TOTO MS990CGR-01 Neorest Review

Sleek, low profile one-piece toilet
Front warm water washing
Rear warm water washing
Cyclone flushing system
Automatic seat open/close
Heater seat
Air deodorizer
Air dryer function
Automatic flush
SanaGloss ceramic glaze

TOTO Neorest 600 is where luxury bath fixtures begin from TOTO. It has a stylish and sleek low profile design that features an integrated Washlet. It is tankless which gives off a contemporary look and it fits well with any guest or master bedroom.

Neorest 600 has a styling that is skirted which makes it easy to clean the exterior. It also features SanaGloss Glaze that keeps the interior surface cleaner longer. With the cyclone flushing system, there is no need for a plunger as you’ll definitely be ensured that clogging is a thing of the past because of the powerful siphon jet action.

One of the most popular toilet bidet combinations available on the market now, Neorest 600 toilet features a lot more, including the automatic open and close lid. It ensures you a hand free bathroom experience inside your very own abode.

Say goodbye to waiting and noise of the water refill. With Neorest 600, you don’t have to wait for the water that you need to flush as the water goes directly from your water line. No more noise from tank refill as well. It is far quieter than the traditional toilets out there.

Advanced technology is used to make Neorest 600 a space saving and attractive addition to your bathroom. It is not just a toilet. It comes with a washlet to provide comfort, luxury and cleanliness It boasts its three adjustable cleaning modes — front, rear and soft wash. Water pressure is adjustable to your liking. It has a heated seat, so during cold mornings and evenings and during winter season, you can enjoy a warm toilet seat instead of a chilly cold one. Water temperature and seat temperature is adjustable to your most comfortable degree.

John said “Excellent ! This toilet is everything as expected and even more. Once you try one of these, you surely wouldn’t want to use anything else. Great pleasure. This toilet is really high quality. My plumber had no problem with the installation. No hitches or any issues.”

Jason who had this product for three years said “The only downfall with this is that I don’t like to go out and go on vacations anymore. The main reason is that I don’t want to be away with my Neorest! It effectively cleans and it’s all nice to sit on a heated seat. Sometimes when I use the other bathroom in the house, I tend to look for the open/close seat buttons, then soon realize that I have to touch the toilet seat. If you have OCE and hate touching toilets, this is for you!”

Frank had this toilet for about six years and this is what he commented “For certain purposes, I climb from the basement to the third floor just to use this toilet. I always miss this thing whenever I travel, even when I’m staying in a 5 star hotel, and even in Japan. Yes, it doesn’t always clean the bowl perfectly but it’s convenient, comfortable and sanitary the way no other toilet is.”

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