Need a Toto Fill Valve Replacement ? Use TSU99A.X Universal

fill valveLooking for the perfect fill valve replacement for your leaky toto toilet? This fill valve replacement will work for both 2-piece and 1-piece toilet bowls and for all toto toilet models as its called universal.

With this fill valve, you can replace the Toto valve in your toilet even if you are not really an oriented handyman because it is just so easy to install and you can do the job done in just a few minutes. Watch the replacement video below direct from Toto.

You can put your whole trust in TSU99A.X Universal because Toto strictly leaves nothing to pure chance with regards to design and quality. The product’s performance, functionality, quality and customer’s satisfaction are some of the most important factor that they always consider. The universal fill valve has an adjustable height as well as offers a flow rate which can certainly accommodate all kinds of Toto toilet model units available in the market.

How to Replace a Toto Fill Valve Video

TSU99A.X is a genuine Toto valve part and can deliver about 80% to 85% of flushing power than the conventional valves because it is an upgraded version and its replacement part is now even much flimsier and lighter in weight. Here are the benefits of Universal valve:

  • High quality and an upgraded model – this fill valve is carefully packaged to 100% ensure an incredibly high quality valve and its height can be adjusted which makes it a perfect fill valve replacement, especially for a two-piece toilets. Its strong flushing power leaves a very good amount of water right in the toilet bowl for the user’s convenience.
  • Universal – means you can use this fill valve for all toto toilet models. The best replacement for broken fill valve for Toto Drake and Toto Ultramax series. Works for both two-peice and 1 piece models.
  • Easy installation – you can easily replace your broken toilet valve as it comes with very comprehensive instructions. These instructions can help in installing the valve without even asking the help of a professional technician. Aside from that, it also provides detailed information of the right type of valve that you must use to replace the item because all you will have to do is to look for the particular valve number, the tank unit and the combination model that you have in order to do the replacement task well done, secured and easy.

One of the most in demand toilets in the market is the Toto toilet because of its great design and quality. But no matter how good the quality of a product is, there will always be a time that you will experience some problems with it.

TSU99A.X Universal Valve is really one of the best replacement products so far in the market TOTO leaky toilets. The only negative thing about it is that it is a bit noisier but that does not matter because there are many benefits that you will surely enjoy with it. It has been a great help to lots of people and having this on your TOTO toilet will let you experience it too.