Portaloo, is an outdoor enclosure that is used as a restroom. In simple words, a porta potty is an outdoor portable toilet. Porta potty was first introduced in the 1960s. It is mostly used during an outdoor event or around constructions sites. Porta potties can play a very vital and crucial role when it comes to outdoor events. Although having a very important role, it is still sometimes considered with least botheration. The success or failure of the event is sometimes based on the selection and availability of porta potties. Some of the events that use these portable toilets are; Concerts, County fairs, Construction sites, Stadiums, Golf courses, Parking lots, Campsites, Outdoor festivals and disaster relief.


Porta potty has many benefits and advantages attached to it:

Convenience: It is very convenient to have a porta potty at your disposal. Pun intended.

Easy transport: The most added benefit of a porta potty is its mobility. It can easily be moved from place to place, whatever suits your taste.

Economical: If you are planning an outdoor event then a porta potty proves to be an economical decision to make. It is way cheaper to have a porta potty than hiring a janitorial service to clean normal restrooms.

Many countries, USA included, used and still use Porta potty during their proceedings and events. There are many factors that affect renting a porta potty. Some of those factors are:

Factors to consider while Renting a Porta Potty

There are many factors that affect the decision of selecting a porta potty. This decision further affects the rental prices of using these porta potties.

Type of the Event: While deciding to choose from different porta potty options, it is important to decide the type of event you are planning. Every event will have a different need and requirements, which you will have to fulfill. For instance, if people coming to your event are mostly families with babies, than you should rent a porta potty with diaper changing area in it. If some percentage of the people attending your event is going to be handicap, then the porta potty you choose should be convenient for them to use. Weather also plays a vital role when making a decision on renting porta potty. If your event is going to take place in summer season, then you will have to rent more porta potties, because more people will have a need to use them after drinking much water. Wedding porta potty rentals are going to be different from a construction site porta potty.

Number of People Attending the Event: The decision of renting a porta potty also depends upon the number of people attending the event.  If it is a large proceeding, then you will need to have enough porta potties to keep your guests comfortable and relaxed.

Placement of porta potty: It is important to choose a porta potty after you have decided the location of your event. Another important aspect to consider is the space that your porta potty will accumulate. It is necessary to make sure that your porta potty should have enough space that is comfortable for the guests to use and is some distance away from the main gathering area. Porta potty will need a flat surface to be placed on. It is also imperative that your porta potty should not take much space if your event is in a small place to begin with.

Amount and Type of Porta Potty: To determine the rent of using a porta potty, you will need to consider the amount and type of portable toilets you will need. A general rule is that you need one porta potty for 10-15 people.

Affordability:  while choosing the type of porta potty, you need to calculate your spending limitations. If you are hosting a lavish occasion, you will need to rent a porta potty with added features; basin, mirror and towel dispensers etc.

An average porta potty will start from a price of $75 per day and can go up to $5,000 per day. This $5,000 porta potty will obviously come with more advanced features; Luxury toilet paper, Basin, Towels, Hand soap, Proper flushing toilets, Mirror setup and much more, depending on the model and the price of a porta potty.

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    I appreciated that general rule for deciding how many porta potties you need. My sister wants to hold her reception in this outdoor venture. I heard that the closest restroom in the area is about half a mile, so we’re considering renting portable toilets.

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