48″ Old Fashion Style Marble Top Bathroom Sink Vanity

48 Old Fashion Style Marble Top Bathroom Sink Vanity - Q036M Florence

48 inch Handcrafted-cabinet design single sink bathroom vanity white top

Are you looking for a 48 inch Victorian style bathroom vanity with more space to place your things on top? A solid hard wood bathroom vanity with handcrafted-design that will make your guests say wow and wanting one? You might like to consider this vanity sink.

The Florence Old Fashion Style Marble Top Bathroom Vanity Sink is an amazing find. Give your home an upscale of beauty and extravagance with this classic-inspired and beautifully made Florence vanity sink. This single sink bathroom vanity with white top will certainly give you a great time every single day as you begin your daily routine and activities. You’ll be able to place more things on top since its a single sink. The luster of wood and its great, intricate carving details brings out its immense quality. Whether you are opting for a Victorian style home décor or an European theme, the sophistication and the sleek design of this Marble Top Bathroom Vanity Sink is just perfect.


  • 48” single sink vanity provides more space on top to place daily needed items such as electric toothbrush, face towel, soap. You can even place a small flower base.
  • Undermounted sink is easy to clean and provides minimalist look.
  • With undermount sink you can wipe dirt or scraps straight into the sink.
  • Unlike drop-in sinks with exposed rim that often catch crumbs and dirt, this under mounted sink wont.
  • With 4 drawers on the left and 4 on the right side, you can separate items and remember them easily, then place large items in the front compartment
  • Marble is a weight-bearing and water-resistance countertop material.
  • Cream based Marble top matched with Bisque smooth elongated basin provides sleek and luxurious aesthetic.
  • Lastly, solid-wood handcrafted-cabinet design fits well with a Victorian style or a European-themed bathroom.


Faucet sold separately, but open-option like this is better so you can pick a faucet design of your choice.

Product Description:

This old fashion bathroom single sink vanity is certainly made to make you happy. This piece is carefully handcrafted to give any customer the comfort she/he needs. Its hand-polished countertop is sealed and protects itself from prolonged exposure to humidity thus giving itself a long-life durability any home would love to keep.

  • This Florence Vanity Sink has a cream marble counter top Bisque under mount basin
  • All of its compartments are functional and very efficient, with a large front compartment with ample storage for your basic needs
  • The elegant Vanity Sink’s faucet is sold separately with 8″ spread and 3 holes  for only $125.00 Generic Brand
  • The classic-inspired Florence sink vanity’s optional back splash is available at $75.00 only
  • The size of this Old Fashion Style Marble Top Bathroom Sink is: 48.5 x 22 x 36” H
  • Entire item weighs approximately 250 pounds

Why choose The Florence Old Fashion Bathroom Vanity Sink:

 The Florence Old Fashion Bathroom Vanity Sink is easy to install. No need to be an expert. No more special power tools and whatnot. It fits perfectly in any bathroom of your dream home.  Warranty is good and the delivery is hassle free.  Customers who have purchased this bathroom vanity sink have posted very good reviews on Amazon and on other sites as well. It is guaranteed that this is very durable and sturdy. The countertop is pre-polished that would protect the surface from water, soaking or any prolonged exposure to humid conditions. The wood carvings are very detailed up close. The wooden panel’s color and design reflects old fashioned design and intricacy.

These Vanity Mirrors might look great with this 48-inch vanity:

Belle Foret Carved Portrait Mirror

24″ All Mirror Petite Bathroom Sink Vanity Review

24" All Mirror Petite Bathroom Sink Vanity

If you currently have a white themed bathroom or a modern inspired bathroom design and are looking for a bathroom sink, then look no further. This 24 inch All Mirror Vanity Bathroom Single Sink is the perfect one for you. This beautiful all mirror vanity sink is 2 feet wide and about 3 feet high. Its small enough to fit in a small bathroom space like studio apartments, a flat or your 5’ x 6’ powder room. Unlike the pedestal sink, this vanity sink is the perfect match for your clean and sleek bathroom which also allows you to have storage for your bathroom supplies with its two drawers. The white marble countertop can still provide space for a soap dish, shampoo, or perfume.

Product Description for the 24 Inch All Mirror Single Bathroom Vanity Sink:

The all mirror vanity bathroom sink has a modern flair. It looks cool and stylish at the same time. Its size is small which can be placed in a small apartment, a flat or 5 x 6 feet powder room. The countertop is made of genuine marble which makes this vanity sink durable enough to withstand objects you mount and won’t easily break. That is what makes this vanity sink so special. It looks stylish yet sturdy, perfect for any bathroom design, big or small. The faucet measures 8” spread, 3 holes faucet and is sold separately. The drawer size is 6 ½” deep and measures 13”L x 15 ½”W. This bathroom vanity sink has a drain extension and a P-trap.


  • The basin of this bathroom vanity sink is made of porcelain which adds a touch of flair to any bathroom design, making the countertop smooth and easy to wipe off when cleaning.
  • This small white all mirror vanity sink fits very well in any small powder and or bathroom, giving you ample storage space for decorating.
  • This all mirror vanity sink has a marble top which makes this bathroom sink sturdy and durable. You can place a small object you desire as décor. Or you can mount the top with a soap dish perhaps, a tissue box or scented candles! The design of this bathroom vanity sink looks very universal and can match with any design of your bathroom.
  • There are two large drawer spaces for you to store items such as tissue, makeups and hand towels.
  • Pre-cut in a U-shape for of the top drawer for the basin is specially designed for easy plumbing access in case if there are any leaks for repairs.


  • The top drawer cannot be used as it is for easy plumbing purposes.
  • Faucets are sold separately for only $ 125.00. However, you can choose any style you want as the size is widely available in several hardware stores.
  • It weighs around 180 pounds which is heavier compared to the 136 pounds of the solid hardwood bathroom vanity sink with backsplash and framed vanity mirror, but this is because it is made of durable steel and all mirror siding.

Why Choose The 24” All Mirror Vanity Bathroom Sink?

Chans Furniture has received several positive feedback and reviews from customers who have purchased and installed the 24” All Mirror Small Bathroom Vanity Sink. Several reviews from customers have claimed that they have received praises and compliments from family and friends about their newly installed vanity sink. One very positive feedback was the price of the bathroom sink. It’s very affordable and yet very stylish! Shipping is hassle free and their customer support specialists can entertain your questions regarding the product. I’m sure you will love this 24 inch all mirror vanity sink that fits in any bathroom type.

32-Inch Solid Wood Single Drop-In Sink Vanity Set with Espresso Finish

Design Element Stanton Single Drop-In Sink Vanity Set with Espresso Finish, 32-Inch

Are you looking for that touch of solid oak wood cabinet in your brand new or remodelled bathroom? The Design Element Stanton Single Drop-In Sink Vanity Set is definitely the way to go. Its solid oak wood cabinet and matching espresso framed mirror will give your bathroom that contemporary feel. This 32-inch integrated drop-in sink vanity will surely be the perfect size for your small bathroom and it even adds storage space for your must-have toiletries. Most consumers appreciate the look of stone, but don’t like the constant need for maintenance. So, the porcelain integrated sink and countertop is stain and impact resistant, which makes it last longer and easier to clean.

Product Description:

Design Element Stanton Single Drop-In Sink Vanity Set with Espresso Finish, 32-Inch

This single drop-in sink vanity set emanates a contemporary class. This piece is elegantly constructed of solid oak wood with a pop of integrated porcelain to make it look sensational and at the same time provide the assurance of durability. It comes with a matching Espresso framed mirror you can hang beautifully on your bare bathroom wall.  This vanity is furnished with integrated drop-in sink which gives a cleaner line to showcase its fabulous porcelain countertop. It also includes four drawers to give you the storage space that you always need and a soft closing double door cabinet all embellished with satin nickel hardware which is ideal for any bathroom cabinetry.


  • Its solid oak wood cabinet can stand the test of time due to its durability.
  • The porcelain integrated drop-in sink and countertop is less susceptible to staining and is 30% stronger than the more common granite, which makes it very sturdy.
  • The soft closing double door feature of its cabinet will eliminate the concern of getting your fingers caught (particularly children) between the doors, which definitely hurts.
  • Its pop-up drain has a push to open or push to close which makes it easy to stop water and avoid overflowing the sink.
  • If you’re on a tight budget and looking to get a great deal for the perfect vanity in your beautiful apartment bathroom just below $1000, then this vanity set helps you save more than $100.


  • The drawers are not self-closing, so in case your memory fails you, there’s no need to re-open it.
  • Some customers feel there’s a need for the vanity’s height to be modified, but if you have children or if you’re on the shorter side, it won’t pose a problem at all.

Why choose the 32” Stanton Single Drop-In Sink Vanity Set?

Design Element received positive reviews from happy customers expressing their satisfaction, saying how nice this vanity set is. A customer pointed out that it arrived in perfect condition, ready and easy to install. In one review, they highlighted the fact that it is true to its description and that it’s worth recommending to anyone interested in buying a similar product. Another thing is  we all know that “patience is a virtue” but having to fight back the excitement of finally receiving this product and having to wait for what seems like forever will not be a hurdle, since the shipment is quick and hassle free.