The Best RV Toilet Sewer Hose to Drain your Sewage Tank the Easy Way

camco rhinoIf you own a recreational vehicle Toilet, you need to invest with the best RV sewer hose in order to drain your RV sewage tank the easy and hassle free way. If you are looking for the best RV sewer hose, the Camco 39761 15’ RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit with a swivel fitting is a highly considerable option.

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Introducing Camco 39761 15’ RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit
This exclusive sewer hose kit featuring Swivel fittings also showcases an ultimately tough and reliable bayonet fitting for more secured fit. A translucent and detachable 4 in 1 elbow adapter is also added for fitting to 3” to 4” threaded pipes. This ready to use kit comes with the toughest and most durable hose you can purchase.

The Swivel fittings feature locking rings that can be reused so that the fitting can be transferred into the newest RhinoFlex hose. This kit also includes elbow storage cap and a bayonet. This best RV sewer hose kit can be compressed into 56” for convenient storage and the detachable 4 in 1 adapter enables you to store the hose into four inches square bumpers.

The Most Highlighted Features of Camco 39761 15’ RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit

The following features make this product one of the best RV sewer hose kit:

  • This includes a RhinoFlex hose, 4 in 1 lucid elbow, swivel bayonet adapter and 2 storage caps and locking rings.
  • The sewer hose is composed of 23 mils durable polyolefin and is also reinforced with top quality steel wire.
  • Detachable fitting swivel for easier and more convenient use.
  • Kit compresses for easier storage.

Camco 39761 Sewer Hose Kit-The All in One Kit that You Need

This product is said to be “everything you need kit”. This is collapsible in nature so all you have to do is to extend the hose in as much as you need. The bayonet-style fitting which connects securely to your sewer outlet and the locking rings ensures safe and secure fitting. You can take advantage of the translucent elbow to determine if your tank is already empty.

When completely done emptying your RV sewage tank and have already rinsed out the hose, you simply need to secure end caps in place to get rid of unwanted dripping. One of the best features of this kit is that the lock rings and swivel are detachable so individuals can use these again and again.

The Camco RV sewer hose kit is assembled with everything that you need in order to get ready for your next outdoor escapade. This comes with heavy duty hose and all essential components that will give you the assurance that connection will always be secured. Durably constructed, this best RV sewer hose kit is especially designed to serve you for longest years. Make sure that your recreational vehicle is equipped with Camco 39761 15’ RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit before getting off the road for your next trip.

This product is made to fit varieties of RV models and is certainly an ideal choice to ensure that sewer system is properly functioning.

Rv Sewer Hose Support – A Review to Camco 43041 15′ Sidewinder Plastic

Sewer Hose SupportAre you looking for a sewer hose support that isn’t only affordable but also dependable in terms of maintaining the smooth flow of your sewer line? Yes? Then good thing you’ve come to the right article as this will give a review to one of the hottest special equipment today to keeping your sewage a job well done like a pro. This special equipment is now on the hot spot as more and more people discover its immense value to keeping their sewage line stable and freely flowing even on uneven terrain. Aside from its state-of-the-art use, it also comes at a very attractive price that will surely be liked by its users.

The Camco 43041 15′ Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support
This sidewinder plastic sewer hose support is the special equipment to maintaining the efficiency of your sewage whenever you’re on a camp. Camco, the company behind this groundbreaking plastic sewer hose support has been in the business for more than 40 years now serving the world with competitively priced quality products to achieve customer delight and overall satisfaction. And as their latest masterpiece, this sewer hose support they have is meant to keep everything smoothly flowing to the dump station. Such brace has profound cradles and sturdy snap-fit hinges to steady the sewer hose with no straps.

Its convenient handle makes transportation even simpler. Lightweight and sturdy, its sidewinder stretches out easily without creeping closed and positions around obstructions to keep where you place it. The rear part of the side winder cradle is exactly seven and one-fourth inches high at the highest level and four inches high at its lowest level. It extends to suit a fifteen-foot hose and compresses to only ten inches.

To get this item into action, you should first remove the orange handle on the sidewinder and then extend such sidewinder to your required length. Afterwards, place the sidewinder between the sewer inlet and your RV with the highest point at the recreational vehicle and the lowest point at the sewer inlet. Put the sewer hose into the sidewinder’s cradle and then fasten the sewer hose as you normally do. Once done, unfasten the sewer hose. Eliminate the sewer hose from the sidewinder. Collapse the sidewinder. Utilize the handle to securely close it.

Special Features

Without the need of a pro in plumbing, you can ascertain your line is freely flowing and pretty stable with this equipment. It has made the task easier and cost-effective. At every camping adventure, you can use this thing to keep everything smoothly flowing to the dump site. For the many good things about this equipment, see its many good features below.

  • Lightweight yet strong frame
  • Includes a carrying handle
  • Offers gentle slope down to the dump station
  • Presents a deep cradle to hold the sewer hose in place
  • It collapses to only ten inches
  • Resistant to rust
  • Conveniently positions around obstructions and remains in place where you place
  • Do not creep closed
  • Comes with a very attractive one year warranty

To the more and more people who have already bought and had a firsthand experience to using this equipment, they only got good things to say to it. So, what do you think? Have it your way now with this new equipment in town.

Rv Sewer Fitting – A Closer Look at Camco 39847 RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree Sewer Hose Swivel

Swivel FittingTo every active camper, a sewer hose kit is a crucial camping requirement as your RV’s septic system is smaller and requires draining every now and then. For this reason, make sure that you have a sewer hose that will perfectly affix to your portable septic tank. Do you know how to make sure the sewer hose will work perfectly? One important addition to it is the sewer hose swivel fitting.

And today, Camco, a manufacturing company that is known to produce premium quality sewage equipments for the past four decades again offers another great addition to the normal sewer hose kit, the Camco 39847 RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting. Its clear elbow directly connects to RV outside between the sewer hose and waste tank valve, permitting you to check when the gray and black and water tanks have come empty. In addition to that, it is also very helpful when flushing in order to see if water runs clear.

To learn more about this latest equipment that must be added to your sewer hose kit, stick around as the article gets a closer look and review to this latest equipment. This gives you detailed information of what this item is all about. It also gives you an informed decision to buy or not this equipment.

The lug and bayonet ends of this sewer hose swivel fitting permits you to adjust it to the most convenient angle in order to empty water tanks. The lug fitting on the elbow’s other end make it simple to exactly affix the sewer hose to the forty-five degree fitting. The bayonet end, on the other hand, has 4 pongs which click into place onto the lugs on the water tank valve. Also, the bayonet fitting comes with a built-in gasket for a locked, odor tight connection.

The fitting works through fitting it between the sewer hose and RV’s waste tank valve. To affix, twist the fitting’s bayonet end onto the waste tank valve’s lugs until the bayonets are securely locked in place. After which, affix the sewer hose to the forty-five degree fitting similar way you would affix it to the waste tank valve. Keep in mind that the ends swivel and so the elbow could be modified in any direction for easy use. Once the black and grey water tanks are drain, eliminate the elbow and keep it for future use.

Special Features

To the many good features this fitting has, the following are the most significant:

  • The swivel ends are the way for easy connection and adjustment
  • Clear fitting permits you to see once tanks are drained
  • Durable
  • Ideal for tank flushing
  • For longevity, it presents UV-stabilized resin
  • four-prong bayonet and offers a locked, odor tight connection
  • One-year limited warranty

This modern engineering product is a highly recommend addition to every camper’s sewer kit. Most especially if you have a travel trailer, this swivel fitting is perfect for you. The best thing about this accessory is that is allows you to check if the black tank is flushed out completely.

 Rv Sewer Hose Storage review

hose storageMajority of the campsites are RV-friendly; however, some are not. If you are planning to have a long trip, you might end up in an area that needs for additional sewer or water hose, so that you can avail those functions. In this RV Sewer Hose Storage review, you will learn many things about the Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier and why many car owners are utilizing this.

About Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier

Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier is made from ABS plastic and can be connected through the mounting brackets for fast and easy process of installation. The interlocking cap carries a round handle that make it easy for a quarter turn on/off together with a strap to avoid loss. The outer tube diameter is 5 inches and 4.4 inches for the inside diameter and it is 64″ long.  This RV sewer hose storage tube weights 5 lbs and it includes mounting screws.


  • Comes assembled together with the mounting brackets for its easy process of installation
  • Round handle interlocking cap for fast quarter turning on or off
  • Durable strap that has the capacity to prevent any losses
  • Mounting screws
  • Outer Dimension of 5-1/32 inch
  • Internal Dimension of 4.4 inch


  • This RV sewer hose storage tube carries an easy to lock functionality in both ends of the product.
  • The simplicity of the product guarantee that the inside contents will not lose, even when travellingin a long distance areas.
  • Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier is suitable for installation at the back of the caravan and motorhome to stock the dirt in the sewerage pipes.
    Suitable for all professions or hobbies as a team of electrician and plumber can utilize it on their car. A fisherman can mount this RV Sewer Hose Storage on the roof of a 4×4 to embrace surf rods for beach excursions.
  • This can also be used for the housing cables or pipes.
  • Can add appeal to your car, making it more adventurous and functional.


The only disadvantage that you can notice with Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier is its high price as compared to other RV sewer hose storage tube. This might be because of the highest quality of the materials that composed this item. Though it is luxurious, you can ensure that it will be functional to your needs.


Long traveling is a happy activity that you and your family can perform. Thus, you must always be prepared on all possible things that might happen. Valterra A04-0153XBK Black 64″ EZ Hose Carrier, you can ensure that it will add convenience to you in storing the hose, water, or even dirt on your sewer. With its numerous advantages, this only proves that is ideal for your RV that can add additional comfort to you. To make your travelling on long distance areas, see to it that you have the RV sewer hose storage tube to give you peace of mind and wonderful travelling experience.

Rv Holding Tank Deodorizer review

porta pakWalex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer, (Pack of 10)

A portable toilet is one of the things that can offer convenience for outdoor enthusiasts and campers whenever they need to answer the call of nature. There are some unexpected things that may happen and the holding tank of your RV loses its functionalities and when this happens, you will need to have a holding tank treatment immediately.

For most travelers and boaters, they would always prefer something that is really cost-effective, economical and safe. One of these is Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer, which has a very huge impact in the whole marine and RV markets and is used in numerous numbers of commercial applications each year. Many users love it because there are no other products available I the market that can offer a combination of high quality deodorizing materials and user friendliness.

Due to its very great demand in the market, many people out there are wondering if purchasing this particular product is really a wise idea. To help those people who are still in the dark in terms of the RV holding tank deodorizer, this RV holding tank deodorizer review was created. This is not biased to the product or to the manufacturer because the purpose of this product review is to help the customers in deciding if they will use it.

Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak

This Holding Tank Deodorizer (Pack of 10) is a product that will not harm you or your septic system and it gets diluted right there in the holding tank easily and nothing of it even a small part will be left when it is dumped into the septic system. Aside from being very much cost-effective, safe to use and economical, many customers love the product also because of its great advantages.

Product pros

  • Has great and unbeatable odor control which will ensure that you will not smell any traces of bad elements
  • Has fast breaking down functions of paper and quick waste digester
  • 100% cleans the tank and number one product that deodorizes the tank odors effectively unlike the other products out there
  • Very easy to use because all you will have to do is to drop the premeasured porta paks in the blank water tank and voila, the system’s odor will be controlled efficiently
  • Non-staining color
  • Formaldehyde fee

Product cons

  • If you don’t use this product on a regular basis, tendency is that you will experience selling bad odor in time and most of us will not want that to happen.
  • His product is not eligible for international shipping which means some people will not be able to buy this one

All consumers out there will never want to spend a lot of money for something that is not actually useful and effective. It is very important to never settle for less because we just don’t deserve it. With the help of Walex TOI-91799 Holding Tank Deodorizer, you can be assured that everything will turn out just the way that you have expected it to be. We hope that this RV holding tank deodorizer has been of help to you.