Toilet Ratings Comparison Table – Flush Ratings

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Here is the comparison table for Toilet flush rating and customer rating. These flush rates came directly from The ratings represents the GRAMS of solid waste the toilet can flush in 1 time flush. As the site says, this test rating are of independent not affiliated with toilet manufacturers. You can find the best toilets based on these ratings.

Toilet ModelFlush Rating ( Grams )
Kohler Santa Rosa 1000
Kohler Cimarron1000
American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush1000
Toto Entrada1000
Kohler Highline Classic Dual Flush 1000
Toto Neorest 550800
Toto Drake 1G800
Toto EcoSoiree600
Toto Vespin II 1G 600
Toto Carlyle II600
Toto Aqua II500
Toto Connelly500
Toto EcoPromenade 400

In this rating chart are the toilet ratings 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.. We order the list based on the toilet rating rankings from 1,000 grams/flush to the lowest rating. 1,000 grams rating as the good, while the lowest you can assume its bad. Most of the flush test include flusing golf balls for commercial toilets and other feces like materials but toilet paper rolls are also included in most studies. Customer ratings review are based on personal experience, sometimes its mixed up with other toilet criteria aside from flush rate while on this page its toilet ratings by flushability comparison. Some of these toilets are watersense approved, using only 1.26 gallons of water, 1.0 gpf. yet can still have good toilet flush ratings.

Different test were conducted for single flush, dual flush toilets, some are testing toilet models and brands such as American standard, Toto, and Kohler. There are different tests for different toilet types. We will try to include dual flush toilets here since dual toilet has an option for solid waste and liquid waste. Though some of the toilet model may used almost the same flushing system such the double cyclone used on toto drake ii and ultramax ii, the toilet ratings for each models may still differ. The difference may came from flush valve size, water gallons per flush, rim holes or nozzles, water-jets, bowl design, trapway design and length, and even water surface volume.

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