Top 6 Most Expensive Toilets in The World For Rich, Kings, and Scientists

Here are the most advanced and luxurious toilets for people who literally are rolling in money !!!

But if you are looking for a home use best toilet.. Toto Ultramax II

Although you cannot purchase the Hang Fung gold toilet for your master bath, there are many other fancy fixtures available to accent your bathroom, but you will be shelling out big bucks for them. The following are the top 5 most expensive toilets in the world. Prices are as of 11-23-2015. Some are discounted some have different worth-price from different sources.


$ 2,665.00 ( TOTO MS980CMG Neorest 550 )

For $2,665.00, the Toto Neorest 550 has a remote control, automatic lid, bidet, and dual flush. One of the greatest features of TOTO is the fact that you will be able to choose the kind of flush that you need to have. The toilet will automatically flush for you, which is going to reduce the amount of germs being spread automatically, but you can also set it for a flush that is as low as almost 1 gallon. It will let you have an unmatched level of water conservation, as well as you can set it for a strong flush with 1.6 gallon for a heavy load that will not jam your system up either.

$ 4,753.88 ( KOHLER K-3901-0 Numi )

The Numi toilet combines the unmatched technology and design to bring you the finest in personal cleansing and comfort. This most advanced toilet from Kohler is now offering personalized settings that will let you to fine-tune each of your exact option preferences, from the ambient colored lighting to the wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the foot warmer and heated seat. You can play your favorite podcasts and music by simply streaming wirelessly with any device enabled with Bluetooth technology. You can also store MP3 files to the SD card or plug your device in using the auxiliary cable.


$ 5,228.00 ( TOTO MS990CGR-12 Neorest )

Because it was particularly designed to answer hygiene and cleanliness factors in mind, this toilet has many features that is all worth your bucks. These include the heated seat with temperature adjustments, 3 cleaning adjust modes for total cleaning assurance, skirted design to ensure lesser cleaning maneuver, and energy saving feature that will save electricity and water. Check for more Neorest toilets here


$ 13,467.60 ( The Dagobert Wooden Throne Toiler )

As named after the last ruler of Merovingian dynasty France in 8th Century, King Dagobert here is a commode, which makes all of the toilets seem lowly. It has been a well-known fact that Royal Privy of the Majesty plays “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” when you lift the lid.


$ 130,000 ( Lixil Satis Smart Toilet )

Swarovski crystal-studded toilet displayed at the Lixil‘s showroom outside Tokyo’s tony Ginza.


$ 5 Million ( The Hang Fung Gold Toilet )

This 24-carat solid gold toilet owned by Han Fund Gold Technology resides in the company’s demonstration washroom with dub, “The Hall of Gold”. It is available for public viewing, for the room is featuring many other opulent washroom accessories such as solid gold bars embedded in the floors and several other precious handmade items. As a matter of fact, tourists would come across to take a picture on the gold throne.


$ 19 Milllion ( International Space-Station Toilet )

The most expensive toilet in the world is not actually residing on Earth. Rather, it has been launched into the space. Built by Russia for the International Space Station in November of 2008, the toilet is featuring leg braces in order to help astronauts to position properly.

These are the 6 most expensive toilets in the world, each with individual special purpose in mind.

Most Expensive Toilet Paper in the World Your Butt Will Never Get Wiped


Price $ 1,376,900.00 ( 24 CARAT GOLD TOILET PAPER – 1 ROLL )

Are you fancy throwing your money straight down your toilet? Then, you have to own the most expensive toilet paper in the world your butt will never wiped. There have been unique stories related to gold and fanciness. So, these days, there seems to be unlimited to the extreme people, who will go showing off their wealth. Are you wondering what a very wealthy individual household shopping may contain? Other than very expensive foods, how about a 22-carat gold toilet paper? There is no secret, which people would like to purchase strange stuff. Let us take a closer look about the most expensive toilet paper in the world.

Toilet Paper Man, which has been producing every day household items like laundry detergent and garbage bags, developed a 3-ply toilet paper made from 22-carat gold flakes through the roll for 1,376,900.00 dollars in one roll, after using completely golden toilets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He said that when he saw some hotels in Dubai having complete gold toilet seats and handles for the toilet paper, they decided that making a toilet paper made of gold would be a great idea. The company has declared as well, that when you use this toilet paper, the 22-carat gold flakes is falling into the floor and your behind is taking you to another level of sophistication.

They only have been able to produce one roll in this stage. It naturally comes gift-wrapped. It would be 100% safe and usable and proudly made in Australia. Together with the purchase, this expensive product also comes with a bottle of champagne, in accordance to the news website named, International Business Times. The world’s most expensive toilet paper will go perfectly well with the golden toilet that is built by Hang Fun Gold Technology Group in 2001, which has a price tag of more or less 2.5 million dollars. Apparently, adoring gold in a non-luxury item is a trend nowadays. Gold is now being use on almost everything, from headphones to bags, to phones and microphones. Moreover, it is beneficial for the skin, so they are even using gold in facials.

The gold mask acts as a powerful treatment for anti-aging. The primary ingredients of the facial are gold gel and gold cream. These contain a 24-carat gold, sandalwood, aloe vera, and wheat germ oil. The Australian company that produced this 1 million dollar worth of toilet paper is set to take the idea of having an extravagant living into another level with this eccentric product. As you order/purchase the toilet, it will personally have delivered to your doorstep. As they took inspiration for the product from the complete gold toilet seats in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, they said that it is the most expensive toilet paper in the world, and indeed true.

Toilet Paper Man is yet to make a sale on this expensive toilet paper, so prepare yourself and wait for the sale. With the world’s most expensive toilet paper, you can indeed make your extravagant living into a whole new level.