Water Saving Toilets Which is the Best ? ( WaterSense Approved )

watersensesmallIn today’s market, most of the standard toilets are using 1.60 gallons of water per flush. Though its already a big move from the old 3.50 gallons per flush, flushing design innovation were able to meet Government Agency demand for better water-saving toilets.

A toilet with 1.60 gpf system is considered a low-flow or low-flush toilet, a 1.28 gpf model (saves up to 20% more water than 1.60 gpf toilets) is called a high efficiency toilet or HET, but for the ultimate water-saving toilet that uses only 1.0 gallons of water per flush, its called Premium HET Toilets. These 2 Toto toilet models are both uses 1.0 gallons of water and with its flushing system design, it garnered a possitive review from owners for its flushing power and water-saving benefit. Some states like California USA offers huge rebates for homeowners who will buy 1.28 gpf and 1.0 gpf toilets instead of 1.60 gpf models.

Toilet water consumption per person / year

You can see that Drake II uses 2,336 gallons per person per year which is 20% less water consumption compare to 1.60 gpf models, so its clear that choosing a 1.0 gpf toilet like the toilets below will surely saves you a lot of water.

Best Two-Piece Water-Saving Toilet

Toto CST454CUFGToto CST454CUFG Drake II 1.0 gpf toilet uses double cyclone flushing system which 2 nozzles allows water to flow with more power and speed instead of tiny rim holes. The 2 nozzles on the rim creates a swirling effect thus cleaning the rim and bowl wall completely cleans and flush solid and liquid waste using only 1 gallon of water effeciently and in a quiet way. The other Toto drake II model is the best seller for year 2014 and 2015, it uses 1.28 gallons of water. With this new model that uses 1.0 gpf, you save more water and money.

Toto Drake II has a Maximum Performance rate (MaP) of 800 grams of solid waste. Currently it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 40 customers.

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Some customer were first doubtful on buying a 1.0 gallons per flush toilet, but with the success of Toto drake II and some customer’s review online, you can put your trust on this water saving models to take on its job very well. Some buyers install this toilet into their master bedroom and install the Toto MS604114CUFG UltraMax II  (below) in their common toilet and bath. Toto CST454CUFG is Watersense certified and will surely get a Calgreen approval, you will get a good rebate, just search online for rebate programs. This new innovation from Toto is a great help for your pocket and the environment.

This toilet was first released on September 2012.

Best One-Piece Water-Saving Toilet

Toto MS604114CUFGToto MS604114CUFG UltraMax II 1.0 gpf toilet is another ultra-high efficiency (Premium HET) one-piece toilet model. Again this toilet features double cyclone flushing technology which uses 2 rim nozzles instead of tiny rim holes allowing the flow of water from the tank to maintain its power and speed.

The original Ultramax II uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush which is considered one of the best water-saving toilet from Toto. Ultramax II has a Maximum Performance rate (MaP) of 500 grams of solid waste. Currently it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 10 customers.

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This is a WaterSense and CalGreen complaint toilet model.

This toilet is first release on October 2013.

Best Flushing System Design

Toto offers different types of flushing system designs such as E-max, G-max, Dual Max and Double Cyclone. So far double cyclone comes out as the winner espepcially in water-saving. Double Cyclone Flushing System features hole-free rim bowl, uses 2 nozzles that creates a centrifugal, cyclonic flushing action that completely cleans the rim and bowl. Double cyclone system is available in both Drake II and Ultramax II which are both water-efficient bathroom products approved by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Green Building Standards Code (CalGreen)

When it comes to water-saving, money-saving, and being an eco-friendly toilet, Toto drake II and Ultramax II 1.0 gpf toilet models is the best in the market today. You might be interested in dual flush toilets which uses less than 1.0 gallons for liquid waste.