Dual Flush Toto MS970CEMFG 1.28 GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

Toto MS970CEMFG#12 Washlet

Washlet is an important accessory in toilets; thus, many people are looking for toilets that have this accessory integrated for better toilet moments.  However, not all washlets are equal in terms of functions. This toilet integration spells some difference when it comes to assessing different kinds of toilets with washlets.

Customer Reviews and Score

Before looking into some features and other important details of this item, it is vital that one needs to know what customers are saying about this product in order to better understand the advantages and downsides of this toilet.

  • Customer from New York was very impressed with the automatic opening and closing of toilet lid.  He gave the product 5 stars as its rating.
  • Steiner recommends this toilet to older people and rated it 5 stars also.
  • Andy said that it really fulfilled its promise as what the company advertised about this product; thus, he gave it 5 stars too.
  • One user from Ohio said that toilet seat was broken after 30 days of usage.  This claim might be relevant but like any customer claims, there is always a need to probe on how the user used the product.  If it is product flaw, then warranty claims can be enforced.


With those comments and ratings, you will definitely become curious about the features that made those users delighted with this product.  Here are the most important features:

  • It comes with Dual Max Cyclone system that flushes water at 1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF.
  • SanaGloss Technology for longer toilet bowl sanitation and hygiene
  • Front and rear water (warm) washing and integrated with temperature control, air dryer, adjustable pressure control, auto deodorizer, lighted touchpad, and auto open and close lid.
  • It has Water Sense technology that helps water efficiency.
  • Standard toilet height from the floor
  • 2 Nozzle cleansing system that promotes clean and hygienic toilets


At $2,070.00, this toilet packs a lot of features that will provide the following benefits to users:

  • User can save water by choosing either 1.28 GPF or .09 GPF water draining system; thus, if the “thing” deposited in the toilet needs little water to flush, user can choose the lower GPF.
  • It is reinforced with SanaGloss technology which prevents toilet from being brittle and create gaps and holes where bacteria, molds, and germs can cling or hide. Thus, toilet is definitely cleaner and user will not have difficult time cleaning it thoroughly.
  • With more advanced features like lighted pad, deodorizer, air dryer, users comes out 100% clean after every use of the toilet.
  • Because of the standard size, no need to make adjustments on the toilet room where it is to be installed.
  • As it is remote control operated, no need for you to touch different areas of the toilet; thus, your hands come out cleaner and no worry with germs and bacteria being transferred to your body.


Many users find the installation procedure of this product quite complicated.  However, toilets are supposed to be installed by professionals and not a do it yourself situation.

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Weight – 112 pounds
Dimensions – 28.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 25.2 inches
Water Consumption – 1.28 GPF
Size – 2.125

Final Verdict

This is a cheaper version of Toto toilets which have state of the art features. This one is definitely a good choice if you are paranoid with sanitation and hygiene but do not want to spend several thousands of dollars just for a toilet with advanced cleaning and sanitation technologies.

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