Top 2 Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rods

Have you ever felt the need to transform the look of your bathroom, but got discouraged because of the cost? If you want to change your bathroom without spending thousands of dollars on bathroom renovations, you should consider using a curved shower rod. It is an affordable and beautiful way to beautify your bathroom. You can purchase any one of these two types of modern rod that are available.

Unlike a conventional shower rod, a curved rod is not deigned to be straight. One extreme of the shower rod is placed firmly on the wall. The rod gradually curves out wider and wider towards the middle. In the center, it starts curving back in to the second end at the wall. This design allows users hang their shower curtain and liner securely. It also provides you with more shower space.

Curved Stainless steel shower curtain rod Review

curved rodInter-design curved rod bathroom shower curtain

If you consider both style and affordability when picking out a shower rod, then you are sure to get it all with this tension mounted rod. This rod can be installed in just a few seconds. You can make your choice from different sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit. Hardware is also not needed for installation, and you don’t need any tool as well. You do not even have to worry about fixing a hole in your walls, it has a non-skid, non-scratch feet and you will not have to bother about any serious damage.

This makes the Inter-design shower curtain curved rod ideal for a rental apartment. Rather than spending money and time renovating your shower just to get extra space, why not stretch your elbow room for just a few dollars with this curved shower rod? You will get more space and also get to improve the look of your bathroom with a durable, lightweight brushed stainless rod that looks like it costs a lot but it actually does not.

curved rod 2Zenna NeverRust aluminum tension curved shower curtain rod

The Zenna NeverRust is an elegant design that makes best use of the bathroom space. It’s also relatively easy to install, since it doesn’t require any drilling to fix it into the bathroom. Using this shower curtain rod is ideal for both rented homes and owned homes since it does not destroy the bathroom tiles when the homeowner installs the rod. The shower curtain rod is crafted with aluminum and this material makes it corrosion and rust free. Rust can make a bathroom unsightly when it builds up on the shower curtain and stains it so picking a shower rod that is rust resistant is essential. This material is also very durable and can outlast so many other fixtures in the bathroom. The rod is also decorative and can help complement the décor of the room.

It is adaptable and can effortlessly fit a 72-inch tub. However, you can also purchase the NeverRust rings and hooks which are also as excellent as the NeverRust rod to fix it up properly.

Both curved rod models are impressive in design and durability and would be an asset in every home.