Danco 80156 The Best Bolt Set to Perfectly fit Toilet onto the floor

Danco 80156 1/4-by-2-1/4-Inch Toilet Bolt Set

Want a toilet bowl attached perfect onto your bathroom floor ? Wethere you are installing a new toilet or remounting an old one this bolt set will secure your bowl tighly. Some of the little screws just wont do it but this bolt set will surely hold the toilet at its right place.

No wiggle nor a wobble, just bolted perfectly.

Most plumbers will pick this as the best choice for repair. It last long, simple to use, works smoothly. For a well-known brand and its quality the price is reasonable.

Any homeowner always wants complete scale comfort more essentially in the bathroom. You do not have to worry because Danco bring you full convenience in setting your toilet up with the best toilet bolt set. With Danco’s top rated toilet bolt set, your toilet will always be in good hands, ensuring you the best results for a luxurious and comfortable home living. It performs better, top quality, and very durable as compared to the rest of the toilet bolt sets in the market today.

This set of toilet bolt from Danco will wind up being advantageous. You may be astonished well to look at how handy this toilet bolt set can be. This bolt set fastens bowl securely on your bathroom floor, with a unique break-a-way feature that allows you to adjust to the appropriate height without using a hacksaw. It enables for a perfect alignment and quicker installation. Furthermore, the set includes a additional heavy nuts and brass washers that are nickel plated.

In one year or so, the screws anchoring your toilet to the floor will eventually become dysfunctional, quite messy, and rusty. Who does not love seeing their toilet dashingly new and tightly intact? Every homeowner does. This screw set is also highly recommended for commercial toilets at the schools, malls, and many other establishments in which frequent use of toilet occurs. This bolt set 80156 comes with an exceptional packaging to ensure the durability after being installed. It has 2 gold anodized bolts together with the matching washers.

The flathead’s bottom side has slight grooves, which is making the bolts to look greater and nicer. Without having a very essential role in the installation process, this attributes absolutely ads to the appeal of this bolt set. These features are especially designed to secure your toilet in place without a need to worry about any woggles and wiggles. Why will you settle for a very cost-effective bolt when the sustainability has not been guaranteed? With Danco Bolts, you will not only get it at a very affordable price, but it definitely has guaranteed durability and best quality in the long run.

Moreover, the installation of this bolt is very easy. Even though the length is quite long, you can adjust it easily to fit to your toilet. There is no need for you to fret about purchasing about the other small parts for the installation, as everything you need is all in the set, and in a blink, your toilet has been fasten firmly on the floor, looking brand new.


By means of doing a great job to hold down their position under some foul situations, Danco 80156 ¼ X 2 ¼ Inch Toilet Bolt Set indeed lives up to its title in Amazon as the best seller in the toilet floor bolts and washer sets. I highly recommend this product for I myself have used it, and proved the benefits and comfort that I can get from this set.