Farting so much? Fun Facts about Farting… this topic stinks

You heard it right — this is all about farting! Hey, don’t get too overly embarrassed by the word. Everyone does it – from your neighbors to your family members, your school bus driver to the hottest guy and girl at school — no one is exempted from it.  And yes, it is perfectly OK to say that you farted. In fact, it’s normal. What is not normal is that you do not pass gas. Something must then be wrong with you.  And its always best to fart inside a toilet if you can. But aside from the sound and, uhm, the smell, what do we exactly know about farting? Let me answer some of the most curious questions you have:

Question: Here’s one basic question: What is the meaning of farting?
Answer: Farting is the natural passing of gas that accumulates in the intestine due to a variety of reasons. An average person can fart as many as 14 times per day whether they admit it or not. Even if one person suppresses farting and really does his/her best to hold it in, it will naturally pass while they sleep.

Question: Why am I farting so much?
Answer: Well, it has something to do with the way you chew your food or drink.  Not only does eating too fast impact our digestive system, it also lets in air pockets of air. These pockets of air are then released either by farting or burping. Another possible reason is that gas may seep into our intestine through the blood. The air can also possibly be caused by chemical reactions which involve billions of bacteria in the gut or intestine.

Question: This question may be a bit embarrassing, but what makes fart smell so bad? I mean why do my farts smell like rotten eggs?

This is actually a legitimate question, and the answer is backed up by science. Fart is composed of chemicals such nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and oxygen. It may likewise contain chemicals that stink such as hydrogen sulfide gas. The sulfur content is the primary reason as to why fart sometimes smells so bad.  The higher the sulfur content, the worse smell it can have.

Question: Why do farting sometimes sound too loud?

For some people, farting can be difficult to deny as it can make funny and, not to mention, quite an audible sound.  The sound is actually produced when the air escapes and creates a rather audible vibrations of the rectum.  The pressure which helps release the gas also contributes to the loudness of the sound. Another factor is also the tightness of the muscles called sphincter.

Question: How do we say fart in different languages?

So, let’s learn how to say fart in German and how to say fart in Swedish. Let’s not forget to also study how to say fart in Chinese, just for fun.  We say ‘FURZ’ in German, ‘ FISA’ in Swedish, and 屁 ‘PI’ in Chinese.

Question:  Lastly, how do you say fart in sign language?

In the American Sign Language, there are two ways to say it, but we will just take a look at the most common one.  The non-dominant hand should create an ‘A’ or “S’ handshape while the dominant hand is placed underneath the first of the non-dominant hand. It will then create a bending action as if showing that gas is escaping. Et voila! That’s how to say fart in a more creative manner.