Toto MS970CEMFG Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

TOTO Washlet G500 completely comes with an integrated toilet which delivers a compact design. It offers skirted and modern one-piece design with an extraordinarily smooth surface which keeps your bowl clear longer.

It has a Dual-Max Cyclone system which flushes either 1. 28 or 0.9 GPF. With a cycle bowl cleans and SanaGloss glaze, it uses gravity in cleaning easily and provides long-term bowl sanitation

It creates a centrifugal, cyclonic cleaning action through its dual-nozzle bowl cleansing system under the state of the art TOTO Double Cyclone Flushing System. This results to the cleanest,most hygienic and most powerful flushing system every released in the market.

Washlet toilet G500 is made out of TOTO’s patented super-smooth glazing. It is made to avoid debris, bacteria, molds and particles from sticking to the surface of the toilet. SanaGloss will keep your toilet cleaner for a longer period of time with regular cleaning.

This washlet toilet promotes water efficiency and protect the future of the world’s water supply. This is through WaterSense. WaterSense labeled products perform well and help save money, meeting water efficiency and performance criteria.

The Washlet G500 Toilet offers complete of the groundbreaking comfort and hygiene functions. All created by TOTO’s research and development which includes water-saving dual flushing system.

TOTO Washlet G500 features:
Automatic Lid Opening and Closing
Automatic Flush
Dual-Max Cyclone flushing System
Air Deodorizer
Heated Seat
Remote Control Operated
Skirted Design
Universal Height

Reviews from G500 customers:
John had been looking for a new toilet and his wife wanted him one that has a smooth surface. “My wife was on a toilet warpath. Aside from the smooth surface, if I were to get a new toilet, she wanted to get one with a washlet. So I decided on this product. We have had it for 2 weeks now and it works flawlessly. My wife prefers it to everything else in the house. My wife was amazed how clean it stayed. For two weeks, it’s still clean. It appears to be really do some self-cleaning. And never wipe the plastic surface with toilet paper, always use a soft cloth so that you won’t scratch it.”

Sanjeev commented “This toilet is probably the most advanced model out there. I t does everything that a toilet should. the whole operation is very hygienic. The lid opens when you approach it, the toilet seat raises up with just a press of a button. It flushes automatically and lid goes down after use. It’s a touchless bathroom experience. The only thing you’ll be touching is the remote control for the operation. This is still the basic operation. There still a lot more features you can experience and settings to customize — temperature, pressure, time and etc. However, the only downside is that the installation is complicated. After the hardwork of installation though, you can experience an awesome toilet use.”

Kevin said in his review “I have to say the thought of spending thousands of dollars for a toilet sounds a little crazy. But I bought one of these when i tried one when I was travelling in Japan. I just couldn’t believe how great it was.”

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