Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Repair Slow Flushing Toilet

Tom is sharing a video on how to repair slow flushing toilet using Dawn dishwashing liquid. He said that it does not mean that the bowl clogged up when your toilet flushes slow. It couls be that the jets under the rim are clogged up with particles from the water. He lift up the lid and open up the tank then put a enough Dawn dishwashing liquid directly to the over-flow tube then let it set for 5 minutes then flush down the toilet and it will be flushing 100% okay again. That was a quick fix for a slow flush problem but it works based on the viewers comments thanking tom for this little secret. I am gonna try this too.

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Tom commented that¬†Dawn is the best grease and grime cutting soap on the market. Hmm let us try this one… or try another brand of it works, let me know on the comment form below.