Privacy Policy

In order to earn your trust and confidence in our site as one of the best resource for quality information about toilets, you should know and understand our privacy policy. This is the privacy policy of Bath Keep and it states all governing principles for users who choose to navigate, browse, or access the site. This page outlines the responsibility of the website owners, the website, and users where privacy is concerned.

The Website

BathKeep only provides useful information about toilets and its related products. We do not offer legal, technical, financial, and professional advice. We only give general information to guide and help users reach a decision when it comes to buying toilets that fits their requirements.

Collection of Information

Since this is a general information site, we do not collect personal information unless provided voluntarily by the user or when site visitors use our Contact Us page.

The Use of Cookies

Yes, we do not collect information directly but as a website, cookies are important aspects for web maintenance and operation. We use cookies to enhance your experience each time you visit the site. Cookies are bits of files saved on the user’s computer hard drive which tracks, saves, and stores information regarding usage and interaction within this website. Users are provided with the privilege to decide if they will allow cookies during their visit or not.
Bath Keep uses software that tracks and monitors visitors in order for us to understand user behavior in this site. The software will save cookies to user’s computers but will not save, store, and collect information. This software will help us improve our site and provide you with better service.

Access to Links

It is normal for websites to have links and we do not have any control with regards to privacy policy, use of cookies, and integrity of third party websites linked to us. Thus, we urge users and visitors to be responsible and apply their own security measures when they visit external links.

Contact and Communication

It is a user’s discretion when they contact people behind the site or if they use the Contact Us page to request for information as well as other clarifications and details. Personal information supplied when you communicate with us are deemed private and we exercise efforts to have them stored safe and secure.

Third Party Involvement

Website maintenance is an evolution. At present, we have affiliate activities but we never share information to other parties. We will not sell or derive profit from personal information provided here. We will only share such details to third parties when there are legal matters involved.

Social Media Interactions

We subscribe to the privacy policy terms and conditions of different social media platforms. It is your best interest to also read privacy policies of different social media networks if you link our site to your own social media accounts. Social media networks may track users’ interaction and we are in no way responsible for any breach of privacy when you use the share buttons from our site. User discretion is therefore advised.
All terms and conditions of our privacy policy are subject to changes without prior notice. Thus, we advise site visitors to read this page from time to time for updates.