Review of my 72 inches double sink bathroom vanity

Hi, and welcome to my bathroom!
Today I’m going to be reviewing my dual sink vanity. And I guess we’ll first start with the specs so you have a good idea as to what size it is. It’s about 35” tall and it hits me at about hip length, it’s 22” deep, which is just shy of two feet, and it’s 72” wide. Which is six feet just in case that gives you a better idea of how wide it is.
So it’s a larger size vanity, but I think that’s super beneficial because of all the things that we use it for, that I will tell you more about in this video.

Now we can’t tell you how much the vanity costs because it came with the house, and we did not purchase it. But we can tell you all the things that we love about it. First and foremost, we love the two sinks. We love it. It creates a His and Hers style bathroom, which is luxurious, and he can do his things on his side. His shaving, his toothbrush, any kind of nonsense. I can do my hair, my makeup and everything else in between on my side, at the same time!

So, that’s something that we really love. It’s saves us time. We’re able to get ready together, at the same time without getting in each others way. So, that’s the first thing that we really love.
Second, we love the space. We love the countertop space, we can put all kinds of things here. Sometimes I’ll leave decorations up here in the Holidays. I can keep my Qtips and my lotions out without feeling like I’m cluttered.
We also have plenty of storage space underneath. Now the sinks are under-mounted, so when you open the cabinets, you can see the sink underneath there, but it doesn’t take away from the space because, we put towels in there and you can still fill it up. There’s still plenty of space in the cabinet, even with the under-mounted sink.

Another reason why we do love this vanity is because of the color, and the style. We like the style and color because it’s a laminate on top, I think it’s an MDF material, so it’s not real wood, but the laminate on top has little flecks and specks. So if it gets a little bit dirty during the week, before I can clean it, it’s not super noticeable. And I love that, it helps make my bathroom feel cleaner.

One of the things I don’t like about this vanity, is the faucets. The faucets, they’re just a cheaper value and I’ve been planning on replacing them and haven’t yet. But I think if you were going to go and do the sinks and the vanity, go for the better faucets. They’re easier to clean, they look a lot nicer and it’s worth it.

One of the number one reasons for us to get this house was this dual sink vanity. I think that if you’re looking to put one in, it is an investment but it creates a luxurious and fantastic looking bathroom. And everybody that comes into my bathroom tells me how much they love it, how much they love the sinks, how much space it gives us and how it looks. So, I would definitely suggest it for others.

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Avanity MADISON-V72-LE Madison 72-Inch Vanity


Avanity MADISON-V72-LE Madison 72-Inch Vanity

Are you looking for a 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Sink? Then this stylish solid wood vanity sink is perfect for your big bathroom. Its panel is made of poplar solid wood and veneer with that very classy Espresso color. If you have a big bathroom to go with this wooden vanity sink, then you will never go wrong with this choice. Unlike the smaller sized vanity bathroom sinks, you have more storage space available. Not to mention that despite it is a double sink bathroom vanity sink, it is priced below $ 2,000!

Product description:

The Avanity Madison Vanity Wooden Bathroom sink is designed carefully to look and feel strong. Solid birch wood and veneer was used in creating this magnificent vanity. It’s dimension is 72″ W x 21″ D x 34″ H, which can give you enough space on the countertop for storage of your personal things such as perfume, hand wash, soap dishes or even scented candles. The Avanity Madison Bathroom Vanity has 4 soft-close doors. The solid birch wood frame makes the doors durable and can withstand strong impacts.


  • The Avanity solid wood bathroom vanity has two cabinets on opposite sides with 4 soft-close doors. Guaranteed these doors won’t creak or make an eerie sound when opening and closing with its quality door hinges.
  • These double cabinets has 2 interior shelves each for ample storage. It’s a great place to stash your towels, hand towels and an assortment of bathroom supplies.
  • The Avanity Madison vanity style also has 3 soft-close drawers. Installed with these soft-close drawers are quality drawer gliders, giving you effortless pushing and pulling as the drawer just glides through smoothly.
  • Fix uneven floor problems with this wooden bathroom vanity’s adjustable leg-levelers. With these leg-levelers, you don’t need to remove the tiles or hire someone to fix the floor for existing bathrooms.
  • The hardware and drawers are brushed with nickel finish. Brushed nickel finish gives off that clear and clean look that prevents rust and corrosion for that added durability.


  • Optional stone countertops  or double sink countertops with backsplash are available and sold separately. You can choose from a wide variety of countertops which accommodates undermount sinks that would suite your preference and style.
  • An optional matching mirror is available and sold separately if you don’t have a mirror yet. But if you do, the Avanity Madison vanity’s design can be matched to any bathroom mirror.
  • Faucets are sold separately and are available anywhere for you to choose from.

Why buy the Avanity Madison-V72-LE 72-Inch Vanity?

The 72-Inch Avanity Madison-V72-LE Bathroom Vanity is very classy and durable. The carrier brand Avanity has received several compliments and great reviews from existing customers. They have claimed that shipping and handling was hassle free. Their order arrived on a timely manner and that they were satisfied with their purchase. One customer even stated that it was such a great deal as she bought her 72-Inch Avanity Madison Vanity Bathroom while it was on sale at 9% off. This will surely complete your dream home.

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