TOTO MS950CG Neorest 500 One Piece Toilet


TOTO MS950CG#01 Neorest 500

TOTO MS950CG Neorest 500: Sleek and Powerful Toilet in the Market

Time is an essence during toilet moments. Some people want shorter waiting time to refill water tanks while others want a quick flushing system and at the same time eliminate objects being trapped along the way; thus, prevents them from spending additional time removing trapped objects. Still some want front and rear cleaning system to avoid spending more toilet time.  Fortunately, this product answers all these concerns.

Toto Neorest 500 One Piece Toilet in Cotton White: MS950CG#01

If you are searching for toilets that have a sleek design and with very powerful performance, this product is what you are looking for.  It is embedded with lots of interesting features that guarantees quick and hygienic toilet moments for you all the time.


This toilet is like no any other toilet in the market if you are to look at its several amazing features such as:

  • Embedded Washlet that provides rear and front washing with warm water
  • New Cyclone Flushing Mechanism for better water refilling and lesser noise. It has 2 nozzles for water usage efficiency; thus, lesser bacteria and dirt are trapped in the toilet.
  • Equipped with auto air dryer and deodorizer
  • Low water consumption at 1.6 GPF / 6 LPF
  • Sensor activated lid opening and closing system
  • SanaGloss technology to prevent germs, bacteria, and molds from sticking on to different surfaces of the toilet ceramics.


This product combines features that promote sanitation and functionality. Users will definitely acquire the following advantages:

  • Total body cleaning solution as it has front and rear washing system; hence, genitals are also cleaned and not just your rear end.
  • Not only does it wash both rear and front, it also totally cleans the lower middle portion of your body, leaving you germ and bacteria free due to embedded air dryer and deodorizer.
  • The new cyclone flushing system will give you lesser waiting time when it comes to water refilling and at the same time will not cause undue headache because it is silent during refilling moments.
  • Low water consumption helps you save water bills and consumes lesser electricity too.
  • Slamming of toilet seat is no longer possible due to sensor-activated lid closing and opening system.
  • Molds, bacteria, and germs will not cling on to the surface of the ceramic due to SanaGloss technology which prevents the entire toilet from becoming porous and create habitat for these micro-organisms.

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The only drawback in this product is that you have to avoid using cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals to avoid losing its gloss and shine.


Customer Reviews and Score

Despite its minor drawback, this product received five star scores from users such as:

  • Robert said that it is so powerful that it rocks.
  • Michael was so delighted that this product not only washes but dries him as well.
  • Luwen was very appreciative of the deodorizing feature of this product.

The most common complaint that this product received such as coming from Telgator is that of the flushing system which is difficult to find.  However, the solution to this problem is to read the manual carefully prior to installing.

Weight – 100 pounds
Dimensions – 17 inches x 27 inches x 20 inches
Size – 12 inches
Water Consumption – 1.6 GPF

Final Verdict

At $2,800, this product is very affordable with benefits and features that one can enjoy in more expensive toilets.  This product is value for users indeed.

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