TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Review

TOTO Neorest 550H Features:
Three modes of cleansing (front, rear, soft)
Adjustable heated seat
Night light
Oscillating and pulsating washing
SanaGloss ceramic glaze
Automatic open and close lid
Built in air purifying system
Remote control comes with hanger
Hands-free automatic flush
Warm air dryer
Cyclone Siphon jet flushing system
Energy saver timer

TOTO presents its newest generation of Neorest with eWater+, Neorest 550H. It is truly the combination of ecology and luxury. It has a state-of-the-art, hole-free rim design. It is prevents debris, particles, bacteria and mold in sticking on its surface. It’s easy to clean and stays clean for a longer period of time.

Neorest features TOTO’s patented, smooth glazing. It is made to prevent debris, bacteria, mold, and particles from sticking on the surface. This feature is SanaGloss. With this feature along with regular cleaning, you can keep it this product cleaner for a long period of time.

Expect a cleaner self with Neorest 550H. Three modes of wash is offered and each wash can be adjusted in position and water pressure. These three modes are rear, front and soft. Oscillating and pulsing wash is also allows you to find comfort during the wash in your liking.

The seat is heated. Expect to have a warm seat once you sit on the washlet. The temperature of the seat is adjustable, so no worries in burning your skin due to the temperature of the seat. It is perfect for cold mornings or during winter months. Nothing beats a cold seat in the bathroom during chilly days.

Neorest 550 H is using eWater+. With great technology, TOTO processed and used eWater+ for its latest toilet products. EWater+ is a more effective water than pure water. It keeps a cleaner toilet bowl.

Cyclone dual flushing system is a feature not all bidets or washlets have.This feature provides better and cleaner toilet bowl through its water movement. You don’t have to press anything to flush. It will automatically flush once you’re done with your business.

After the wash, keep your bottom dry. Neorest 550H has a warm air dryer which leaves you dry after keeping your butt clean. You can save more toilet papers with this, definitely. The temperature of this warm air dryer is also adjustable, whichever degree you are comfortable with.

Once you approach the toilet, the lid will automatically open, as Neorest 550H features an automatic open and close feature. Neorest 550H provides you a real hands-free bathroom experience.

Neorest 550H has a built in air purifying system which automatically activates when the washlet is turned on. You don’t need to worry about any bad smell when you’re doing your business.

During the night time, a night light will be turned on. This allows you to see clearly where the toilet is without turn on your bathroom lights.

Enjoy luxury and comfort in your bathroom with Neorest 550H. it s is the real hands free bathroom experience.

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