American Standard Pallas Plaza Petite Close Coupled Toilet

Hey guys, today I’m going to be talking about my toilet seat which is from American Standard, and it’s already about 10 years old. This model has been stopped, so click here if you are looking for a top rated american standard toilet.

The over looks, it just look really nice and glossy, and the color is pearl white. Also the shape is not circular like most toilets. We chose it because of its modern design, its more of a square-ish shaped, so it looks really nice. Also well-designed. You can also get more information from

So as you can see the bottom part is really small so it does not take up much space. It’s really space-saving and it’s not bulky and big.

For this model, the toilet lid is really light. So you don’t have to worry about your kids lifting it up or down, which is really safe.

This model is called American Standard PZ clean toilet seat. It kills bacterias on the toilet seat. The protection lasts the life of the product which is really really long. Also it has 24 hours hygiene protection with the MicroBan technology. A special coating that prevents bacterias from interfering you.

This is the flusher, it’s silver chromium in color. It’s really easy to press so you don’t need much strength on it. So as you can see the water flushes down really quickly and also does not make loud noises which is really good.

The pumper is really big compared to other models which is really good because it draws water fast. You could see as the water rise up. Also with the clogging issue, I’ve never had any clogging issue with this toilet because even though it is 10 years already. Because it’s just really good the water system and everything.

I would recommend it to other buyers because overall, the quality is really good. Also the height is just right it does not provide discomfort at all.

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