78 Inch Double Sink Vanity Solid Wood

Design Element DEC088 London 78-Inch Double Sink Vanity Set

78-inch High end Luxury Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with top at $2000

People often say “the bigger, the better”, well this holds true for the London 78” Double Sink Vanity Set. This vanity is the largest model in the London series which is perfect for your larger and wider bathroom. Having a combination of the classic feel from the white Carrara marble countertop and the contemporary look of solid oak wood bathroom vanity frames and panels give us the best of both worlds. It not only radiates a sense of sophistication and luxury but also provides very practical use, with its extended storage flexibility giving you substantial space to keep items for all your grooming needs.

Product Description:

This double sink vanity set is comprised of a wide-array of features. To start, you have the sleek design with its solid hardwood black lacquer-like stain and its matching wide mirror which perfectly complements the stunning Carrara marble, reminiscent of ancient Rome. It comes with a rectangular undermount sink which is perfectly mounted below the magnificent countertop, so the sink effectively hangs under the counter. This well-thought-of design creates a continuous flow from countertop to sink, making it aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t just have two, four or six functional drawers which can be quite common for vanities, but instead it has nine of them. Well, let’s face it, we all need reliable storage to keep all our toiletries in. Smaller details such as polished chrome pop-up drains and satin nickel hardware accents tie-up the overall look of this vanity set. Plus, the soft-close doors to avoid accidents for you and your kids.


  •     The lacquer-like stain on this vanity makes it very easy to clean and it doesn’t chip off easily.
  •     It has nine functional drawers, for you, your partner, the kids and even your adorable pet!
  •     In addition to the nine drawers, it also includes two large flip-down shelves in front of each sink for quick and temporary clean-up or even bigger organizational efforts.
  •     Its pop-up drain can be easily opened and closed with a push to keep water from overflowing.
  •    Like the other London vanities, this is also sturdily built from solid oak, making it last almost a lifetime.
  •     This vanity allows you to save up more than $500, since it’s at a reasonable $2000.


  • It weighs approximately 480 pounds which is heavier than most but this is simply because of the fact that the solid oak wood for the multiple drawers, frames and panels and the marble countertop would all amount to a heavier vanity set.
  • Faucets are sold separately but offer you the freedom to choose your own design and add a touch of your own style to it.

Why Choose DEC088 London 78-Inch Double Sink Vanity Set?

Whether it be to build your chic hill-top mansion or renovate your ancestral home, this 78-inch double sink vanity set is perfect for the family bathroom. Its double sink and two flip-down shelves in front of each sink makes it a perfect choice even for your master’s bath. Now there’s no need to play the waiting game when prepping for an important event or getting ready for work. This London series prides itself for the multiple functional drawers that allow excellent storage to organize the family’s his-and-hers grooming kit, towels, robes and more!