TOTO SS113 SoftClose Round Toilet Seat

TOTO SS113#01 Transitional SoftClose Round Toilet Seat, Cotton White

TOTO SS113 SoftClose Round Toilet Seat: The Best Solution to Avoid Toilet Seat Slam

One of the most common problems with toilet seats is what people call as “Toilet Seat Slam” syndrome and it can be annoying when it emits loud thud or sound or is damaged or broken as a result of this syndrome.  Thus, Toto which is known for quality toilet products and accessories have come up with a product to solve this problem.

Toto SS113#01 SoftClose Toilet Seat

This is the latest innovation when it comes to toilet seat system and this product is made of high impact resistant solid plastic purposively created to minimize slamming incidents of toilet seats and possible injuries to users.

Dimensions – 17.8 inches x 14.4 inches x 2.8 inches
Size – round


Here are the reasons why this product solves slamming problem with toilet seats:

  • It has SoftClose technology that includes a hinge mechanism that will lower the seat gently and quietly down to the bowl.
  • Rigidly moulded; thus, it will stay in place regardless if the bowl is elongated or the usual standard size.
  • It is easy to install as it only involves top mount bolts.
  • Chemical and Cleanser resistant
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Very user friendly installation manual and is written in English, French, and Spanish


With features such as the list above, users will acquire the following benefits and advantages:

  • Because of the SoftClose hinge system, users will not be disturbed and annoyed with slamming sound; thus, it minimizes their irritation after using the toilet.
  • As it is cleanser and chemical resistant, users have no problem when it comes to deep sanitizing the toilet seat to ensure that it is hygienic all the time.
  • It is comfortable to use as it is ergonomically designed; thus, it accommodates different types of users and will not hurt the lower portion of the body when using the seat for longer period of time.


The product is very attractive in terms of color as it comes in white only.  However, despite being immaculate in terms of appearance, some users find the product:

  • Easy to break even if the manufacturer claimed that it is made of solid plastic.

Others found that it easily wobbles after prolong use.

  • Develop cracks easily and it becomes conducive to molds, bacteria, and germs.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Many customers find this product very good; hence, they rated it with five stars like:

  • According to Weldon, the moulding of this product helped distribute weight of the user.
  • Wilcox was also happy with this product and noted that guys will no longer have reasons not to close the lid after using the toilet.
  • John found this product very comfortable to use.

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Some users though claimed that the hinges are not that sturdy and they reported that it loosens after several use.  However, there are users who said that hinges were broken after a year; thus, one can say that it is a matter of use and being conscious that they also have a responsibility when it comes to protecting this item in order to make it last longer.

Final Verdict

At a little over $35, this toilet seat solves your worries when it comes to toilet seat slam. You will definitely have peace and quiet moments after using the toilet and you avoid being irritated with slamming noise and thud.

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