Which is the Better One Piece Toilet Toto Ultramax II vs American Standard Champion 4 ?

Recently we just picked Toto Ultramax II as the best Toto Toilet model. Here, we are going to compare Ultramax II against A.S. Champion 4. We would recommend you to get a American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 if you are looking for a more powerful flushing system for commercial use.

A.S. Champion 4 is the best commercial toilet in the market today but a little bit noisy. With great power comes great noise. It is using a 1.6 gallons of water per flush with a MAP rate of 1,000 grams of solid waste.

For home use we highly recommend Ultramax II, it is powerful, cleans the bowl completely but quietly. This one is using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush with a Map rate of 500 grams of solid waste. If you are big on water-saving feature, this model is for you.

As of as 12-9-2015, AS Champion 4 ( seat not included ) price is $50 higher than Ultramax II ( softclose seat included ) in Amazon. Best Seller Rank ? A.S. Champion is number 1 while ultramax is number 3 in one-piece toilets.

The One-Piece Toilet Comparison

Different users for each of these models have different opinions based on their experience. Some of those experiences are from delivery, handling, installation, and actual use. Reading them all could add more confusion to which one is really the best. With both almost have 75% 5-star customer ratings, lets take compare the models feature against feature.

Power Flush, does more water means better flushing ?

Toto Drake II and Ultramax II comes with ” Double cyclone flushing system “, check this Drake II flush test video ( left side while A.S Champion 4 is on the right side. Note: Drake II Map rate is 800 grams while Ultramax II is 500 grams and A.S. Champion 4 is 1,000 grams. Different types of materials such as golf course balls are dropped into the bowl. Both are efficient in flushing the materials but can you compare the power and the noise it produces? The noise might make a big difference if are using it at night especially if you have little kids you don’t want to wake up.

This is where American Standard Champion 4 model 2034.014.020 got its flushing power. 4 inch flush valve is the biggest in the market. Double cyclone us 3 inch valve. In AS champion the water runs 360 degrees sideways cleaning the rim and bowl wall then a water jet captures the circular flow of water as they are siphon into the trapway without hitting a flat spot that slows down the momentum. It’s fully 2 3/8 inch glazed smooth trapway also helps the waste go down the drain without clogging. That 4 combination makes it perfect for a commercial use toilet, making it as the best seller on that category.


Here is the flushing design for Toto double cyclone.


Two nozzles instead of tiny rim holes make use of water more efficiently for bowl wall wash. The force of the 1.28 gallons of water running down from the nozzles does not get into small holes thus maintaining its top speed resulting in a totally flushed poop and less cleaning. Saves more money on water bills than a 1.6 gpf toilet like A.S. Champion 4. But if you have big guys who constantly dropping huge bombs or even a sticky paste like poops, well, A.S. Champion 4 is your hero.

These two flushing system passed the test of first cleaning the bowl rim and wall, pushing the poop into the trapway effectively and into the drain, mostly providing a clog-free toilet time.

Water-saving technology

Can you believe that about 30% of residential water in USA is flushed through toilets ? 1.6 gpf was then the standard limit while in California the standard is 1.28 gpf. In this regard Toto Ultramax II which is a 1.28 gpf model is has the WaterSense certification while AS Champion 4 not. Toto MS604114CUFG is even a 1 gallon per flush ultamax II model.

ADA Comfort Height Toilets

For tall, disabled people, Senior citizens, its comfortable for them to sit on and get off the toilet with better height. A.S. Champion 4 has a 16-1/2-inch seat height while Ultramax II has a seat height of 17-1/4-Inch. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 set a height requirement which these two models complied.

Bowl shape takes more space

Both of these models have an elongated bowl shape which may take more space in your bathroom but elongated bowl provides a longer space for your thighs or butt to sit on and provides a better aim for men – boys while urinating.

One Piece Design

One-piece model cost more than two-piece but you may find bought of these easier to install since you only need 1 piece to work on. Also a one-piece is easier to clean since there is no gap between the bowl and the tank, so no need for cleaning there.

Trip lever ease of use

I like Ultramax II chrome plated trip lever, it has a little curve on it that fits right into your finger while Champion 4 trip lever looks simple and straight.

Both models have a clearance of 12 inch, great for connecting water lines and cleaning the back of the bowl base.


Ultramax II offers 5 colors Bone, colonial white, cotton, cotton white, and sedona beige which is good in matching a color-themed bathroom while Champion 4 only offer two colors which are white and linen.


Limited 10-Year Warranty for AS Champion 4 while One Year Limited Warranty for Toto Ultramax II.

Over-all both of Toto Ultramax II and American Standard Champion 4 are great one-piece toilets. Like I said, it all depends on individual experiences and of which you want to use it for, number of people using it and installation. Some customers approved the Ultramax II is better flushing toilet and its quiet while others Champion 4 is the best flushing toilet.